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Chapter 555: Shuddering

Chapter 555: Shuddering

With a cold expression, Tang Xiu said, “Otherwise, none of you in this martial arts school will be able to walk away with your legs today.”

Clap, clap, clap…

Jiang Mentian clapped and smiled, yet contempt flashed in his eyes, while dozens of the martial arts school’s instructors and trainees gathered in the surrounding now numbered at 50 plus people. They, too, looked at Tang Xiu with contempt and disdain.

“Is this guy a retard or something? Doesn’t he know where he is right now?”

“What an idiot! He dares to come to our martial school yet acts so rampant, does he want to die?”

“About seven or eight years ago some brats came to make trouble in our martial school. At the end of the day they only got their legs broken and got their asses kicked out of this here like dead dogs. Afterward, the families of those brats were unable to stay in Jingmen Island anymore and were forced to leave in disgrace.”

“He’s nuts. He thought that, by bringing a group of eight bodyguards, he could raise a hue and cry at us? Hmph, he really doesn’t know how to write ‘DEAD’, it seems.”


The Heroes’ Crest Martial School’s instructors and trainees chatted. They were itching for a fight and were just waiting for the Vice Schoolmaster’s order to give Tang Xiu and his men a fierce lesson.

Han Qingwu pulled Tang Xiu’s sleeve and said with an anxious and restless expression, “Tang Xiu, let’s just leave! This is a martial arts school, and they seem very strong.”

Tang Xiu shook his head. He observed the disdain on Jiang Mentian’s expression and indifferently said, “I’ve given you a chance, and since you didn’t take, don’t blame me for being cruel and merciless. Everyone, move! Break their legs!”

Each of the eight experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall possessed strength that was far beyond that of a martial arts grandmaster. The moment Tang Xiu issued the order, the eight men flashed toward them like tigers. As fast and strong as they were, the moment they clashed with the Heroes’ Crest Martial School their powerful strikes already knocked ten plus people down.


Jiang Mentian had never thought that the people brought by Tang Xiu would instantly act the moment they received the order. What was beyond his imagination was that the strength displayed by them was extremely powerful. It would be very strenuous for himself if he were to confront these eight men simultaneously.

“STOP!” A loud shout came out from Jiang Mentian’s mouth.

The Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts didn’t stop their actions at all, however, because they only listened to Tang Xiu’s orders. With their lightning-like movements and powerful strikes, the eight men directly scattered to strike at the clustered people around and constantly knocked down their opponents.

Standing beside Jiang Mentian, Huang Shiqing didn’t immediately act but looked at those eight experts thoroughly smashing and sending his martial brothers upside down instead. His heart jolted and jumped a few times when he saw dozens of martial arts instructors, who possessed deep foundation skills, being overthrown and knocked down.

How could this be? How could the strength of these eight men be so strong? The combat efficiency of each and every one of them was far beyond his. It must be noted that he was at the great accomplishment level martial artist and only half a step away from breaking through to the level of martial arts grandmaster. By then he would be equal in strength with the Vice Schoolmaster, Jiang Mentian.

Could it be that… these eight men were martial arts grandmasters?

It suddenly dawned open Huang Shiqing the horrifying realization that he seemed to have provoked a great trouble.

The time passed by in utter oppression.

Two minutes and five seconds. Except for Jiang Mentian and Huang Shiqing, the only people that were left standing were the ones brought by Jiang Mentian.


Upon seeing that the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts gathered again and were about to come at them, Jiang Mentian immediately shouted.

Tang Xiu lifted his hand and sneered, “What’s wrong? Are you regretting it and asking for mercy?”

“Regret? Asking for mercy? Hmph,” Jiang Mentian coldly snorted. “It’s been nearly two decades that I, Jiang Mentian, have heard someone daring to speak to me like that. Young man, these men you brought are probably not much stronger than I am. But are you sure you still want to continue this matter?”

“I’m very sure,” said Tang Xiu.

Raising his hand, Jiang Mentian said, “Think clearly, young man. They may be very strong, but you must understand that it’s very difficult for two fists to contend with four. The number of people I have here is only a tenth of the entire martial arts school. If I were to call every one of us to come here to fight with your men, are you sure you can knock everyone down? Also, once they get surrounded, do you think you and your woman can get out unscathed?”

“Are you threatening me?” Tang Xiu loudly laughed. “I may fear something, but never once was I afraid of others. All of you, move and clean up the rest aside from this chap!”

Once again, the Everlasting Feast Hall’s eight experts moved and attacked. This time, even though Huang Shiqing was perfectly aware that he was not a match for the enemy, he still braced himself to face it. However, a lightning-like fist struck his face and an iron-like leg kicked his waist. Along with his scream, he was kicked out directly seven-plus meters away and slammed heavily on the ground.


After the eight burly men knocked down a dozen or so people, they fully executed Tang Xiu’s order to trample their thigh bones. Not only these people, they also began to break the thighs of the people they just knocked down a moment ago.


Jiang Mentian abruptly got up from his chair upon seeing the actions of the eight big men. His eyes were as though spitting out fire as he glared straight at Tang Xiu and angrily shouted.

Tang Xiu flung his hands and chuckled, “Ah, it’s been a long time since the last time I acted. Actually, I also wanted to practice, but you are too weak and not worthy for me to act at all. How about you call the strongest one among all of you?”

“Brat, what happened today crossed the point of no return between us! You won’t be able to leave today,” Jiang Mentian snorted coldly. “The strongest person here doesn’t need to come out, for I myself am enough to clean up all of you.”

“You know, sometimes self-confidence is indeed a good thing, but overestimating your own strength will lead to grave consequences. Sigh…” Tang Xiu shook his head and sighed. “Anyone among the eight of you wants to teach him? I’ll reward you with a 50 cents coin reward if you win.” [1]

“Let me do it!” A sturdy man stepped forward and said a deep voice.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and said, “Since you want to perform, then display a good show! But do be careful not to lose, otherwise I’ll throw you out and make you manage the business!”

“Understood!” The facial expression of the burly man changed and turned solemn. He didn’t want to be sent outside to manage the business, for he would have less time to cultivate himself.

At this time, the instructors and trainees of the Heroes’ Crest Martial School, who were rolled about on the ground in pain all over the place, looked at Jiang Mentian and that stalwart man. Many of them angrily roared.

“Vice Schoolmaster, please exact revenge for us and kill all of them.”

“These damn fucking bastards, my leg is done already. Vice Schoolmaster, you’re a grandmaster expert, you must make them pay a hundred times more.”

“With Vice Schoolmaster acting, these people are surely as good as dead!”

“Kill them all and let them know that our Heroes’ Crest Martial School is not that soft to provoke!”


Their expressions and eyes when they looked at Jiang Mentian were full of enthusiasm, while it was full of hatred when they glared at Tang Xiu and his men. Though they rarely saw their Vice Schoolmaster go into action in recent years, they knew very well how strong their Vice Schoolmaster was. He was a powerful grandmaster and once he took action, he would be able to clean up them all.

Jiang Mentian coldly hummed and bolted toward the stalwart man. His footsteps were extremely steady, calm and yet very fast. After appearing in front of the sturdy man, he sent a barrage of fists toward the burly man’s face without hesitation.


The stalwart man snorted coldly and quickly moved his leg to deliver an extremely fast kick. However, it was this leg that swept away Jiang Mentian’s arm as another foot then flew and trampled on Jiang Mentian’s chest.

Devastation! A through and through one-sided devastation! Both in terms of speed and strength, Jiang Mentian was simply unable to see the strike until it landed, but when the sturdy man went all out, he couldn’t even block him and was unable to dodge at all. A barrage of fists struck him like rain to welcome him, and the severe pain made it difficult for Jiang Mentian to breathe.

How could this be?

Jiang Mentian’s expression was full of pain and despair. Never once had he dreamed that this big man would turn out to have yet unleashed his full power before, and the strength he just released on him turned out to be his true strength.

However, was he still human? He was already at the grandmaster level, and there were probably only a handful people who could be on par with him in the entire country. These… freaking monsters, where did they come from? Were they people of the same kind of ‘being’ like his Schoolmaster?


A foot directly kicked Jiang Mentian’s face, causing his vision to turn dark, and his body was flung ten meters away and slammed onto the iron pole where Han Qingwu was tied before.

“Boss, the task is accomplished.”

Tang Xiu nodded in satisfaction and said, “You will receive two Essence Amassing Pills, whereas everyone else will receive one after we go back.”

“Thank you, Boss!” The eight sturdy men cupped their fists and spoke with a pleasantly surprised expression.

As for the instructors and trainees of the martial school, who sat paralyzed on the floor, they all stared at Jiang Mentian who was lying under the iron pole dumbfounded and gaping with disbelief.

How could this be? In their hearts, the Vice Schoolmaster was a grandmaster of martial arts who was akin to the God of War. But how was he not able to fight back at all and was even KO’ed by another?

This… was… not… conforming… to logic! Could it be that that stalwart man was much more powerful than a martial arts grandmaster expert?

In an instant, fear hit their hearts like a tidal wave, sending a chill all over their bodies, and their limbs turned cold.

Tang Xiu slowly walked to Jiang Mentian’s side, grabbed his collar and sneered, “Weren’t you acting so rampant and violent before? Do you think you’re already invincible in the whole world after you reached the martial arts grandmaster level? As far as I’m concerned, you’re just a minor buffoon performing antics, a nobody who handles minor matters on behalf of others.”

Having said that, he straightly dropped Jiang Mentian and said again, “Call out the strongest person you have! If he really has the ability to spar with me, I will let this go and you’ll be able to keep your martial school plaque this once!”

Cough, cough…

Jiang Mentian spurted out a mouthful blood and his complexion turned pale. He took out a mobile phone from his pocket, but the phone had been broken by the attack and could no longer be used.


A blurry silhouette approached from a distant place.


50 cents here referred to how unworthy and trivial the opponent is. In this case, it was Jiang Mentian. The term itself was 50 cents army, a person who was supposed to relay government propaganda on internet sites.