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Chapter 39: Entrance Of Li Yun

Chapter 39: Entrance Of Li Yun

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At dawn, Tang Ruochen’s mood today was very cheerful. Yesterday, under his leadership, his Heavenly Dragon City had entered top ten ranks among the cities governed by Heavenly Cloud City.

Moreover, he had also received information from his family via stellarcomm that Heavenly Cloud Fluxer Guild had included him on the list of candidates which may become one of the top ten strongest because of his outstanding performance yesterday. In addition, at the Heavenly Cloud City’s war zone in the virtual world, it had been publicly announced that he had successfully become one of the current ten most dazzling and powerful candidates.

Feeling great, he made use of the fact that his squad members still hadn’t woken up and entered the dimensional battlefield early in the morning to find some opponents to warm up. However, at this time, his dimensional battlefield personal mail suddenly received a challenge from a person.

" Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple? Lucky Wind City’s Li Yun? This Lucky Wind City should also be one of the towns under the control of Heavenly Cloud City, strange, extremely strange. An Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple surprisingly has the courage to challenge me? Really, someone who doesn’t know how high heavens are and how deep earth is!"

When Tang Ruochen looked at challenger’s profile, he was surprised to discover that it was a complete rookie; seeing this, he was about to delete it without hesitation. But then, when he paid attention, he discovered that the challenger was surprisingly also from a city governed by Heavenly Cloud City, so he accepted it after seeing the curious coincidence.

"Nevermind, since we are both from Heavenly Cloud City, giving some pointers to a junior is also good, maybe he is someone who has come to fight in admiration of my title."

Thinking of this, Tang Ruocheng giggled and indifferently accepted the challenge; next instant, he was transported to the battlefield with a desert terrain.

"Good strategy! Choosing the desert battlefield, if you had encountered someone who didn’t know any type of footwork, then his strength would decrease by half and maybe you would have gotten the chance to capitalise on the moment, but you dare to choose this in front of me? You’d be sorry, my Tang family’s Devil Step will make you understand what despair is!"

Tang Ruochen faintly smiled and immediately unleashed his movement technique. His whole body seemed to have become weightless and he swiftly began to search for the enemy.

The desert battlefield was classified as one of the few large-scale battle stages among the dimensional battlefield, the entire extent where battles could be fought was over 5 km. If the enemy had meticulously made arrangements to hide, then for the time being, Tang Ruochen won’t have any good method to find him.

Especially those people who could hide their presence for a long time. They would dig into the surface of the desert in advance and wait for you to pass over them. As soon as you pass over them, they would take the opportunity to launch a fatal strike. If they succeed in using that chance, then they would have the opportunity to trample over Tang Ruochen’s name and position.

However, this rookie confronting him clearly didn’t know the difference between Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple and Silver Crystal Flux Disciple yet. Crossing over the difference in strength of three layers wasn’t something which could be done by using parlor tricks like this.

"Wow, it really is Tang Ruochen, I hadn’t expected that after entering the wilderness to gain experience, he would have the time to battle."

"Ha ha, he had already been announced as the one of the most promising candidate to enter the top ten most powerful fluxer by the fluxer guild of Heavenly Cloud City. For him, this city ranking competition to gain experience is only a trifling matter and wouldn’t require him to go all out."

"Ah, he is the chosen Tang Ruochen, who is his opponent? He really is courting death."

It had to be said that even if they were all newcomers who had arrived this year but on the dimensional battlefield, Tang Ruochen is still a famous name.

Once he appeared on the dimensional battle, it immediately attracted the attention of his several hundred enthusiasts who quickly rushed here to watch the battle. The several hundred enthusiasts started to gossip, which made the spectator area quite bustling.

Among them, females and people from regions governed by Heavenly Cloud City occupied the absolute majority.

As the top student from the Heavenly Dragon City that was ranked in top ten among the several cities under Heavenly Cloud City, as the first successor of Heavenly Dragon’s Tang family and with a handsome and gentle appearance, Tang Ruochen indeed had the advantage, but as for his nameless and obscure opponent Li Yun?

They found it quite embarrassing, who was this idiot? Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple? When most of the females checked the public information on Li Yunmu’s profile, they immediately became angry, this is simply an insult to their idol.

"Yi, quickly come, the enemy surprisingly hasn’t hidden himself in advance, he is waiting for our Chenchen to come close, haha, looks like this challenger is certainly another fan of our Chenchen."

"Yes, this Li Yun must want to gain the attention of our Chenchen, therefore, he had intentionally taken the initiative to challenge him, but our Chenchen doesn't swing that way."

As every minute and each second in the battle passed, more and more fans of Tang Ruochen entered to spectate the battle, the population of the entire spectator area continued to increase steadily, finally approaching close to a thousand people.

Although compared to the entire dimensional battlefield one thousand spectators isn’t considered anything, when these many people come for a newcomer Flux Disciple like Tang Ruochen, it clearly showed how dazzling he was.

"Haha, Li Yun? You were waiting for me?"

While the spectators were surprised, Tang Ruochen hurried to Li Yunmu’s spawn location, he was also surprised to discover that Li Yunmu hadn’t hidden himself ahead of time; could it be that this enemy, who barely has the strength of an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple, wants to confront him head on?

"No need to talk so much, come, let’s battle."

Li Yun had been waiting impatiently for a long time, the reason why he hadn’t moved from his original position was because he was too lazy to run far and take the initiative to search the enemy. How was he to know that in the eyes of other people, he had been successfully labeled as someone who overestimates his abilities and was shamelessly trying to show off in front of death.

"Wow, you all come and see, this Li Yun is also quite handsome."

"But still he is lacking compared to our Chenchen, however, his physique is quite enchanting. My god, how can such a person with a golden proportion stature exist in the world?"

"Eh, I am beginning to become worried about this Li Yun, why didn’t he challenge any other opponent, why must he challenge our Chenchen."

Li Yun actually was Li Yunmu, but obviously, the avatar he was currently using in the dimensional battlefield wasn’t his own, rather, it was the avatar of the shadow which he had made previously.

Originally, he didn’t have this idea, but when he entered the dimensional battlefield warzone of Heavenly Cloud City, he discovered on the interface of Heavenly Cloud City, there was a large banner which was flickering with golden light and seemed very important, it was publicizing the most promising contestants which were most hopeful of entering the top ten most powerful.

Thus, he was curious and decided to take a look and his mood immediately turned sour when he saw that in the list of most promising candidates who could enter the ten most powerful, there was surprisingly the name of Luo Jin. Seeing this, no traces of his earlier good mood remained on his face.

So what if he didn’t have a Flux Master dad? So what if his family background wasn’t strong enough compared to Lou Jin's family background? Feeling too depressed and angry, Li Yunmu immediately had the idea to change his identity.

He decided to test the strength of those viewed as certain to enter top ten most powerful, and simultaneously, he also wanted to test his own defense which had greatly swelled because of his godly cultivation methods reaching the tenth layer.

Originally, he just wanted to concentrate on Luo Jin, but Luo Jin wasn’t so idle. As a result of being online early this morning, among the ten most powerful contestants currently only someone named Tang Ruochen was online, which resulted in the current battle.

"Interesting, then let me see why an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple like you dares to be arrogant enough to challenge me! Come pay with your life."

Even if Tang Ruochen had the best temper, after being treated contemptuously by a newcomer rookie, he immediately unleashed his devil step technique fully and rushed towards Li Yunmu swiftly like a bird.