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Shadow Hack

Author:Great Lord Of Cloudland

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Updates:Chapter 185: Xiye Hanbai

By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity’s age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess… all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired, he could still increase his skills. [Ding, your shadow has killed an ant, you have gained experience points and ability points.] [Ding, your shadow has successfully killed a dragonfly, it dropped a dimensionality box.] Crap, even killing insects can also increase his experience and get him rewards. What else! 我的影子会挂机
《Shadow Hack》 Text
Chapter 1: Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 2: Flux Energy Awakens
Chapter 3: Opportunity For Advancement
Chapter 4: Dimensional Box
Chapter 5: Ancient Battle Skill
Chapter 6: Reality
Chapter 7: Half Awakened? What's That?
Chapter 8: Shadow’s Avatar
Chapter 9: The Legendary Virtual Dimension World
Chapter 10: Dimensional Store
Chapter 11: Unfair Battle
Chapter 12: Extreme Defense
Chapter 13: First Purchase
Chapter 14: Battle Soldier Equipment
Chapter 15: Proficiency Can Also Be Increased While Sleeping
Chapter 16: Entering the Fifth Dimension
Chapter 17: Lucky Wind City Great Courtyard
Chapter 18: Shooting His Mouth
Chapter 19: Liu Noujie’s Helplessness
Chapter 20: Survivor Battle Armour
Chapter 21: Three Weirdos
Chapter 22: Money Is Everything
Chapter 23: Buy, Buy, Buy!
Chapter 24: Just One Word "Rich"
Chapter 25: Getting scammed
Chapter 26: Ling Shuang
Chapter 27: Big Bear Battle Squad Seeking Death
Chapter 28: Cheating
Chapter 29: I Also Have Arms
Chapter 30: The Five Specialisations
Chapter 31: Everyone Gets Stunned
Chapter 32: Incredible Ranking
Chapter 33: Not Human
Chapter 34: Distributing The Loot
Chapter 35: Opening The Celestial Point
Chapter 36: Complete Version Of The Shadow
Chapter 37: Unparalleled Defense
Chapter 38: Dramatic Increase Of Ten Layers
Chapter 39: Entrance Of Li Yun
Chapter 40: Tang Ruochen Also Gets Cut Down
Chapter 41: Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike
Chapter 42: Great Transformation
Chapter 43: Entrancement
Chapter 44: Maintaining Secrecy
Chapter 45: Precisely This Person
Chapter 46: Miraculous Scenario
Chapter 47: Crazy Ideas
Chapter 48: Escaping Calamity
Chapter 49: Distress
Chapter 50: Shadow Spirit
Chapter 51: Kick In The Air
Chapter 52: Great Commotion While Trying To Kill It
Chapter 53: Going On A Rampage
Chapter 54: Opening the Jumping Circle Point
Chapter 55: Buying A House
Chapter 56: Soft Hands
Chapter 57: You Have The Air of Confidence
Chapter 58: Double Login
Chapter 59: Dodge? No Need
Chapter 60: F*cking Easy To Earn Money
Chapter 61: Critical Breakthrough
Chapter 62: The Price For Trying To Kill Me
Chapter 63: Accumulating Ten Thousand Experience Points
Chapter 64: Two Unrivalled Shadows
Chapter 65: Let’s Fight
Chapter 66: Still Not Enough
Chapter 67: Terrifying Calamity Descends
Chapter 68: Great Spell Of Dimensional Field Descends
Chapter 69: Defense Upgrades To Next Level
Chapter 70: Big Misunderstanding
Chapter 71: Is There Any Hope
Chapter 72: Swirling Sky
Chapter 73: Important Treasure
Chapter 74: My Personal Heaven
Chapter 75: There Is No Harm In Comparison
Chapter 76: Not Even Worth A Fart
Chapter 77: Got A Problem? Let's Fight!
Chapter 78: Blown To Smithereens
Chapter 79: Lucky Wind City's Treasure Palace
Chapter 80: Underworld Raven
Chapter 81: Repair
Chapter 82: Sage Weapon
Chapter 83: Summoning the Underworld Raven
Chapter 84: Heavenly Dog
Chapter 85: Selling Dwarf Witch Elder Equipment
Chapter 86: All Being Used to Increase Land
Chapter 87: Li Feng Descends
Chapter 88: Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique
Chapter 89: Li Sect’s Disciple
Chapter 90: Effects Of Fame
Chapter 91: Rich Fools, Come Quickly
Chapter 92: Snow Guzzle Cold Blade
Chapter 93: Being Unlucky Serves You Right
Chapter 94: Oh, External Assistance!
Chapter 95: Didn't Explode Like Before?
Chapter 96: Make You Feel Despair From A Kilometer Away
Chapter 97: Delivering It Personally?
Chapter 98: Another Secret Bet
Chapter 99: Who Won
Chapter 100: Success
Chapter 101: Sister Noujie's Grudge
Chapter 102: Using Tiger Skin To Draw The Banner
Chapter 103: Refining Blade To Insert Rune
Chapter 104: Returning To Earth
Chapter 105: Two Equally Proud People Meet
Chapter 106: World Power Rank
Chapter 107: Tower Of Depravity
Chapter 108: Heaven Shaking Viciousness
Chapter 109: Incarnated Tower, Thou Path
Chapter 110: Virgin Blood Of A Sacred Shadow Female
Chapter 111: Crystal Armour Which Only A King Dares to Congeal
Chapter 112: Blown Away
Chapter 113: Underworld Raven VS Hell Rat
Chapter 114: Same Name, That's All
Chapter 115: Successive Titles
Chapter 116: Don't Be Scared, Be Strong!
Chapter 117: Finally Enough
Chapter 118: The Fruit
Chapter 119: Hidden Female Ancestor
Chapter 120: Great Confidence
Chapter 121: Crazy
Chapter 122: Great Transformation
Chapter 123: Decked In Gold
Chapter 124: The Broken Wings of a Wind Child
Chapter 125: The End of the Tower Challenge
Chapter 126: Fallen
Chapter 127: What Does the City's Situation Have to Do with Me?
Chapter 128: Purpose
Chapter 129: Going Berserk in the Meeting
Chapter 130: Deity Execution Skill
Chapter 131: The Lord of Heavenly Cloud City
Chapter 132: Formidable Little Shadow Ancestor
Chapter 133: What Do You Want Me to Do?
Chapter 134: Representing the Sect
Chapter 135: Big Trouble
Chapter 136: The Jade Pendant's True Secret
Chapter 137: Leaving at Night
Chapter 138: The First Appearance of the Wings of the Wind
Chapter 139: Mountain of Gold
Chapter 140: Huge Profits
Chapter 141: One Customer Shouldn't Bother Two Shopkeepers
Chapter 142: Expanding the Heavenly World
Chapter 143: Hacking Everywhere
Chapter 144: The Accumulation of One Hundred Thousand Points
Chapter 145: Miracle
Chapter 146: Messenger from the War God Temple
Chapter 147: Unfilial Son
Chapter 148: Gathering at Setting Sun Garrison
Chapter 149: Sixth Level, Outstanding Realm
Chapter 150: Wanting to Cause Despair to the Enemy
Chapter 151: Feel the Dominance
Chapter 152: Murder for Money
Chapter 153: Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets
Chapter 154: A Source of Easy Money
Chapter 155: Life is a Gamble
Chapter 156: Death's Arrival
Chapter 157: The Spell
Chapter 158: Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Chapter 159: Halted Fluxers
Chapter 160: The Great Siege
Chapter 161: Slaughtering the Enormous Lions First
Chapter 162: Who Will Have the Last Laugh?
Chapter 163: How Can You Act so Arrogantly?
Chapter 164: The Appearance of the King Grade Armor
Chapter 165: Deadly Weapon
Chapter 166: Breaking All Restrictions in One Revolution
Chapter 167: Even Ascension Won't Save You
Chapter 168: Speechless Audience
Chapter 169: A Mountain of Loot
Chapter 170: Two Halted Fluxers
Chapter 171: Elation from the Unexpected News
Chapter 172: Sungod Bird
Chapter 173: Clearing a Full Account
Chapter 174: Appraisal
Chapter 175: Azure Dragon Tyrannical Gauntlets
Chapter 176: Pearls Cast Before a Pig
Chapter 177: The Whereabouts of Azure Dragon Leg Guards
Chapter 178: Unremarkable Whetstone
Chapter 179: Wealthy and Domineering
Chapter 180: Swift Progress
Chapter 181: Chaotian Sect’s Time Limit
Chapter 182: Wild Ambitions
Chapter 183: Advancement
Chapter 184: Showing Their Fangs
Chapter 185: Xiye Hanbai