Wuxiaworld > Returning from the Immortal World > Chapter 559: An Inexperienced Man Who Has Seen Little And Regards Many Things as Strange

Chapter 559: An Inexperienced Man Who Has Seen Little And Regards Many Things as Strange

Chapter 559: An Inexperienced Man Who Has Seen Little And Regards Many Things as Strange

“Destroying most of China? Hmph…” Tang Xiu let out a sneer. “Your outlook is truly like seeing the sky from the bottom of a well! The entire Earth would explode if she were to strike it with everything she has. Your vision is way too narrow; you’ve been stranded here for far too long and have never seen the strength of those who can be called as genuine powerhouses. Forget it, the present you won’t understand anything even if I tell you. Just cultivate diligently later. If your aptitude is good and you chance upon some opportunity again, you may be able to tread on that step in the future.”

“How could that be possible?” Daoist Xu Yan exclaimed in alarm. “An existence that can destroy the entire Earth with a single blow should be at the very least one who has soared and ascended to heaven and become an Immortal!! Earth’s spiritual arteries have practically dried up and the spiritual energy here is thin. Needless to say of becoming an Immortal, there should be no more experts who can reach the Nascent Soul Stage, no?”

“If so, what do you think her cultivation level is?” Asked Tang Xiu lightly.

Daoist Xu Yang hesitated for a moment before replying, “Beyond the Nascent Soul Stage? The Soul Formation Stage?”

Soul Formation Stage?

A slight mocking look appeared in Tang Xiu’s eyes. He learned from the Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen that the cultivation levels for the cultivators on Earth were separately divided into stages, such as the Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Body Integration, Great Ascension, and Crossing Tribulation stages; whereas each stage was divided into four levels, respectively, Early, Middle, High, and Peak.

At present, despite all the experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall having the foundation of True Qi, the strongest among them was only at the Peak level of the Qi Refining Stage; whereas the Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen were approximately at the Peak level of Foundation Establishment Stage. On the other hand, Gu Xiaoxue, Light and Dark had broken through the Golden Core Stage. Gu Xiaoxue had just broken through the Golden Core Stage a few days ago.

However, Tang Xiu couldn’t deny the fact that Daoist Xu Yang was also a very formidable existence among cultivators on Earth. He now had reached the Middle level of the Golden Core Stage, and only Light and Dark could be his match.

“Let’s go! Since you have accompanied me here, help me pack up the savage beasts on this island. I’ll be rearing these beasts in this island later. So if we can’t thoroughly contain their wild nature, raising them will be quite troublesome.”

“Do you want to rear and breed fierce beasts on this island?” Asked Daoist Xu Yan, astonished.

“Yeah. These beasts are good materials and resources to be used in cultivation, in my opinion.” Tang Xiu said. “If I can train and enlighten a few of them, maybe I can get a few good mounts in the future.”

Cough, cough…

Despite having a strong Dao heart and mental state, Daoist Xu Yang still choked after hearing Tang Xiu’s words. To enlighten and train fierce beasts…how big the capability one must have to tame those savage beasts? And… even getting a few of them as… mounts?

All of a sudden, it dawned on him that his more than 100 years of life turned out to only give him a very minute and narrow vision. Tang Xiu’s actions, as well as what that terrifying powerhouse Ji Chimei had done, were beyond his cognition and the limit of what he dared to think. He felt that in just a short time of contact with Tang Xiu, he found himself entering a completely new territory, a magnificent world full of novelties and mysteries.

“Daoist Tang, then your cultivation level is…” Yet, Daoist Xu Yang couldn’t bear asking.

“I don’t know exactly how strong I am at present, to be honest.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “This is exactly the very reason why I wanted to spar with you. If I can defeat you, that means that my strength is comparable to that of an expert at the Golden Core Stage.”

Daoist Xu Yang stared blankly, and asked with a horrified expression, “You can see my cultivation level?”

Tang Xiu only glanced at him as his figure flashed forward to the distance. There were two mid-level fierce beasts wandering about on the island. When the Feng Shui Array been arranged they sensed that the island was not the same as before. Just as they were trying to figure out that unknown situation, they suddenly found a figure rushing toward them. The two fierce beasts immediately took stances as though they were facing a formidable enemy and glared at Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu’s speed was extremely fast. Two streams of qi rushed out and erupted as his fists hit the fierce beasts’ head. Needless to say, he exerted all of his strength through his fists to hit one of the two fierce beasts, but it only staggered back a few steps, raised its heads and whined in pain.


The other fierce beast stamped its feet, creating a ball of flame. At the moment the ball of flame rose, the beast soared to the air and bolted toward Tang Xiu. Its tens of centimeters sharp claws stretched out and were similarly covered with flame, as the beast attempted to directly grab and kill Tang Xiu.

“Excellent material!” Tang Xiu’s eyes lit up. A sharp dagger instantly appeared in his hand. His figure flashed and the sharp dagger cut off the four sharp claws of the fierce beast, and then they quickly entered his interspatial ring.

Hou… hou…

After clashing with Tang Xiu and being at a disadvantage, the two fierce beasts looked alarmed and scared. They quickly turned around and darted away without the slightest hesitation.

“Running away, eh?”

A sneer appeared on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth. His speed was a level faster than the two savage beasts and quickly blocked their path as unceasing flashing afterimages of his fists continued bombarding the two beasts like a stormy rain.

As Daoist Xu Yang arrived there, he happened to see the scene of Tang Xiu savagely beating the fierce beasts. His lips twitched a few times when he saw Tang Xiu’s ferocious and aggressive actions. It must be noted that, as someone who took the Daoist path and became a cultivator, it had been a long time since he attacked with fists, since a few simple spells were already sufficed to solve all problems.

Is he really a cultivator?

The thought crossed his mind, yet he showed a bitter smile and shook his head. He then looked at Tang Xiu and called out, “Daoist Tang, isn’t it enough for you to use some spells to devastate them? Our physique is indeed remarkable, but kicking and punching them using our strength is too wasteful.”

After delivering hundreds of savage kicks and punches in one breath, Tang Xiu halted his actions and turned to look at Daoist Xu Yang, saying, “Using magic spells is indeed normal since you have formidable cultivation. I can tell you that if we are only comparing notes, I’m not necessarily better than you; but if we were mortal enemies and had a life-and-death combat, I have 80% certainty of killing you.”

Having said that, he pondered for a moment and continued, “Anyhow, I’ll give you a present after we return.”

Despite being unable to believe Tang Xiu’s words, Daoist Xu Yang still asked with a confused expression, “What present?”

“A membership card for the best gymnasium in Jingmen Island,” said Tang Xiu calmly.

A membership card for a training center?

Daoist Xu Yang’s complexion was that of being at a loss between laughter and tears, “You’re kidding me, Daoist Tang. I don’t think there’s any suitable training center in the world for me, considering my strength.”

“I told you that you’ve been caging yourself in the bottom of a well, but I didn’t expect your insight and experience to be so shallow as well.” Tang Xiu said lightly. “As a cultivator, you think that as long as you have a very high cultivation level and strong mental state is enough already? You’re completely mistaken. Dao cultivators are indeed very powerful, but there’s another type of cultivation system in the world -- Fleshly Body Cultivation. The body is the foundation for each and every person. If ones’ body is not formidable enough, they will find themselves in a miserable state when they cross the tribulations in the future.”

Once in the past, Tang Xiu also believed that one could be called as a genuinely formidable powerhouse as long as he possessed high cultivation level and powerful mental force. Later on, after having undergone countless hardships and tribulations, it dawned upon that one’s body was the foundation, as every high-rise building started with its foundation first. If the foundation was not adequately prepared or solid enough, even though one possessed high cultivation level, he would end up very miserable when he came across a genuine powerhouse.

For Fleshly Body cultivators, they would eventually enter the journey to the Dao after they had finished tempering their bodies and used the spiritual force they had cultivated to aid them. When they reached perfection in their physique cultivation, by the time they had immortal physiques they would be able to erupt with terrifying might relying only on their bare hands. The physique of Fleshly Body cultivators was even comparable with the hardiness of Immortal Tools.

Daoist Xu Yang fell into silence. He didn’t know whether he should believe Tang Xiu’s words, because he couldn’t accept a lot of contents in Tang Xiu’s explanation. He even felt that Tang Xiu’s words were somewhat exaggerated.

Don’t tell me he knows something about what happens when one is crossing tribulations?

The thought crossed Daoist Xu, though he immediately cast it away to the back of his head. He was perfectly aware of that his relationship with Tang Xiu at present could only be regarded as a casual acquaintance. It was far from being able to make Tang Xiu tell him some true secrets. However, he also firmly made up his mind to be on good terms with Tang Xiu, since he would probably obtain something that greatly benefitted him in the future.

After Tang Xiu had badly beaten the two savage beasts, he kicked their feet at will and only stopped until he saw tt they were unable to crawl up again. With a satisfied expression, he turned to Daoist Xu Yang and said, “Alright, don’t just blindly try to fathom what I said. There are loads of savage beasts on this island, and their number perhaps amounts to hundreds. Help me give them some beatings.”

“All right, then let us separate here!” Daoist Xu Yang nodded and said.

For the entire day, a total of 146 fierce beasts on Resting Cemetery Island were all badly beaten and ended up miserably as they screeched, whined, and roared unceasingly one after another.

Furthermore, Ji Chimei, who directly rushed to the south coast of Resting Cemetery Island, had captured over a thousand fierce beasts there, and constantly attacked and savagely beat them. The originally wild and ferocious beasts had turned extremely docile after just a day’s time; just like a flock of cute, small lambs.

In the still of the night, Ji Chimei stood beside Tang Xiu, who was watching the dying beasts, and respectfully reported, “I just used my spiritual sense to check the surroundings, Lord. The number of fierce beasts within a radius of 200 kilometers number about over 3,600. However, my spiritual sense is in an impaired state and I was unable to investigate more than 200 meters in the deep sea, thus I don’t know how many beasts there are beyond that range. Also, I can’t find that terrifying fierce beast you mentioned to me.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before slowly replying, “Let us capture and bring those 3,600 fierce beasts to Resting Cemetery Island first. We’ll then make a trip down there. If we don’t remove this threat, I’m afraid there will be a crisis in the future.”

Ji Chimei nodded silently.

In the next four days, Tang Xiu and the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts, as well as Ji Chimei and Daoist Xu Yang, formed a party and spent a lot of effort to catch more than 3,600 savage beasts on the Resting Cemetery Island, as the beasts trashed miserably one after another.

“Let’s go to the sea!” Tang Xiu rushed into the sea after they finished.

With her formidable strength, Ji Chimei directly released her immortal force to protect Tang Xiu, as the duo continued to sink deep into the seafloor.

“Something is amiss here, Venerable Lord.”

Ji Chimei was originally very calm. After all, she still possessed her strength and didn’t believe there was anything on Earth that could threaten her safety. After they submerged deep into the sea for 200 plus meters, however, she keenly sensed that there were some abnormalities there.