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Chapter 561: Successfully Obtaining a Golden Body

Chapter 561: Successfully Obtaining a Golden Body

Tang Xiu was thoroughly dumbfounded. He used to be a Supreme Immortal in the Immortal World, so how was it possible to know such secrets of the far beyond Gods Realm? He had indeed obtained the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis when he was in the Immortal World, yet no matter how he studied it he had not been able to practice the cultivation technique back then, let alone doing everything said by the Golden Peng at present.

“Umm, I suppose there’s nothing else to say, so we’ll take our leave first.”

Tang Xiu let out a self-deprecating smile and immediately prepared to leave. Since there was no danger beneath Resting Cemetery Island and the purpose of his arrival here could be considered to have been achieved, as long as he captured and tamed all the fierce beasts in the coastal water and reared them on Resting Cemetery Island, it could be said that he had the work accomplished already.

“Ehh, no no no, don’t go!” The Golden Peng was startled and quickly said. “In mine eyes thou now art no different than a pismire. Dost thou really hath no interest to obtain the Buddhist Golden Body?”

Despite being excited inside, Tang Xiu maintained his composed expression on the surface. He indifferently shook his head and calmly said, “With my current insignificant ability, what should I do with the Buddhist Golden Body, anyway? Even if I’d need it later, I might as well directly look for Buddhist cultivation techniques just the same. Besides, the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was very difficult to get, but getting a Buddhist cultivation technique will require no effort at all.”

“Thou art really purblind, younker.” The Golden Peng angrily shouted. “How canst the Buddhist Golden Body thou condensed with mine succor be compared to those of wonted Buddhist disciples’? Have faith in me, youngling. After thou obtained the Buddhist Golden Body, the physique of thou wilt increase for tens of millions of times; so much so that thou wilt not be scathed even if thou art barraged with Immortal Tools.”

Tang Xiu was flabbergasted inwardly and said, “We have an old adage here that pies that fall from the sky might still be able to smash and kill a man. Hence, talk about your conditions.”

The Golden Peng let out a long cry before saying, “That’s some great wisdom thou hath. Mine conditions art simple. When thou reached the Peak level of the Supreme Immortal stage in the Immortal World, thou art to return here and set me free.”

“Is that your condition? Only one?” Asked Tang Xiu curiously.

“Yes!” Said the Golden Peng.

Tang Xiu pondered for a moment before nodding and saying, “I give you my word.”

After hearing it, the Golden Peng spread out its wings as two golden lights came out from its wings and directly hit Tang Xiu. Even though Ji Chimei’s strength, who stood beside him, was very strong, she wasn’t able to block it timely.


An overwhelming, blazing wave instantly wrapped Tang Xiu. The feeling of getting burned was perhaps comparable to the feeling of being hacked and slashed thousands of times before he was executed. However, just at the moment, he was nearly unable to hold up anymore, as a primitive and unsophisticated ever-changing golden rune constantly appeared in his body. The ancient rune seemed to be a living sprite, as it swam inside his body before integrating into the acupoints all over his body.

The ancient rune penetrated his clogged meridians and forcefully pierced and occupied each and every acupoint one after another. The effulgent golden rays of light merged with the Star Force inside Tang Xiu’s body and triggered a qualitative change. The duality poles of Buddha and Demon perfectly fused and formed Primal Chaos Force after they completely fused into one.

Within a few short breaths, the Star Force inside Tang Xiu’s body had completely disappeared, replaced by the new formed Primal Chaos Force. The might of this force was tens of millions of times stronger than Star Force and Immortal Force, and several-fold stronger than Divine Force. Of all walks of life in the myriad worlds, only those who had reached the Supreme God level were able to slowly transform their Divine Force into Primal Chaos Force. With this force, they would be able to create a new world, forming a new cycle of reincarnation and Wheel of Samsara and finally tread on the last step, becoming an omnipotent supreme being.

But Tang Xiu, whose cultivation was inferior to those common cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage actually had such Primal Chaos Force. If this fact was known by those supreme existences in the Immortal World and the Gods Realm, they would turn crazy out of envy.

At present, every part of Tang Xiu’s body—his muscles, bones, meridians, and five internal organs—was undergoing qualitative changes. His eyes were suffused by and flashed out ash-gray lights and his skin looked a lot darker -- like bronze, whereas the hairs all over his body that had all been long burnt were growing again at this time.

Time fleeted by...

After a full nine days, Tang Xiu’s body had thoroughly undergone huge transformations. After the two golden lights disappeared, the giant bird directly lied down and fell into slumber. Tang Xiu, however, had become several centimeters taller, his body turned smoother, his muscles looked more attractive, and his body’s proportions became very perfect.

“What do you feel, Lord?”

In the past few days, Ji Chimei watched all the changes in Tang Xiu’s body and was always in a tense and restless mood. She hurriedly asked with a face full of concern the moment she saw Tang Xiu opening his eyes.

Tang Xiu’s lips arched and a thick smile covered his face, “Great, it’s great! Even if my present physique is still inferior to that of Immortal tools, but the difference isn’t too far off. I truly didn’t expect that one day my body and physical strength would be stronger than those Fleshy Body cultivators’.”

A Buddhist Golden Body was not really a body that was cast and molded with metal and gold. It’s just that, after the human body underwent such qualitative changes, the hardiness of the bones was comparable with metal and stone. Even the followers of Buddhism who possessed the Buddhist Golden Body were all existences of powerful and profound Buddha Dharma.

Ji Chimei cast a look at the Golden Peng and whispered, “What happened to it?”

Tang Xiu turned his sight to the Golden Peng with a grateful look. No matter what it used to be in the past and regardless of how and what kind of grudges and animosity its Master used to have with the Buddha, it had aided him in obtaining the Buddhist Golden Body, thus making his physical strength increase by a lot; at least by hundreds of times.

“Please rest assured. I’ll definitely come back and take you out of this place after I return to the peak!” Tang Xiu cupped his fists and spoke in a loud and clear voice.

Having said that, he didn’t stay any longer but ordered Ji Chimei to return by their previous path. When he left the portal, he saw that the ancient bronze lamp was still suspended in mid-air, and the swaying flame was dimmer than it used to be.

“Lord, there’s a problem. I sense a formidable presence… above!” After seeing that Tang Xiu had collected the ancient bronze lamp into his interspatial ring and that the curtain of light on the portal had disappeared, Ji Chimei’s expression suddenly changed and her eyes flashed.

“Go up immediately!” Tang Xiu’s face slightly changed and commanded in a deep voice.

With her lightning-like speed, Ji Chimei brought Tang Xiu out of the sea within just several breaths, and they appeared seven plus kilometers away from Resting Cemetery Island. As the two just came out of the sea surface, their eyes simultaneously landed on a colossal octopus.

“It’s very strange! This thing isn’t a savage beast anymore, but… a monster, no?” Tang Xiu was surprised.

“Yes. It’s indeed a monster beast, Lord,” said Ji Chimei respectfully. “This thing has comprehended the gate to the cultivation path and has found a completely new cultivation system. It has also condensed its Monster Core inside its body, which is very different from the Beast Core of high-level fierce beasts.”

Tang Xiu touched his chin and asked, “Tell me your guess, how is the strength of this Monster Beast? Judging from its all-out attack on the Feng Shui Array of Resting Cemetery Island, this thing is perhaps much stronger than the current me.”

“It is indeed very formidable,” said Ji Chimei respectfully. “If we are to compare it according to cultivators’ cultivation level, its strength should exceed a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, even reaching the Soul Formation Stage. For an existence with such a level of power to appear on the present Earth... it really is inconceivable.”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “No, I once felt a dreadful terrifying presence in a certain sea area of the South China Sea before. This means that there exists many dangerous savage beasts in the tens of thousands of islands in the vast ocean. Perhaps some of them are also like this one, having reached the Monster Beast level. Anyhow, only you can dispose of this thing. I just had my physical body strength increased greatly, so I need to practice to perform higher-level cultivation techniques. Of the Buddha and Demon dual cultivation systems I now have the Buddhist Golden Body, leaving only the Demon Body.”

Ji Chimei didn’t know much about the state of Tang Xiu’s cultivation. Even before, she didn’t know that Tang Xiu was cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. Of course, even after learning about it, she wasn’t aware how powerful and special this cultivation technique was.

“Should I directly kill it, Lord?” Asked Ji Chimei.

“Slay it directly!” Tang Xiu nodded. “Dismember its body and give it to me. But remember to preserve its blood and Monster Core.”

“Understood!” Ji Chimei respectfully nodded.

The lightning web then contracted as shrill screams resounded and the octopus Monster Beast was dismembered. Its flesh and blood were wrapped by a mass of qi. Not a single drop of blood or a single strand of hair was lost or damaged from the tens of thousands of pounds’ octopus Monster.

Tang Xiu waved his hand and collected the octopus Monster Beast’s flesh and blood into his interspatial ring. Merely collecting them took several minutes.

“Chimei, capture all the savage beasts within 500 kilometers radius of the surrounding sea area and throw them into Resting Cemetery Island. After we’re done with this task we’ll immediately return to Jingmen Island,” commanded Tang Xiu before he flew toward Resting Cemetery Island.

A few moments ago, the dozens of experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall on Resting Cemetery Island were standing on the edge of the coast in combat-ready stances watching the threatening octopus Monster Beast outside that was constantly whipping and trashing the array with its tentacles. But after Ji Chimei acted, that octopus Monster Beast was easily trapped by the terrifying lightning web; a scene that made them shudder. Although they knew that Ji Chimei was very powerful, they never thought that she could be powerful to this degree.

But the one that got the most shocked was not the Everlasting Feast Hall’s experts, but Daoist Xu Yang. At the moment when that octopus Monster Beast emerged, he had already made up his mind and prepared to have a life-and-death mortal combat with it.

However, he was surprised by the array laid out by Ji Chimei. He could sense the strength of the octopus Monster Beast. It was at least 100 times more powerful than him, yet it was unable to break the array at all even after barraging and storming the array for most of the day. But his shock was because of how Ji Chimei displayed her skill to dispose of it.

Is this still what a human can do? Even those Soul Formation Stage powerhouses are probably unable to perform such a feat, no? Is she an expert at the Body Integration Stage, or even at… the Great Ascension Stage?

After thinking up to there, the old face of Daoist Xu Yang turned particularly spirited and marvelous.