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Chapter 558: Display of Might at Sea

Chapter 558: Display of Might at Sea

The warm sunshine shined on Earth and the gentle sea breeze brought a cool feeling. Before the parking lot of the Everlasting Feast Hall, a total of 50 experts stood on the edge of the parking lot in an orderly manner. They looked solemn and quietly waited for Tang Xiu’s instructions, whereas Gu Xiaoxue, in her usual white dress, stood beside Ji Chimei. There was slight regret and unwillingness in her eyes, however.

“Xiaoxue, I need Ji Chimei to go with me, while Light and Dark have also left, hence leaving only you to stay here. Wait here until we solve the threat in Resting Cemetery Island. Besides, the matter of breeding and rearing fierce beasts there will be handed over to you,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile.

“Rest assured! I’ll protect Master’s safety,” nodded Gu Xiaoxue.

Tang Xiu nodded, as his eyes then caught the arrival of a barefooted, long-haired old man. The old man looked to be walking leisurely, but the speed he showed was almost as fast as what ordinary people could run at their limits. In just ten seconds the barefooted old man had already appeared in front of their group, all smiling.

“Daoist Tang, thank you very much.” The barefooted old man cupped his fist and bowed toward Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and waved his hand. Two streams of qi immediately propped up the barefooted old man’s hands. As his waist straightened up, he lightly smiled at him and said, “You don’t have to be that polite. May I know how I should address you, senior?”

“Daoist Tang can call me Daoist Xu Yang,” said the barefooted old man with a smile.

Tang Xiu nodded, “For Daoist Xu Yang to visit here, is it because you’re ready to accept my challenge?”

The barefooted old man shook his head and smilingly said, “Though I’m very aware that chancing upon someone of equal match is indeed a joyous occasion that is worth celebrating, my cultivation has drastically improved. So, I’m afraid that Daoist Tang is…”


Ji Chimei, who stood behind Tang Xiu, let out a cold snort as a terrifying aura rushed toward Daoist Xu Yang and shrouded him in no time.


Daoist Xu Yang’s body turned stiff, as dread and panic appeared in his expression. His eyes landed on Ji Chimei, and the dread in his heart instantly multiplied. He felt a chill ran through all over his body although the terrifying torrential aura only flashed past him.

After breakthrough a full big realm, Daoist Xu Yang’s heart was filled with confidence since he found that his current realm was completely different from what it used to be. He believed that even if he met Dongbei Hu, he would be at least on par with him.

But, who on Earth could the old woman in front of him be?

From the pressuring aura she emanated out, Daoist Xu Yang could clearly feel that the release of her sliver of aura would be able to kill him if she wished to. This made him feel like he was just a droplet of water and the old woman in front of him was a vast ocean.

“Xu Yang pays respect to Senior.” Beads of sweats perspired from his forehead as he spoke with fearful and apprehensive manner.

Tang Xiu’s brows slightly knitted. He turned his head to Ji Chimei with an annoyed expression, “Alright, you don’t need to scare him like that. It’s normal for him to have such thought. Besides, too many people judge others by their appearance, to begin with.”

“Yes.” Ji Chimei hurriedly nodded. Even though the gap between Tang Xiu’s present cultivation level and hers was like a chasm, Tang Xiu was once a colossal figure who stood proudly above the myriad of races of myriad worlds. That gigantic figure had long been carved deep inside her soul. Hence, she respected and feared Tang Xiu at the same time.

Daoist Xu Yang was taken aback. He looked at Ji Chimei, who wore reverential expression, and then looked at Tang Xiu, who looked displeased. His lips twitched a few times, but he didn’t know what to say.

He could hardly believe that such a terrifying powerhouse was so humble and respectful toward Tang Xiu. Did he really judge him by his appearance? Could it be that his cultivation level was much stronger than this monstrously terrifying expert?

Tang Xiu looked at Daoist Xu Yan and said, “Since you don’t want to accept my challenge, I won’t insist and force you. You’ve expressed your gratitude; you can go back if you have no other matters!”

“Daoist Tang, I came here because I have some matters I really need to discuss with you, actually,” said Daoist Xu Yang quickly.

“Please say!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and replied.

“I was able to have a breakthrough in my mental state due to your instructions, and my cultivation is progressing by leaps and bounds. Hence, I’m planning to go to the Northeast to challenge Dongbei Hu—the Amur Tiger. If… if Daoist Tang has time, would you like to go with me?”

“Ah, I didn’t have time to ask you about that before.” Tang Xiu was surprised. “What and who exactly is this Dongbei Hu you’re talking about? Is he a very powerful cultivator, by chance?”

“Yes, he’s a cultivator with a very formidable cultivation. His cultivation level was nearly the same as mine a few decades ago. But rumor has it that he has made a breakthrough in his strength, so I want to visit him to compare notes in order to measure as to what extent our strength has grown to.”

“When will you go?” Asked Tang Xiu after pondering for a moment.

“See to your affairs first, I can go at any time,” said Daoist Xu Yang.

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before saying, “There’s something I need to do at the sea first. If you have time, you might as well come with me. We can immediately go when the things here are done.”

“All right!” Daoist Xu Yang directly agreed. Even though he didn’t know what Tang Xiu was going to do at the sea, he was sure that it was something that had an important purpose given the obvious presence of these experts—cultivators, and the terrifying Ji Chimei.

“Get in the car!” Tang Xiu waved his hand and quickly entered the car parked nearby.

Twenty identical black cars slowly left the Everlasting Feast Hall and went toward the harbor. They then headed to the liner that had been prepared in advance and sailed toward Clam Island and Resting Cemetery Island.

At dusk, the liner anchored on the northern side of Resting Cemetery Island. With an order from Tang Xiu, only two people were left to say on the ship, whereas the rest disembarked on the island.

“Form a group of ten men and divide into five men subgroups. Capture as many fierce beasts on this island as possible and immediately send them to the center of the island after you caught them. I’ll be waiting for you all there.”

After Tang Xiu spoke, he rushed to the center of Resting Cemetery Island along with Ji Chimei, Daoist Xu Yang, and eight experts of Everlasting Feast Hall. Those eight experts were carrying the prepared materials needed to lay out a Feng Shui array. After they came to the heart of the island, Tang Xiu looked at Ji Chimei and asked, “Who will lay out the array, you or me?”

“What kind of array does Venerable Lord want to lay out here?” Asked Ji Chimei back with a respectful expression.

“Impenetrable Alloy Array, Amassing Spirit Array, and Myriad Slaying Swords Array.” Said Tang Xiu. “The Amassing Spirit Array must be arranged with a 36 overlapping and interlinked layers method. In order to maintain the concentration of spiritual energy on this island, it must be able to draw the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy within a radius of a few hundred kilometers.”

“Venerable Lord is too honored for the job. Let this subordinate deal with this trivial matter!” Said Ji Chimei.

“Off you go, then! When the arrays are properly arranged, we will tame all the fierce beasts on this island.” Tang Xiu said with a nod.


As Ji Chimei waved her hands, the arrays’ materials carried by the eight stocky men all floated up. Her figure then streaked across the sky and she stood in the air 100 meters above the island the instant after.

Daoist Xu Yang’s expression greatly changed and his pupils violently contracted and shrunk. After a moment’s silence, he similarly flew up and stood in the air a fair distance from Ji Chimei, and was preparing to see the method she would use to lay the array. As a matter of fact, he was also able to lay out geomancy arrays; for instance, the array in the Heroes’ Crest Martial School, which he laid out by himself in the underground of his martial school a long time ago. Although the might of that array was very small and could only accelerate his speed, it was, nevertheless, still able to gather spiritual energy, albeit weakly. But it was already at the limit he could achieve.

Of the three types of formation arrays Tang Xiu had just said, except for this Amassing Spirit Array that he had a shallow knowledge of, he had never heard of the other two.

Ji Chimei naturally saw Daoist Xu Yang, but she didn’t pay any attention to him at all. She was an Immortal. Although she was very ordinary in the Immortal World and her current power suffered a drop, the shallow abilities Daoist Xu Yang possessed were nothing in her eyes.

After a simple observation of Resting Cemetery Island, Ji Chimei kept waving one of her hands, and the materials inside the bags kept flying to the surrounding and penetrated deep into the soil of the island. At the same time, her other hand continued making series of rune seals.

“Array, start!”

No more than three minutes after her prior action, Ji Chimei then lifted her arms and loudly shouted.

From deep inside the underground, a special aura fluctuated and rose up from Resting Cemetery Island.

In the distance, Daoist Xu Yang was dumbfounded as he saw the changes happening on the island. He gasped with astonishment upon seeing the entire Resting Cemetery Island disappear before his eyes. The most appalling thing to him was that the world energy around was akin to a tidal wave that flocked toward Resting Cemetery Island. As he tried to absorb the spiritual energy he was shocked to find that, despite his all-out effort to absorb it, he couldn’t even draw the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy into his body.

“This… how is this possible?”

Ji Chimei’s figure flashed and appeared next to Daoist Xu Yang. Her skinny palm grabbed his shoulder as they then appeared in front of Tang Xiu in the next moment.

“The arrays have been laid out, my Lord,” reported Ji Chimei after releasing Daoist Xu Yang.

“Good!” Tang Xiu nodded and praised, “You laid out the arrays much more relaxed and faster than if I did it myself. Go with them to the southern side of the island! There are a lot of savage beasts over there. Catch and bring all of them here.”

“Understood!” Ji Chimei then brought the eight stocky men and left.

Tang Xiu then turned his head to look at the flabbergasted Daoist Xu Yan and lightly said, “Don’t show that shocked face and make a fuss over a trivial matter, alright? Your ability is still too shallow and there are many things you can’t do yet. But don’t worry, though. Continue to cultivate well and you’ll be able to do that after your cultivation is promoted further in the future.”

“Daoist Tang, your… who is this subordinate of yours?” Daoist Xu Yang’s lips twitched and asked in a bitter voice. “She is too terrifying. I even have a hunch that she can destroy most of China’s territory with her strongest attack if she so wished.”