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Chapter 37: Unparalleled Defense

Chapter 37: Unparalleled Defense

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When Li Yunmu saw shadow’s latest battle strength, he was completely shocked:

"System, are you certain my strength is the same as the shadow’s?"

[Correct, because the host has opened the celestial point, it has increased the host’s mental power greatly and presently, the shadow’s intelligence level also followed in host’s footsteps and increased substantially. Because of this increase in its intelligence, its tactics for killing monsters has also improved.]

System’s reply was straightforward. Because Li Yunmu had opened the celestial point, his brain had developed, therefore, the shadow’s intelligence had also increased. Presently, it could already think of its own moves in battle.

The result of which could be seen in this recent battle, where it had used a series of battle skills rationally and even stacked them together, directly beheading the devil dog even without giving the enemy a chance to counterattack.

Originally, the strength data of the shadow was completely in sync with Li Yunmu’s strength, but this was only a type of reflection of the synchronized strength as the shadow’s intelligence was still relatively primitive. Moreover, now that Li Yunmu’s intelligence had broken through new ground, the shadow’s intelligence had also evolved from the originally low intelligence to high intelligence.

However, Li Yunmu had never expected that just because he had opened the celestial point in his head, as a result, not only did his Arrow Evasion Step Skill’s level increase greatly, moreover, it also caused his shadow’s intelligence to transform.

[Ding, a low-grade dimensional power crystal has been discovered, would you to harvest it?]

This time, when a pop up was timely ejected from the system, Li Yunmu promptly looked over at the computer screen to check.

This discovery! The devil dog beheaded just now had surprisingly turned out to be a good beginning for Li Yunmu and had unexpectedly condensed a flux energy crystal.

Level Ten!

After careful observation, Li Yunmu discovered that this devil dog was surprisingly at Level Ten, in other words, if this creature was present in the real world, its strength would be equivalent to a Level ten monster, Mantis. Naturally, this comparison was scaled according to shadow’s strength at the District Garden on earth.

Soon, under Li Yunmu’s close observation, the shadow began to search for monsters automatically. However, this time, it didn’t encounter any solitary dimensional beast, rather, it found a tribe of dwarf witches.

As Li Yunmu stared at it, his heart began to beat faster, this was surprisingly a medium sized tribe of dwarf witches. Earlier, he wasn’t aware that while gaining experience during the day, they had penetrated so deeply into the Mountain Ridges.

Observing it from an elevated region, this medium-sized dwarf witch tribe’s scale was far larger compared to the small scale dwarf witch tribes they had encountered previously. According to his initial estimate, the number of dwarf witch monsters within this tribe should at least surpass 300.

Just when Li Yunmu was considering whether to recall the shadow back or to make it advance, the shadow on the computer screen had already stormed the tribe alone.

Late at night within the dwarf witch tribe, silence covered everything. Only a few blade dwarf witches were sitting around a fire to get some warmth when suddenly, the shadow made its intrusion. Seeing this, the five blade dwarf witches immediately yelled, a tinge of blood appeared in their eyes.

This time, the shadow’s battle style was completely different from before, it didn’t dodge or use other battle skills stacked on each other, rather, it once again resumed the method it had used initially, to fight the monsters head-on.

Without caring for the group of blade dwarf witches running towards it, it launched its attack. First strike, second strike, third strike, fourth strike, fifth strike....while the blade rose and fell five times, the five blade dwarf witches surrounding him were hacked into two.

At the same time, the shadow also was struck by five little blades on its body. However, the triple defence of Admiralty Cover, battle soldier equipment and Copper Body Secrets stacked on each other came into effect.

These weak dwarf witch monsters were basically unable to cause even a tiny injury to the shadow. It could be clearly seen that the triple-layered defense successfully acted as a huge shield for him just now.

Facing imminent death, the dwarf witch monsters loudly screeched, which immediately echoed throughout the entire tribe. Instantly, it seemed like the entire mid-scale dwarf witch tribe had exploded. Countless blade and poison arrow dwarf witches rushed out of the barracks, surrounding the shadow, they began to attack crazily.

[Notification, your shadow had been struck by 36 poison-laced arrows. The Admiralty Cover had reduced damage of all the arrows by 34%, with its remaining strength, the poison arrows continued forward when they were intercepted by the battle soldier combat suit, which was turned into a hedgehog.]

[Your battle soldier combat suit had endured and dissipated more than half the impact force of each poison arrow. But still, the poison arrows, with some strength left, continued to advance towards your body.]

[However, since you have activated the effects of the Copper Body Secrets, the poison arrows with its remaining strength were able to cause zero damage to your body. You have successfully withstood their wave of attacks.]

[Notification, your shadow had used the second level Violent Blade Skill to counterattack, within three seconds, it had consecutively struck twelve times, successively beheading nine blade dwarf witches. You gained 50 experience points and ability points altogether.]

[Notification, your shadow had made an advanced judgement to use Arrow Evasion Step Skill and during the time of imminent peril, it had dodged the fireballs launched by the sneaky Level sixteen dwarf wizard. Damage taken from remanent shockwaves after the explosion is zero, your shadow had then executed the second level Insect Step and had dodged left and turn right like a flash many times to break out of the encirclement of blade dwarf witches. It then rushed to attack the Grade Sixteen dwarf wizard.]

[Ding, congratulations host, your shadow broke through the encirclement and successfully rushed in front of Level sixteen dwarf wizard. Using its Cricket Cut Kick, it had handicapped the Level sixteen dwarf wizard in one kick, causing it to flee after losing. But before it could flee, your shadow used the second layer Violent Blade to chop it into many pieces. You have attacked and killed the boss of the current tribe, the Grade Sixteen dwarf wizard and obtained 16 experience and ability points as well as collected a flux energy crystal.]

[Notification, because you have killed the dwarf wizard boss, it has caused even more blade dwarf witches to madly attack your shadow. But with your shadow’s formidable defense, this offense had caused your shadow to take only 16 points of damage. Altogether, your shadow had suffered light wounds.]

[Notification, your shadow had used Insect Step again and broken through the encirclement of blade dwarf witches. It then used the second level Violent Blade Skill among the poison arrow dwarf witches, killing them crazily. Altogether, you have killed twelve poison arrow dwarf witches, obtaining 70 experience points and ability points in total.]

[Notification, facing your violent attacks, the poison arrow dwarf witches began to shriek one after another in fear and have started to flee.]

[Notification, your shadow had been besieged by blade dwarf witches pouncing towards you. Because of your crazy killing, the number of dwarf witches had greatly dwindled, the remaining blade dwarf witches were already intimidated, have begun to flee deeper into the Mountain Ridges. The battle has concluded.]

[Notification, this time’s battle duration was 3 hour 26 minutes, your shadow had killed a dwarf wizard boss, 36x poison arrow dwarf witches and 139 blade dwarf witches altogether, obtaining 1060 experience points and ability points as well as collecting four flux energy crystals.]

[Notification, after sweeping the dwarf witch tribe, your shadow has discovered a damaged rune page. System has determined that this damaged rune page has a certain value in the host’s present world and it has already been collected by your shadow and placed in the storage badge.]


Damaged rune page? What is this thing?

The whole process had taken three and half hours, during this whole process, Li Yunmu had been stunned by the crazy killing done by the shadow after its intelligence had evolved.