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Chapter 560: The Weeping Divine Beast

Chapter 560: The Weeping Divine Beast

With his vision greatly limited on the sea floor, Tang Xiu could only clearly see a few tens of meters in front of him, but he was keenly aware of the unusualness of the situation with Ji Chimei’s reminder.

It was very quiet and tranquil!

The deeper they submerged, the more quiet it was. Originally, they could see a few fishes swimming once in a while; however, the deeper they went, the lesser the number of fishes entered their sight. But now, there was absolutely no sea life roaming within their sights at all. Such an abnormality must be caused by an unusual monster, an extremely abnormal one.

“Chimei, use your spiritual sense to investigate this!” Said Tang Xiu a solemn expression after he looked around.

Ji Chimei forced a smile and shook her head, “I’ve used my spiritual sense to comb the surroundings, Lord, but I found a serious problem. My perception has been terribly suppressed by something here. There’s even a special energy fluctuation from that direction about 20 kilometers from us that completely bars my perception outside.”

Tang Xiu’s expression changed as he said, “If I’m not mistaken in recognizing that direction… it should be the direction of Resting Cemetery Island, yes?”

“Yeah, it’s the direction of the Resting Cemetery Island,” said Ji Chimei with a nod. “Also, this Resting Cemetery Island is very bizarre. There are no gray limestone rock strata beneath it, but deep seawater.”

Tang Xiu looked blank and said with a disbelieving expression, “You mean… Resting Cemetery Island is practically floating on the sea surface?”

“Yes, it’s completely being suspended on the surface of the sea,” said Ji Chimei.

Tang Xiu’s heartbeat raced. Countless thoughts unceasingly kept popping up inside his mind. He could now guess that there was a peerless vast array laid out beneath Resting Cemetery Island. That array must have been arranged by an extremely powerful figure since it’s not only able to hold up Resting Cemetery Island but is also able to bar and isolate it from an Immortal’s perception.

“Let’s go there and have a look!”

Finally, Tang Xiu made a decision and said in a heavy tone. With Ji Chimei here, he didn’t believe there was anything on Earth that could pose a danger to her.

In just a few dozen breaths, Ji Chimei had already brought Tang Xiu to the bottom beneath Resting Cemetery Island. Before their eyes, there was a layer of energy curtain emitting reddish-golden light with a primitive and unsophisticated ever-changing Sanskrit line written on it. It was as if there was a roaming sentient spirit fish continuously wandering about in stream of lights.

“Chimei, can you break this array?”

After studying it for a long time and still unable figure out the mystery of this light curtain, Tang Xiu immediately turned to Ji Chimei and asked.

Ji Chimei frowned deeply and nodded, before she then shook her head and helplessly said, “I can break this array, Lord, but there’s a serious problem with it. If I were to forcefully break this array, the entire Feng Shui great array will be completely destroyed, and thus will sink Resting Cemetery Island above, thus making everything we have previously done go to waste.”

Tang Xiu’s expression changed. As he felt helpless and at a loss of what to do, a special wave of energy suddenly fluctuated and made his fingers slightly numb, and he perceived a hint of ‘yearning and longing’ mental mood.

“What is it?”

Tang Xiu directly opened his interspatial ring. In a flash, the rusty ancient bronze lamp suddenly flew out of the interspatial ring by itself. Just as it was about to come outside, all the layers of effulgent golden light that surrounded the seabed within the radius of several hundreds of kilometers brightly shined.

In the next moment, the ancient bronze lamp suddenly lit up by itself as a small flame leaped out like a sprite. Within the flame, the Buddhist Sarira emitted out an orb of Buddha halo as it became slightly larger and then quietly suspended in front of Tang Xiu and Ji Chimei.

“What is this, Lord?” Asked Ji Chimei, surprised.

Tang Xiu shook his head since he was also at a loss. Although he had obtained the ancient bronze lamp, he had yet to study its mysteries thoroughly. He usually only ignited the lamp during his cultivation since it could enrich the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy around him, and also brought a tranquil effect to his mind and mental state.

Buzz, buzz…

A mysterious aura emanated from the Buddhist Sarira as a strand of dazzling brilliant golden light that was a hundred times richer and brighter separated from it and straightly entered the energy curtain. Suddenly, a portal with the height of four men and two meters’ width appeared before them.

“Let’s go inside!” Tang Xiu gritted his teeth after exchanging looks with Ji Chimei and hesitating for a while.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

After the two figures entered the portal, they were immediately struck dumb with amazement by the sight presented before them. There was no seawater in the inside, but rather a space with its edge unable to be seen. There was a blue sky and white clouds inside the vast space, along with black soil and undulated ground that extended forever into the distance. Yet, not a single plant of any type could be seen on the vast mountain, only countless tombstones and ancient burial mounds that made one feel their scalps numb.

“The tombs within our sight are at least as many as hundreds of thousands. What exactly is this place?” Tang Xiu mumbled to himself.

“Lord, this is still a space on Earth, yet this pocket world is formed and attached to the barriers of the Earth’s space,” said Ji Chimei with squinted eyes. “The aura sent out from these ancient tombs feel like they’re from the distant past, as if from eons ago. Also, take a look at the characters inscribed on the tombstones, all of them are Buddhist Sanskrit. In other words, those entombed here are all Buddhist disciples.”

A Buddhist Burial Ground?

Suddenly, Tang Xiu remembered the heritage he obtained from Star City’s Walled Hill Village, as it also mentioned something about a Buddhist Burial Ground. The contents recorded about it were very few, narrating that there was once a Buddhist World among the myriad worlds which was also the origin of Buddhism and its core site of development. Furthermore, the Holy Buddhist Monk Amitabha had reached Buddhahood in the past and was once a quite famous figure in the Gods Realm. Unfortunately, Holy Monk Amitabha committed an offense to an almighty existence in the Gods Realm and was then chased down for millions of years before eventually being unable to escape from that calamity anymore. The Buddhist World was even implicated as it was also swept away along with him, as well as obliterated countless disciples of Buddhism as consequence.

Later on, a Buddhism disciple from other worlds, who found the ruined Buddhist World, eventually created a special space and carried out the construction of an unparalleled Buddhist Burial Ground. Unfortunately, this matter was then found out by that almighty existence. After tens of thousands of years of pursuit, however, that Buddhism disciple was able to escape. From thenceforth, there was no other news heard of him, as if he had evaporated from the myriad worlds.

“I never thought that that Buddhism disciple had come to Earth and even placed the special world he created here. Buddhism emphasizes on benevolence and compassion. If the Buddhism teaching were to be passed on and taught in modern society, it would have definitely brought about a very positive energy.”

Tang Xiu suddenly felt a bit fortunate that he didn’t order Ji Chimei to destroy the array before. Otherwise, this pocket world would collapse and this monumental ancient burial ground would disappear and dissipate into nothingness.


A forlorn and bitter shriek came from the distant horizon. Tang Xiu’s facial expression slightly changed as his eardrums were almost shattered by merely its shrill cry.

Ji Chimei flung her sleeve. After having taken measures to protect Tang Xiu, she said, “There’s a life object here, Lord. Are we going there to have a look?”

Tang Xiu slightly nodded and said, “Be sure to be cautious.”

“Understood!” Ji Chimei replied and then brought Tang Xiu to the distance. With her extreme speed, they traversed a million kilometers of distance and passed by hundreds of millions of Buddhist tombs in two minutes. Ji Chimei suddenly came to a halt when the outline of a tall and lofty mountain appeared before them.


When Tang Xiu took a look around, he saw a tall, white-headed, Golden-winged Great Peng who was actually standing and raising its head proudly.

“Moppet… there cometh… two moppets of… human’s offspring? Eh, one is a moppet of… Mesmer’s offspring? Interesting, interesting!”

The Golden-winged Great Peng slowly lowered its head. A jerky speech came out of its mouth when it saw Tang Xiu and Ji Chimei in the distance.

Tang Xiu shouted in a deep voice, “You know our origin? What thing are you?”

“What thing is me?”

The Golden-winged Great Peng lowered its head. But after a long time, it spoke in its jerky voice again, “Me is Golden Peng from the Gods Realm, me not a thing. Thou actually hast his Golden Core Buddhist Sarira. Pity… pity… thou strength is too weak and pitiful; otherwise, me is hopeful to leave this place and returns to the Gods Realm.”

Tang Xiu was silent for a moment before speaking again, “I know about the Golden Peng; a very powerful Divine Beast in the Gods Realm. I never thought that I, Tang Xiu, would meet such a mythical Divine Beast like you. Can you tell me how you got locked up here?”

The Golden Peng flung its head and hummed, “It’s strange; me canst bethink of it. Methinks part mine memory hast been erased. Who couldst hath done it?”

Tang Xiu stared blankly and frowned before saying, “Since you can’t remember it, then forget it. But you should know everything about this Buddhist Burial Ground, yes?”

The Golden Peng’s huge eyes blinked as it suddenly said, “Methinks me recalls something. Me accompanied mine master to pursue Buddha. Me be captured and latched here… Master… Mine Lord… Dost mine Lord… doth not exist anymore? No! It canst be!!!”

After it spoke, a large drop of golden liquid gushed out from its eyes!

Tang Xiu was taken aback and dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that a Divine Beast like the Golden Peng could actually… cry??!!

This… What kind of joke is this?

For a long period of time, Tang Xiu was at a loss between laughter and tears before saying, “Okay, okay. Let’s discuss the most important thing, shall we? If I can save you in the future, what benefits can you give me?”

The Golden Peng slightly pondered and stopped weeping, “How about me help thee condense Golden Body? Howbeit the Buddha… is frail… and feeble, but methinks to… ken it…”

Tang Xiu’s eyes blinked.

A Buddhist Golden Body? What joke is this?

His cultivation technique—the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was precisely a supreme Gods and Demons’ cultivation technique to mold the body into a supreme Demon Body. If he were to temper his body into a Buddhist Golden Body, how would he practice his cultivation in the future?

The Golden Peng, however, was as if able to see through Tang Xiu’s mind, as it said with a bizarre smile, “Interesting, ‘tis really interesting! The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, eh? Thou is cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis? Was ‘tis not the cultivation technique that Holy Monk Amitabha stole from mine master afore, and was chased and eventually slain? Hahaha… ‘tis is interesting!”

Tang Xiu stared blankly and asked in astonishment, “You know so much? But, what did Holy Monk Amitabha need the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis for?”

“Thou hath no ken that Buddha and Demon be like North and South poles, thereupon cultivating it be like a round wheel?” The Golden Peng looked at Tang Xiu as if he were an idiot. “The compatibleness was what made it complete, for they were divided one another and scattered. Only Buddha that canst be compatible with Demon, and thus the Holy Monk Amitabha canst tread on the last step to reach the Supreme God level. Ah, Supreme God! It’s the realm of me master, an existence at the apex of the Gods Realm!”