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Chapter 36: Complete Version Of The Shadow

Chapter 36: Complete Version Of The Shadow

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After Li Yunmu entered the hack machine, he immediately discovered that after this time’s update, there was a map in the upper right corner of the screen.

It should be the map of an area with a 1000 km radius, covering the entire Great Lamu River Zone. As for the area outside the 1000 km radius, it was pitch black. Apparently, the Fifth Dimension was extremely large, so the system could only map this much area using him as the centre and update it. Otherwise, if it was to map the entire world, who knows how long the update would take.

With this map, Li Yunmu’s confidence was bolstered. At least with it, he didn’t need to worry about losing his way within the Great Lamu River Zone.

"Activate Shadow Hack."

Li Yunmu clicked on a lamp and a shadow appeared behind his body, he then adorned the battle soldier equipment and raised his war blade high.

After completing all this, Li Yunmu confirmed the activation of the hack.

[Ding, because you have repeatedly used the Violent Blade in battle today, your Violent Blade has gained 136 proficiency points. Congratulations, your Violent Blade has entered the second level and has acquired new moves.]

[Ding, because you have repeatedly used Arrow Evasion Step today, your Arrow Evasion Step had gained 187 proficiency points, congratulations, your Arrow Evasion Step has entered the second level and has acquired new steps.]

[Ding, because you have used Insect Step today, your Insect Step has gained 32 proficiency points.]

[Ding, because you have used Cricket Cut Kick in battle today, your Cricket Cut Kick has gained 28 proficiency points.]

Just after he started the hack system, four pleasant to hear notifications popped up from system one by one. Li Yunmu was quite surprised when he heard this.

So the proficiency points were not just gained by the shadow gaining comprehension of the skills during battles, but also when he himself used it in battle.

But to get the proficiency points accumulated by the person using battle skills in fights, he must start the hack system once, only then would the increased proficiency points come into effect.

This was really great.

Li Yunmu’s strength rose again by a little without him realizing.

He quickly opened the ability panel to check:

Violent Blade second level, advancing past the first level, after the proficiency points were enough to advance past the first level, now if Li Yunmu uses the Violent Blade Skill, his speed of slashing would be faster every time. It was as described in its name, once he raises the blade, then it should be extremely violent, with an oath to not leave his enemies alive. Every blade faster than the last, every strike heavier than the last, until all the slashes in one set of Violent Blade Skill had been fully used.

And from original limit of nine continuous strikes, now, after being upgraded to the second level, the limit had reached twelve strikes with the addition of the realm of three consecutive strikes, which may appear once in a while.

Even if it was only three strikes, Li Yunmu was greatly delighted. He knew that the power of these three strikes was established on the foundation of the strength of the previous nine strikes. In other words, the might of the last three strikes were extremely formidable with the strength of each strike being more powerful when compared to the first nine.

Apart from this, the evasive skill Arrow Evasion Step had also similarly reached the second level proficient stage. Arrow Evasion Step, this evasive skill, was a skill completely based on battle instinct to make advanced judgements.

When he was at the first level, he was only at rudimentary stage, thus wasn’t that proficient in it. From time to time, he had relied on instinct to move and presently, Li Yunmu’s advance judgement regarding danger had become much clearer.

After he had opened his celestial point, his mental power had reached a whole new ground, because of which, when he checked the Arrow Evasion Step again, there was this advance judgment evasion skill, causing him to become very excited.

He had ascended ranks again and again to reach the fourth level, the realm of ‘integrating and linking up’, his comprehension of the Arrow Evasion Step had increased greatly and could be considered to be the battle skill in which he has the highest comprehension of presently.


Li Yunmu had never expected that filling the celestial point would still have such an effect.

Next, Li Yunmu opened the list of hack locations. The previous places in Lucky Wind City like District Garden, Street, Park, Lakeside and others such hack locations had all turned completely dark!

However, there was now a completely new hack location named Great Lamu River Zone that was shining. It needn’t be said that this was the result of the system’s latest update.

"Choose Great Lamu River Zone as hack location. Hack activate."

As Li Yunmu pressed confirm, the shadow behind his body was immediately activated and separated from the darkness and came out.

Under Li Yunmu’s attentive gaze, it completely disregarded the defenses of the fort and directly crossed the blue net. After crossing the net, it quickly began to run towards the wilderness to automatically look for suitable hack monsters.

"Something seems to be queer..."

Li Yunmu looked at the shadow holding the war blade in its hand, confronting a dimensional beast in the pitch black wilderness, only at this moment did he realize what was odd.

"System, why hasn’t the shadow’s size decreased?"

Li Yunmu was somewhat confused about the current situation, he clearly remembered that after he had used the hack machine the last time, the shadow had a height of 14 cm. But now, the height of shadow hasn’t decreased even a bit and was the same size as his own body.

[Host, in higher dimensions, the shadow would not decrease in strength, its strength would be the same as your present strength.]

The system serenely provided an answer for him.

"Ohh, this was the case, so in other words…...the present shadow is in its most regular state during normal times?"


Hearing the system’s reply, the confusion in Li Yunmu’s mind was cleared. During the brief amount of time when he was conversing with the system, the shadow had been battling with a devil dog type dimensional beast. The battle seemed to have entered its climax.

Li Yunmu was just in time to see the shadow’s action on the computer screen. First, it used Insect Step for a quick burst in speed and dodged sideways like a cricket with both of its legs shifting horizontally with an extremely quick but irregular frequency, dodging the quick attack from that devil dog dimensional beast.

Next, the shadow used the opening left because of the devil dog missing its attack and instantly used the Cricket Cut Kick.

A heavy kick landed on the foreleg knee of the devil dog, which caused its front legs to become unstable and then, the shadow activated the Violent Blade Skill, exploiting the opportunity left because of the enemy’s body becoming unstable and instantly began to strike!

One strike, two strikes, three strikes, four strikes, five strikes...….when the Violent Blade Skill was fully unleashed, one strike followed after another. Because of which, deep bloody scars through which bones were visible immediately began to appear on the body of this formidable devil dog. However, the physical body of this devil dog was indeed extremely powerful!

Surprisingly, even several strikes hadn’t been able to chop its body into two parts, but then, its good fortune came to an end when the shadow reached the seventh strike of Violent Blade and the devil dog’s tyrannical body was finally unable to resist. With one slash, the shadow removed its huge head.

"Over already? The shadow has already become so formidable?"

This time, Li Yunmu couldn’t remain calm.

The idiot trio had chosen this Mountain Ridge location to gain experience because according to them, the physical bodies of dwarf witch monsters were weak and they could cut them down with relative ease, but the tyrannical physical body of dimensional beasts was not something which dwarf witches could compare to. But now, under the consecutive attacks from his shadow, the dimensional beast had met its violent death within a few breaths!