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Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Author:I Eat Tomatoes

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Updates:Chapter 248: Preparation for War

This world has Fox Fairies, River Gods, Water Monsters, Great Demons and Cultivators who seek immortality. By activating their Dharma Eyes, cultivators can see all kinds of demons and ghosts. Refining a flying sword, they can kill enemies thousands of miles away. Their all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears allow them to observe everything around them... The second young master of the Qin family, Qin Yun was one such cultivator… Path of Soaring Sword 飞剑问道
《Seeking the Flying Sword Path》 Text
Chapter 1: Return
Chapter 2: Capture
Chapter 3: Monster Leader, Chu Yong
Chapter 4: I am his Younger Brother!
Chapter 5: Intrinsic Flying Sword
Chapter 6: Failing to Pass the Gate to Immortality Before Twenty, Despair Forever
Chapter 7: Western Mountain Sword Garden
Chapter 8: Xie Shuang
Chapter 9: Meeting Again
Chapter 10: Making An Example out of Others
Chapter 11: Indenture Contract?
Chapter 12: Renowned Courtesan Chen Shuang
Chapter 13: Never Escaping the Considerations of Utility
Chapter 14: Hundred Thousand Taels of Silver
Chapter 15: Dossier Records
Chapter 16: Rising to Fame
Chapter 17: County Governor Visits
Chapter 18: Spirit Fruit
Chapter 19: Courtesan Belle
Chapter 20: Crossing the Water God
Chapter 21: Palm Lightning
Chapter 22: Yi Xiao
Chapter 23: Zero Tolerance for Failure
Chapter 24: Jia Huairen's Desires
Chapter 25: Old Demonic Servant Uncle Qian
Chapter 26: Frostmuster Spirit Liquid
Chapter 27: Into the Mountains
Chapter 28: Missive
Chapter 29: Spirit Fruit Ripens
Chapter 30: Great Demon White Tiger
Chapter 31: Assembling the Demons
Chapter 32: Dharma Treasure? Misty Rain Sword Intent!
Chapter 33: Old Servant Qian Bao
Chapter 34: Life Struggle
Chapter 35: Tiger Demon Loses Claw
Chapter 36: Let me give it a try first
Chapter 37: Qin Yun's Strongest Move
Chapter 38: Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family
Chapter 39: Excitement and Anger
Chapter 40: Wreaking Havoc
Chapter 41: Day to Look forward to
Chapter 42: Uncle-Master isn't Coming
Chapter 43: A Wrong Read of Character?
Chapter 44: Thirteen Years to Hone a Sword
Chapter 45: Determining the Plan
Chapter 46: Intrinsic Flying Sword Completes
Chapter 47: Twelfth Level of Qi Refinement
Chapter 48: Set Off
Chapter 49: Two Arrogant Human Juniors
Chapter 50: False Core Pill
Chapter 51: You Won't Escape!
Chapter 52: End of the Road?
Chapter 53: Connate True Core Realm
Chapter 54: Flying sword! Flying sword!
Chapter 55: Nestling
Chapter 56: Return
Chapter 57: Grand Dominance Stirred
Chapter 58: The Sky has Brightened (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 59: Meeting
Chapter 60: Exchange
Chapter 61: Calm before the Storm
Chapter 62: Ninth Son of the Hong Family
Chapter 63: Can’t Afford to Offend
Chapter 64: Enemy Assault
Chapter 65: Daoist Red Jade Holds down the Fort
Chapter 66: Letter of Visit
Chapter 67: Yi Xiao is leaving?
Chapter 68: Threat?
Chapter 69: Thieving Late into the Night
Chapter 70: Separation
Chapter 71: Seventh-grade Flying Sword
Chapter 72: New County Governor
Chapter 73: Liu Family
Chapter 74: Great Demon Golden Firmament
Chapter 75: Sense of Urgency
Chapter 76: Dealing with Qin Yun
Chapter 77: Dispatching the Troops
Chapter 78: Red-eyed
Chapter 79: Entire City Stirred
Chapter 80: Young Master Qin's Benevolence
Chapter 81: Settling Down
Chapter 82: Letter-writing
Chapter 83: Perilous Zone
Chapter 84: Five Revolutions Mystic Wood Formation
Chapter 85: Gongye Bing, you are ruthless!
Chapter 86: Initial Scouting of County Governor Manor
Chapter 87: Submitting a Petition to the Imperial Government
Chapter 88: Fluttering Water Immortal Stone
Chapter 89: Entering the Connate Realm (1/2)
Chapter 90: Entering the Connate Realm (2/2)
Chapter 91: Flying Sword Dharma Formulation
Chapter 92: Gongye Bing and Qin Yun
Chapter 93: Gongye Bing's True Identity
Chapter 94: Fiendish Demon!
Chapter 95: Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam
Chapter 96: Qin Yun Wants to Kill Me!
Chapter 97: Escape
Chapter 98: Apprehend Qin Yun
Chapter 99: Unable to Escape
Chapter 100: Inspector Heavenly Alliance
Chapter 101: Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun
Chapter 102: Fragrance of Apricot (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 103: Meeting Again
Chapter 104: Divine Firmament Chapter's Eldest Senior Brother
Chapter 105: Sword Beam Slays Demons
Chapter 106: Grand Dominance, Qin Yun
Chapter 107: Qin Yun and Black Demon King
Chapter 108: Misty Rain Sword Art
Chapter 109: The Great Battle's Curtain Call
Chapter 110: Nine Mountain Island Lord's Old Friend
Chapter 111: Dharma Treasure Robe
Chapter 112: With the Moon as Witness
Chapter 113: Sword Intent Second Level
Chapter 114: Yi Xiao's Father
Chapter 115: Save Me!
Chapter 116: Pangs of Fury
Chapter 117: Differences between Mortals and Immortals
Chapter 118: 20% Strength
Chapter 119: The Flaw of the Sword Immortal Lineage
Chapter 120: Myriad Temple
Chapter 121: Entering a Sect
Chapter 122: Assassination on the Streets
Chapter 123: Multiform Poison Codger's Treasures
Chapter 124: Evil Dragon Mountain's Three Demon Monarchs
Chapter 125: Fifth-grade Flying Sword
Chapter 126: Bright Moon Over River
Chapter 127: Immortal's Cave Abode
Chapter 128: Young Master Qin Lends a Hand
Chapter 129: Calling for Help Would Be Useless Too
Chapter 130: Begging for Mercy
Chapter 131: Flood Dragon King, How Ruthless You Are
Chapter 132: I have a Strike
Chapter 133: Stop!
Chapter 134: Myriad Temple's New Price
Chapter 135: Departure (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 136: Sixth Token
Chapter 137: Sis Yuqing
Chapter 138: Reunion of Old Friends
Chapter 139: The Day of the Immortal Abode's Opening
Chapter 140: Yi Xiao Exits Seclusion
Chapter 141: Touching Pitch
Chapter 142: Gathering of the Six Parties
Chapter 143: Known by Everyone in the World
Chapter 144: Immortal Abode Opens
Chapter 145: Treasures Everywhere
Chapter 146: Dao Repository
Chapter 147: White Dew Flying Sword
Chapter 148: No one is to snatch it from me!
Chapter 149: Sixteenth Prince's Clout
Chapter 150: Engaging in Combat (Part 1/2)
Chapter 151: Engaging in Combat (Part 2/2)
Chapter 152: Existence at the Paramount Realm?
Chapter 153: Hong Lingtong Leads the Way
Chapter 154: Immortal Pill!!!
Chapter 155: Golden Core Outer Pill (Part 1/2)
Chapter 156: Golden Core Outer Pill (Part 2/2)
Chapter 157: Treasure hidden in the Starry Sky
Chapter 158: Earth fire
Chapter 159: Transcendent-grade Dharma Treasure, Golden Core Cauldron
Chapter 160: Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Flags
Chapter 161: Where's Yi Xiao?
Chapter 162: Never Abandoning you in Life and in Death
Chapter 163: Rescuers Unavailable
Chapter 164: Reunion
Chapter 165: Elder Sword
Chapter 166: Three Stone Chambers
Chapter 167: Marriage
Chapter 168: Connate True Core Realm
Chapter 169: Flying Sword Art, Samsara
Chapter 170: Out! (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 171: Return Causes a Storm
Chapter 172: Band of Fiendish Demons
Chapter 173: Inside the Inspector Heavenly Alliance
Chapter 174: Yellow-scarved Strongman
Chapter 175: Returning to Grand Dominance
Chapter 176: Simmering Anger
Chapter 177: Stand-in Life Charm
Chapter 178: Fear from all sides
Chapter 179: Paramount realm!
Chapter 180: Coercion, Persuasion
Chapter 181: Brothers
Chapter 182: Your Father's Brother
Chapter 183: Yellow Wyrm Lake
Chapter 184: Outskirts of Jia'an County City, Mt. Blue Granny
Chapter 185: Attack of the Great Fiendish Demons (Part 1/2)
Chapter 186: Attack of the Great Fiendish Demons (Part 2/2)
Chapter 187: Dragon Queen
Chapter 188: Reverberations through the World
Chapter 189: Temple Lord Ruyi is here
Chapter 190: Slaying a Great Fiendish Demon
Chapter 191: Paramount realm level
Chapter 192: Dumbstruck (Part 1/2)
Chapter 193: Dumbstruck (Part 2/2)
Chapter 194: Infinite Converging Sword
Chapter 195: Curtain Falls on the Massive Battle
Chapter 196: Aftershocks
Chapter 197: Guests from all over
Chapter 198: Yi Xiao's Birth Matters
Chapter 199: Bai Junyue's Request
Chapter 200: Yellow Wyrm, Black Dragon Palace
Chapter 201: Dragon King's Rejection
Chapter 202: Conditions for Pardoning
Chapter 203: Ancient Skydragon Palace (Part 1/2)
Chapter 204: Ancient Skydragon Palace (Part 2/2)
Chapter 205: Temporary Departure
Chapter 206: A Word of Caution
Chapter 207: Three Years
Chapter 208: Forming the Golden Core (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 209: Skydragon Blood Crystal
Chapter 210: Dharma treasure Cosmic Bangle
Chapter 211: Great Harvest
Chapter 212: Truth
Chapter 213: Dragon Lady Ao Xue
Chapter 214: Investigating the Entrance
Chapter 215: Putting an End
Chapter 216: Jade Bottle
Chapter 217: Ridding Demons from Cloud Prefecture
Chapter 218: Azure Wing Demon King's Despair
Chapter 219: He must have stepped into the Dao!
Chapter 220: Ownership of the Jade Bottle
Chapter 221: A World in Upheaval
Chapter 222: Descent
Chapter 223: Time
Chapter 224: Reappearance of the Jade Bottle
Chapter 225: Qin Yun is Here
Chapter 226: His Reputation Preceded Him
Chapter 227: Suspected Dharma Treasure
Chapter 228: Trapped Beast
Chapter 229: Capturing Alive
Chapter 230: Yu Shiqi's Revenge
Chapter 231: Bottle Stopper and Jade Bottle
Chapter 232: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 1/3)
Chapter 233: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 2/3)
Chapter 234: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 3/3)
Chapter 235: Ancestral Master Zhang and Jade Bottle
Chapter 236: Fiendcelestial Puming
Chapter 237: Five Treasures
Chapter 238: That Arm (Final Chapter of Volume)
Chapter 239: Coming of Age Ceremony
Chapter 240: Three Firmaments of the Mortal Realm
Chapter 241: Fire Phoenix City
Chapter 242: Godfiend Temple
Chapter 243: Moonlight Sword Skill
Chapter 244: Spiritual Companion Item
Chapter 245: Breakthrough. Godfiend Realm (Part 1/2)
Chapter 246: Breakthrough. Godfiend Realm (Part 2/2)
Chapter 247: Ten Years Later
Chapter 248: Preparation for War