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Chapter 45: Precisely This Person

Chapter 45: Precisely This Person

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"Ohh…...both came from Lucky Wind City, their names are also nearly identical and both have a cultivation of Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple, so we cannot rule out this possibility."

"I am Lucky Wind City’s representative. Among the newcomers that arrived in our city this year, there isn’t any person called Li Yun, but there is indeed someone called Li Yunmu. However, the difference between the height and appearance of both of them is too much! They cannot be the same person, this Li Yun should be a newcomer fluxers who is from some other place."

The one saying these words was precisely senior Tang An.

At the dimensional battlefield, if you substantially change a person’s appearance by 10% or more, then you cannot alter the height much. The established avatar should also be of almost the same height because a person’s body structure could greatly influence his battle strength.

Li Yun’s height was 1.85m, Li Yunmu’s height was 1.75m, the difference between both was around 10 cm, this difference certainly couldn’t be disregarded.

Moreover, Tang An had also secretly checked the records of Li Yunmu’s logins to the dimensional battlefield yesterday. Li Yunmu hadn’t entered the dimensional battlefield yesterday, thus, even if he initially had a doubt that Li Yun was really Li Yunmu, now, not even a speck of that doubt remained.

"Haha, newcomer Flux Disciple not from your region? Your Lucky Wind City had really missed a great opportunity this time, ha."

"That’s sad. If this Li Yun had also been from your Lucky Wind City, then maybe these newcomers would have allowed Lucky Wind City to rise even more abruptly in the rankings, what a pity, haha..."

Many people laughed heartily.

Tang An’s complexion turned unsightly, however, these people were also not wrong in mocking him. If among the newcomers, there was also this Li Yun, who consecutively defeated Tang Ruochen and Ba Xiong on the dimensional battlefield, then together with Luo Jin and Liu Noujie, maybe the Lucky Wind City would have amazed the world overnight. He had already decided in his heart that after returning this time, he would send this information to the president and use any means possible to find out about this super rookie Li Yun.

Spirited discussions were still continuing in the hall of the fluxer’s guild when suddenly someone shouted:

"Come, information related to Lucky Wind City’s investigation is being publicly announced, quickly come and see."

At this moment, a video of Lucky Wind City Battle Squad killing monsters today started to be played in the hall. Many representatives of different cities were observing the movements of Lucky Wind City Battle Squad led by Luo Jin.

"So it was like this, this Luo Jin indeed has the strength to become a candidate to enter our Cloud City’s top ten. This guy has already opened all the silver layer flux points and maybe can also congeal the silver crystal armour."

"I have never paid attention to this Lucky Wind City previously. I never expected this unknown seaside small city will surprisingly be a lair of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, this Liu Noujie is surprisingly a light flux energy fluxer."

"Hai Hai, no wonder their leading battle squad’s battle success is so ferocious, so it was because of this little girl who has light flux energy."

"Tch, what kind of lucky streak has this Lucky Wind City encountered this year, they have this Liu Noujie, who has blessed the whole squad with aqua-shield. Furthermore, she has also unleashed the aqua-therapy technique for the entire squad. This Lucky Wind City Battle Squad can completely let loose in the battle."

"Hmph, even if Lucky Wind City has Luo Jin and Liu Noujie, they aren’t capable of killing enough monsters to reach 70th position alone."

"Right, quickly look at other battle squads."

Although Lucky Wind City has Luo Jin, the others didn’t pay much attention to him. After all, a single tree cannot support everyone. Even though Luo Jin’s personal strength was pretty good, he didn’t have monstrous talent like Xie Qianxue, so it was foreordained that he alone cannot bring fundamental change in Lucky Wind City. Only, Liu Noujie possessing light flux energy made many people envious.

Light Flux Energy, it was just like dark flux energy, however, light flux energy wasn’t a destructive type flux energy, rather, it was relatively gentler and has the special power to heal the injuries and provide assistance to the team. If dark flux energy was connected with destruction and wreckage then light flux energy was the complete opposite, it produced a ray of hope in people.

From some angles, Liu Noujie using light flux energy was even better compared to someone else using dark flux energy for the squad. If Li Yunmu had been here, he would have certainly understood that this was the reason why Luo Jin had always been chasing after Liu Noujie. he wasn't after her but the light flux energy that she possesses.

However, even then, just the existence of a super battle group which possessed both Luo Jin and Liu Noujie couldn’t be the reason for Lucky Wind City’s rank increasing by leaps and bounds. Thus, many people continued further by opening the videos of other squads killing monsters. The second video was of the Lucky Star Battle Squad, with Li Zi leading a group of boys.

Although this battle squad led by Li Zi had more people compared to Lucky Wind City Battle Squad, their strength was mediocre and thus, was quickly neglected by people, with the only highlight being Li Zi herself.

"This girl is pretty good, Black Crystal Flux Disciple’s strength, beautiful complexion, graceful body, furthermore, she also has a pair of milky white long legs, very attractive."

Similarly, the Phoenix Battle Squad led by Zhang Ying formed with five females also had mediocre performance.

"What joke is this? We have already looked at three squads, apart from the main battle squad which had good battle strength, these other two squads had completely average performance. Don’t tell me, that based on this kind of performance, the Lucky Wind City has entered top seventy?"

"There is still the Big Bear Battle Squad, let’s check it out first."

"Check out what, a trash battle squad formed by rich kids, altogether it has five people, probably the only highlight will be Ling Shuang alone."

Despite saying this, everyone still opened the video of big bear battle squad killing monsters. But just when they opened it, the types of silver base equipment clearly shone.

It was the same as they had expected, this squad even has peak grade terminator suit, my god, does this battle squad have even more reserves?

However, when they saw Ling Shuang, whom they expected to be killing all the monsters by herself, standing at the back killing only poison dwarf who would suddenly appear, most of them were baffled.

Ling Shuang wasn’t fighting with full strength? Then how could a trash battle squad like big bear battle squad has such high data? Even if they have three silver base equipment, that also shouldn’t be of much help. Could it be that these complete beginners who haven’t even open one flux point could bring out the full strength of the silver base equipment?

"It’s this person, this Li Yunmu who is using battle soldier equipment, he by himself is handling all the blade dwarf monsters."

"Not only that, he is also killing all the blade dwarf monsters in front of him, moreover, the majority of the monsters have been killed by him."

"What? An armoured soldier is not only tanking at the frontline, he is also dealing most damage?"

"Come see, his battle contribution percentage, heavens, he has 43% battle contribution, he has almost half of battle contribution for himself, even higher compared to Ling Shuang."

"How is this possible? Isn’t this Li Yunmu also a complete beginner and haven’t opened any flux points, how can he have such fierce battle strength?"

By this time, the representatives of higher ranked cities in the hall were also attracted by the gasps of everyone. Almost everyone’s focus was on Li Yunmu’s battling figure in the video.

Occupying nearly half the battle contribution percentage by himself, that also when there was still Ling Shuang in the squad. Such a condition had very rarely existed even in powerful battle squads.

Li Yunmu’s battle performance instantly attracted the notice of many people.