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Lyle Walt is a young noble boy and heir looking forward to the day he can inherit his family’s territory. Except around when he was 10 year old, his parents started neglecting him more and more in favour of his little sister, Celes. On his fifteenth birthday, he is challenged to a duel by his sister to see who will inherit the household and horribly loses, being cast out of his family. Afterwards, he gets treated by the family groundskeepers and receives the family heirloom Gem from him that Lyle’s grandfather had entrusted to him. From there, he begins an aimless journey with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Novem, and the Gem-turned-Jewel that houses the memories, personalities, and Skills of seven of his ancestors. Associated Names 7th Seventh セブンス
《Sevens》 Volume 1
Chapter 1: Former Noble Lyle
Chapter 2: Former Fiancée Novem
Chapter 3: The Seven Ancestors
Chapter 4: Monster
Chapter 5: Dalien
Chapter 6: Adventurers’ Guild
Chapter 7: Money
Chapter 8: Veteran Adventurer Zelphy
Chapter 9: An Adventurer Shouldn’t be Adventurous
Chapter 10: Lyle’s Ability
Chapter 11: First Love
Chapter 12: First Generation, Basil Walt
Chapter 13: Even If You Call It Foolish
Chapter 14: An Easy Job, Where All You Have To Do Is Stand
Chapter 15: Full Over
Chapter 16: Limit Burst
Chapter 17: Lyle’s Ambition
Questions Corner 1
《Sevens》 Volume 2
Chapter 1: Growth
Chapter 2: Level Up
Chapter 3: Aria Lockwarde
Chapter 4: Blue and Red
Chapter 5: The Birth of a Skill
Chapter 6: Day Off
Chapter 7: Comrade
Chapter 8: Humans and Demons are Equally Favored
Chapter 9: The First Generation’s Weapon
Chapter 10: Lyle’s Growth
Chapter 11: The Start of the Walt House
Chapter 12: Desiring a Reunion
Question Corner 2
《Sevens》 Volume 3
Chapter 1: Arumsaas Guild
Chapter 2: The Library of the City of Scholars
Chapter 3: The Seven Great of the City of Scholars
Chapter 4: Adventurer’ Circumstances
Chapter 5: Clara Bulmer
Chapter 6: Shannon who sees Another World
Chapter 7: Before Clearing a Labyrinth
Chapter 8: Damien Valle
Chapter 9: Labyrinth Specialist
Chapter 10: Mind
Chapter 11: A Woman’s Back
Chapter 12: Mr. Lyle
Chapter 13: Novem Forxuz
Question Corner 3
《Sevens》 Volume 4
Chapter 1: Poyopoyo
Chapter 2: Various Worries
Chapter 3: The Lifeform Known as a Feudal Lord.
Chapter 4: Get Along
Chapter 5: Clara’s Adventurer Course
Chapter 6: Shannon Circry
Chapter 7: Lyle’s Golem
Chapter 8: Lyle’s Answer
Chapter 9: Porter
Chapter 10: Preparations to Conquer
Chapter 11: Conquering Commence
Chapter 12: Pursuer
Chapter 13: Targeted Comrades
Chapter 14: Automaton
Question Corner 4
《Sevens》 Volume 5
Chapter 1: The Circry House
Chapter 2: Someone to Guard
Chapter 3: Monetary Support
Chapter 4: Preparations
Chapter 5: March
Chapter 6: Johnny Village
Chapter 7: Carpe Cardium
Chapter 8: The Second’s Memory
Chapter 9: Hippogryph
Chapter 10: Gryphon
Chapter 11: The Young Commanders
Chapter 12: One on One
Chapter 13: The Second Generation Head
Question Corner 5
《Sevens》 Volume 6
Chapter 1: Fraud
Chapter 2: Singer
Chapter 3: The Underside of a Promotion
Chapter 4: The Third’s Past
Chapter 5: The Fourth’s Memory
Chapter 6: Omen
Chapter 7: Lianne Faunbeux
Chapter 8: Fellow Pupil
Chapter 9: Reunion
Chapter 10: Celes’ Ability
Chapter 11: Septem
Chapter 12: Let Me Start Your Story
Chapter 13: Dissolution
Chapter 14: The Maddening Metropolist
Question Corner 6
《Sevens》 Volume 7
Chapter 1: The Four Guild Branches
Chapter 2: Men of the Walt House
Chapter 3: East Branch
Chapter 4: Adventurers
Chapter 5: Fighting with Skills
Chapter 6: Harem Master
Chapter 7: May
Chapter 8: Connection
Chapter 9: A Journey of Memory
Chapter 10: First Job in Beim
Chapter 11: Surroundings
Chapter 12: Wild Beasts
Chapter 13: Additional Request
Chapter 14: Solo
Chapter 15: Quilin May
Chapter 16: Trade
Chapter 17: Former Harlot
Chapter 18: Beim’s Guild
Question Corner 7
《Sevens》 Volume 8
Chapter 1: Labyrinth Clearing Beim Style
Chapter 2: Information Dealer
Chapter 3: 【Interlude】 Ancestors and Wives
Chapter 4: The Leader’s Job
Chapter 5: The Departing Subjugatory Force
Chapter 6: Alette Baillet
Chapter 7: Precious Stone
Chapter 8: Peridot
Chapter 9: Message
Chapter 10: Beim’s Receptionists
Chapter 11: Rock-Headed Creit
Chapter 12: The Form of a Party
Chapter 13: BF Eight
Chapter 14: Eighth Floor Boss
Chapter 15: Same Model
Chapter 14: Once Upon a Time
Chapter 15: Everyone’s mr. lyle
Chapter 17: Turn Around, and Press On
Chapter 18: A Withering Labyrinth
Question Corner 8
《Sevens》 Volume 9
Chapter 1: Letter
Chapter 2: Chivalry
Chapter 3: Information Dealer Rauno
Chapter 4: Trouble, or Goddess of Fortune?
Chapter 5: Holy Maiden Candidate
Chapter 6: High Priest
Chapter 7: Runaway Son
Chapter 8: The Outsider of the Basement
Chapter 9: Determination
Chapter 10: Worse than Zayin
Chapter 11: The Fourth Camp
Chapter 12: Holy Knight Brigade
Chapter 13: Royal Princess
Chapter 14: The Other Side
Chapter 15: Fiennes Walt
Chapter 16: Selva’s Assassin
Chapter 17: Sacred Knight
Chapter 18: Holy Knight Lyle
《Sevens》 Volume 10
Chapter 1: Lorphys’ Royal Princess
Chapter 2: Lyle’s Room of Memories
Chapter 3: Fortress Battle
Chapter 4: Selva Falls
Chapter 5: Lyle’s Party
Chapter 6: Money
Chapter 7: The Trēs Trading Company
Chapter 8: The Vera Trēs
Chapter 9: Sahuagin Assault
Chapter 10: Trident
Chapter 11: The Goddesses have a Thing for Those that Fight on
Chapter 12: Trump Card
Chapter 13: God of the Seas
Chapter 14: mr. lyle Reads Ahead
Chapter 15: the Northern Powers
Chapter 16: The Queen of Cartaffs
《Sevens》 Volume 11
Chapter 1: Dangerous Individual
Chapter 2: Vera’s Ship Log?
Chapter 3: Skill
Chapter 4: The Ancestors + α’s Plan
Chapter 5: Guild Personnel
Chapter 6: Katana
Chapter 7: Damien and Old Letarta
Chapter 8: Mrs Milleia
Chapter 9: A Labyrinth Out of Control
Chapter 10: I Want to Stand Out!
Chapter 11: Look Ahead
Chapter 12: An Army of Monsters
Chapter 13: Fortress Redant
Chapter 14: Valkyrie
Chapter 15: Retreat
Chapter 16: The Second Wall
Chapter 17: Fortress
Chapter 18: Brother Maksim
Chapter 19: A Mountain of Corpses
Chapter 20: Postwar Process
Postscript Theater
《Sevens》 Volume 12
Chapter 1: Taking Over
Chapter 2: LYLE
Chapter 3: Lyle and LYLE
Chapter 4: Galleria
Chapter 5: Rusworth
Chapter 6: Rule Book
Chapter 7: Max Plan
Chapter 8: Threat
Chapter 9: Domestic Affairs
Chapter 10: The Fourth’s Era
Chapter 11: Stray High Minister
Chapter 12: Letter
Chapter 13: Grand Restructure
Chapter 14: Full Drive
Chapter 15: A Never-Ending Road
Chapter 16: Uselyle
Chapter 17: Fight More
Chapter 18: The Witches
Chapter 19: Battlefield Tactician
Chapter 20: LYLE and mr. lyle
《Sevens》 Volume 13
Chapter 1: Gina Trēs
Chapter 2: Cartaffs
Chapter 3: Beim Starts to Move
Chapter 4: Unlovable Adventurer
Chapter 5: A Journey of Nothing but Manly Men
Chapter 6: Lyle’s Party Aboard
Chapter 7: Bandelphia
Chapter 8: Those Who Wait
Chapter 9: Marina Against May
Chapter 10: Warp
Chapter 11: Trap
Chapter 12: Those Who Move
Chapter 13: A Tiger at the Front Gate, a Wolf at the Back
Chapter 14: Who was Being Chased Again?
Chapter 15: Arrival
Chapter 16: Poison that Rends Beim
Chapter 17: Broken Heart
Chapter 18: Who was Abandoned Again?
《Sevens》 Volume 14
Chapter 1: Setting Off from Beim
Chapter 2: Various Journeys
Chapter 3: Faction
Chapter 4: What did I Want?
Chapter 5: Young Fredricks
Chapter 6: Aria’s Profit
Chapter 7: Jules Parswall
Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Bahnseim
Chapter 9: Revenge
Chapter 10: Margrave
Chapter 11: Varius
Chapter 12: Mother
Chapter 13: The Kingdom of Faunbeux
Chapter 14: Avengers of Faunbeux
Chapter 15: True Revenge
Chapter 16: Siblings
Chapter 17: Faunbeux’s Decision
Chapter 18: The Third One
Chapter 19: The Legitimate Successor
《Sevens》 Volume 15
Chapter 1: Corps of Iron Pipes
Chapter 2: Fortress Conquering
Chapter 3: Fame
Chapter 4: Betrayal
Chapter 5: Plunder
Chapter 6: Obligation
Chapter 7: Network
Chapter 8: Scant Difference
Chapter 9: Wit
Chapter 10: The Worst Man
Chapter 11: Dead Men
Chapter 12: Merciless Blade
Chapter 13: The Demon’s Medicine
Chapter 14: Sand Giant
Chapter 15: … The Capital of Dreams
Chapter 16: Pincer Attack
Chapter 17: Festival
Chapter 18: Lyle Walt Stands
Chapter 19: Wonder Child of the Walt House
《Sevens》 Volume 16
Chapter 1: Faction
Chapter 2: Marriage Interview
Chapter 3: Maizel Walt
Chapter 4: A Deep and Quiet Distraction
Chapter 5: Lyle the Fortunate
Chapter 6: Natural Enemy of Labyrinths
Chapter 7: Not Knowing is…
Chapter 8: Not a Problem
Chapter 9: Ms. Lianne
Chapter 10: The Goddam Chicks
Chapter 11: Brod and Maizel
Chapter 12: Address
Chapter 13: First Show of Hands
Chapter 14: The Eighth Generation Head
Chapter 15: First Joint Effort
Chapter 16: Father and Son
Chapter 17: Father
《Sevens》 Volume 17
Chapter 1: Various Forms of Peace
Chapter 2: There is a Rabbit on the Moon
Chapter 3: Passing it All
Chapter 4: The Truth
Chapter 5: Circry
Chapter 6: Round Table
Chapter 7: Confession
Chapter 8: Illustrated Diary
Chapter 9: Terrible Enough to Cry
Chapter 10: Field Potatoes
Chapter 11: The Best of Lyle
Chapter 12: 0 (Nihil)
Chapter 13: Moving Fortress
Chapter 14: Common Sense
Chapter 15: Return
Chapter 16: Brides of the Walt House
Chapter 17: Cute Celes, Lovable Lyle
Chapter 18: The Winning Horse
Chapter 19: Ties
《Sevens》 Volume 18
Chapter 1: The Enemy of an Enemy is also an Enemy and no Ally of Mine
Chapter 2: Knock and use the Front Door
Chapter 3: Black Quilin Rummel
Chapter 4: Lyle and Celes
Chapter 5: Lyle’s Fighting Style
Chapter 6: Laughing Celes
Chapter 7: A Goddess Revived
Chapter 8: The Seventh
Chapter 9: Sevens
Chapter 10: Army of the Dead vs. Army of the Dead
Chapter 11: The Shape of a Family
Chapter 12: Prospects of Victory
Chapter 13: The True One
Chapter 14: Evil God or Goddess
Chapter 15: Can I Cry
Chapter 16: Two Swords
Chapter 17: The Walt House is Number One
Chapter 18: An End and a Beginning
Chapter 19: Ties
Chapter 20: A Blue Gem to my Heart
epilogue part1
epilogue part2
《Sevens》 Volume 19
aria arc
vera arc
shannon arc
novem arc
miranda arc
the start
last day
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