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Chapter 38: Dramatic Increase Of Ten Layers

Chapter 38: Dramatic Increase Of Ten Layers

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He was completely stupefied!

It turned out that he had already become so powerful that he had exterminated a mid-sized dwarf witch tribe with around three hundred members on his own and had even killed the legendary dwarf wizard while facing the " magnificent army with thousands of men and horses 1 ".

Formidable, when Admiralty Cover, Copper Body Secrets and battle soldier equipment, these three act as one, his powerful defense was greatly boosted, surpassing everything else.

However, it was not like Li Yunmu hadn’t noticed that the ordinary blade dwarf witches were really very weak, which was clearly illustrated by their individual strength grade. Generally, all of them were between Level Six to Level Nine. Even if some of them reached Level Ten, they were only a scant few.

Moreover, the four flux energy crystals collected by Li Yunmu were actually obtained from their bodies, so in other words, only the monsters who had reached Level Ten possessed the qualifications to congeal a flux energy crystal.

No wonder only thirteen crystals had fallen during the day even after his squad destroyed so many dwarf witch tribes. As among these dwarf witches, not many had reached Level Ten.

No wonder, Li Yunmu had easily killed more than a hundred monsters by only relying on Arrow Evasion Step and Violent Blade.

Their strength grade was merely the same as monsters like frog, lizard, and spider at the District Garden.

This time, Li Yunmu had finally gained a relatively clear idea about the individual strength of the monsters and dimensional beasts within the Fifth Dimension.

A lot of time had already passed, finally, after killing a few scattered members of this mid-scale dwarf witch tribe, Li Yunmu recalled his shadow back.

[Ding, during this time’s hack, you have received 1060 experience points and 1060 ability points in total, as well as four flux energy crystals and one unknown destruction rune leaf. Requesting host to personally confirm and accept.]

After concluding the hack, very quickly, the system’s last notification echoed in Li Yunmu’s mind.

He opened his personal panel. Sure enough, his ability points had already risen to four digits within a short time dazzling his eyes.

It needn’t be said that he directly smashed all the ability points on upgrading the Admiralty Cover without any hesitation. Previously, his Admiralty Cover was at the fourth layer and reduced 34% of the total damage, the next upgrade to the fifth layer required 50 ability points.


Sixth layer, 60 ability points.


Seventh layer, 70 ability points.


Eighth layer, ninth layer, tenth layer…...Li Yunmu consecutively upgraded, directly ascending to the tenth layer when he finally received the system’s congratulatory notification:

[Congratulations, you have successfully practiced the Admiralty Cover to reach the first big threshold of the tenth layer. Your Admiralty Cover had gained the characteristic of reflecting damage, but because your Admiralty Cover is presently only at the first big threshold, thus, your present Admiralty Cover can only reflect 10% of damage taken. System requests host to continue upgrading.]

Every ten layers, each cultivation method would have some fundamental change. Clearly, this damage reflection property has appeared because of the tenth layer transformation of Admiralty Cover.

Li Yunmu excitedly examined this once, so as it turns out, this damage reflection property could also be upgraded and strengthened, but its upgrade threshold was every ten layers. If he cultivates the Admiralty Cover to the twentieth layer, then Admiralty Cover’s damage reflection would be strengthened by another 10%, attaining a total of 20% damage reflection.

"Holy Sh*t, this ability to transform and add new characteristics is really too awesome."

Li Yunmu wasn’t an idiot and immediately he understood what kind of transformation this newly appeared property of Admiralty Cover was.

Needn’t mention how much damage it could reflect, just the present 10% damage reflection would produce great disruption to enemy’s attack rhythm. It was clearly equivalent to an incomparably frightening battle skill.

If Li Yunmu could upgrade it to the fiftieth layer and reflect half the damage back to the enemy, then it would undergo super transformation and become a frightening battle skill which could be used against a group. Regardless of many enemies there were, as long as they couldn’t break his defense, then sooner or later, they would all be injured instead, by their own flux energy and die quickly.

If the first time didn’t work then the second time, if second time doesn’t work then the third time, if you didn’t even die after the third time, then N times. In any case, this bro would continue to stand here waiting for your attack for as long as you could endure the damage reflected by your own attacks.

Thinking this, he felt that this cultivation method, Admiralty Cover, was too frightening. He must not ever do anything which could reveal the secret of this cultivation method. At the very least, until he had become sufficiently powerful, before that he must excercise extreme caution.

Continuing on, Li Yunmu's upgrading his Admiralty Cover from the fourth layer to the tenth layer caused him to use total 450 ability points.

However, from the eleventh layer, the ability points required to upgrade this frightening cultivation method became even more terrifying. The ability points required to upgrade to the eleventh layer had unexpectedly reached 1000 ability points, directly increasing ten fold compared to the 100 ability points required at the tenth layer.

Apparently, the higher the cultivation of this battle skill goes, the more difficult it becomes to upgrade this battle skill. Regarding this, Li Yunmu had actually been prepared in his heart long ago. After all, if it only requires several tens or a hundred ability points per upgrade, then wouldn’t it be too easy for him to become unparalleled in the entire world with a defense which no one could break?

Clearly, that would be inconsistent with reality. He lightly sighed and in absence of any better option, concentrated his attention on the Copper Body Secrets, this B Grade defensive cultivation method.

Previously, he had already cultivated his Copper Body Secrets to the second layer. Upgrading it to the third layer required 30 ability points. Since upgrading Admiralty Cover was too difficult for now, then Li Yunmu directly threw all the remaining ability points on the Copper Body Secrets.

Third layer, fourth layer, tenth layer....altogether he had used up 520 ability points and finally upgraded this cultivation method to the tenth layer.

When he thought of something and activated the copper body again, instantly, the colour of his extremely robust bare body changed, but not to a copper brown colour, rather, to a greyish silver colour which seemed even more sturdy and hard.

Undoubtedly, after being upgraded to the tenth layer, his present cultivation method had already changed from Copper Body Secrets into Iron Body Secrets, with his body’s hardness undergoing a qualitative change.

Li Yunmu slowly raised his fist and bang, heavily punched the wall of the fortress. Next instant, he snarled, f*ck this sh*t, it’s so painful!

Not for any other reason but just because he was outrightly courting disaster by confronting the battlefield tent made from the transformation and integration of special alloy and liquid metal used by the Alliance. Although the toughness of his iron body had increased, he still was using an egg to break a stone.

According to his evaluation by personally testing, if he wanted his body’s toughness to reach the level of the fort type 3, then it would probably have to attain steel body or perhaps silver body. Otherwise, his trifling corporeal body could barely shake the Alliance’s most advanced technology.

But even then, Li Yunmu was completely satisfied today. Within one night, he had upgraded both of his defensive cultivation methods to the tenth layer and had undergone such a great qualitative change that one might well ask who on earth he was.

He already couldn’t resist the temptation to test his increased strength, so he immediately took out his badge and with one thought, directly entered the dimensional battlefield which he hadn’t visited in many days.