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Chapter 49: Distress

Chapter 49: Distress

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Late at night, while big Xiong and others were immersed in cultivation or sleeping, at this time, Li Yunmu’s consciousness entered his consciousness sea and he activated the shadow and started the hack machine.

After filling the leg sea point, his thirst for flux energy crystals had increased greatly. Probably because of the uneasiness he was feeling, he instinctively made the decision of descending his own consciousness into the shadow.

He quietly sneaked out of the fort and directly scuttled towards the hills in the darkness, feeling restless. The hack location he had settled on tonight was far away from their camp. Because of this transformation, the concealed space eye flying in the sky couldn’t detect any abnormal movement.

If it had been during the daytime, the shadow would probably have been exposed to the space eye’s probe, but presently, it was night. The night could be said to be the shadow’s home. While the shadow was moving within the darkness, let alone the space eye flying in the sky, even if someone was walking nearby and shadow remained motionless, blending completely with the darkness, no one would be able to detect shadow’s existence.

Under Li Yunmu’s control, the shadow moved swiftly. With the strength amplification of battle soldier equipment and the boost of flux energy from the leg sea point, the shadow’s current speed was extremely fast.

Unconsciously, he had already traveled more than ten miles away from their camp, only then did the feeling of uneasiness in Li Yunmu’s heart finally disappear completely.

"Ok, this place should have no problems."

He gently took a deep breath and stopped. After stopping, Li Yunmu checked his surroundings and discovered that while rushing deeper, the shadow had unwittingly arrived at a place with the features of a basin.

In the depression of the mountain stream in front of him, a stronghold brightened by dark flames could be seen with several dwarf witches patrolling its periphery while holding torches.

"This should be a large scale dwarf witch tribe, the legendary stronghold of the dwarf witch race’s king….."

Li Yunmu exclaimed in low voice. He hadn’t expected that while rushing away from the camp, he had surprisingly taken the path to the dwarf witch race’s core zone, should he start killing or not?

Li Yunmu didn’t think about it too much and directly returned the control back to the shadow. If he became scared now, then he won’t be able to do anything in future.

The shadow could be resurrected three times in a day. Since it could be resurrected, then he didn’t need to think much about this. Instantly, Li Yunmu’s courage was bolstered and he launched automatic hack.

His consciousness returned back to the main body. Within his consciousness sea, the system had already projected everything in shadow’s field of view, which could be considered as true three-dimensional projection, with more details compared to when it was shown on the computer screen.

He could see that after he had returned the control to the shadow, its movements....were still according to the hack mode. It directly charged towards a patrol on the periphery of the king's mountain stronghold and launched its attack.

[Ding, your shadow had begun the attack and is currently engaged in battle with a patrol formed of several tens of blade dwarf witches.]

[Your shadow has launched the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike on this patrol squad and continuously launched fifteen strikes, exterminating all the squad members of this patrol. You have obtained 70 experience and ability points.]

[Your shadow’s attack on this patrol of blade dwarf witches has attracted the attention of the king grade stronghold, causing even more blade dwarf witch patrols to rush over here...]

After closely watching the shadow’s initial assault and independent killing of monsters, Li Yunmu withdrew from the consciousness sea, allowing the shadow to continue the hack. He hadn’t slept whole night yesterday and it was impossible for him to stay awake to pay attention to its movement now.

He immediately fell asleep.

Time peacefully passed while he was sleeping.

Early in morning the next day, Li Yunmu had woken up earlier than others today. After catching up on sleep, his brain and body had both been refreshed and were full of energy. His whole body seemed to be radiant and full of vigor.

He seemed to have forgotten about something and entered his consciousness sea.

[Ding, your shadow has already died three times, which is the limit of resurrection. Following which, it has entered sleeping mode and is waiting to be resurrected. Estimated time for resurrection is 17 hours 46 minutes.]

[Ding, yesterday, you have obtained a total of 3600 experience and ability points by killing monsters during the hack.]

[Ding, you have obtained 11 ordinary flux energy crystals and 1 black flux energy crystal yesterday by killing monsters during the hack.]

[Ding, after accumulating the required number of proficiency points, your Insect Step had been promoted to the third layer "Experience Makes Progress Easy" state. ]

[Ding, after accumulating the required number of proficiency points, your Cricket Cut Kick had been upgraded by two layers, attaining the third layer "Experience Makes Progress Easy" state. ]

[Ding, your Critical Leap Strike has been upgraded to the second layer’s "Small Success" state.]

[Ding, your Arrow Evasion has obtained 136 proficiency points and requires 2864 more proficiency points to reach the sixth layer.]

[Ding, yesterday, you have comprehended "Charged Assault Foundation Skill". Presently, it is at the initial level. Using the Charged Assault Skill, for a short time, will allow your movement speed to be increased by 30% and attack damage by 30% on the first strike after launching the assault. The duration of charging as well as the strength of the first strike will be restricted by the host’s flux energy strength.]

[Ding, yesterday, you have independently comprehended "Escaping Danger Foundation Skill". Presently, you are at the initial level. When escaping danger skill is put to use, your movement speed will get a momentary boost of 50%, the duration will depend on the host’s flux energy strength.]

[Ding, yesterday, you have independently comprehended "Danger Critical Strike", this skill can be classified as a special boost skill and doesn’t need to be upgraded. Its strength will be restricted by the host’s flux energy strength. The required conditions to launch the Danger Critical Strike is that the host must be in desperate straits and surrounded by many enemies.]

[Congratulations, yesterday, you had unleashed Danger Critical Strike, successfully killing a second layer dwarf wizard of the king grade dwarf witch tribe, causing one dimensional box to drop.]


When Li Yunmu entered his consciousness sea again at dawn, he discovered that a great event had happened while his shadow was killing monsters yesterday!

Hearing the successive notifications from the system, his whole body almost lost the ability to support himself.

Shadow’s three lives had been lost? Now, the shadow has entered sleeping mode to wait for resurrection?

Furthermore, he had also obtained 3600 experience and ability points, which made him extremely shocked. It must be known that when he had used the hack machine the first time and killed a mid-sized dwarf witch tribe, he had only obtained approximately 1000 experience and ability points.

But now, he had obtained nearly thrice the amount he did the first night. A single dwarf witch monster could be said to have Grade Seven strength, so 3600 experience points meant that his shadow must have killed at least 500 dwarf witch monsters yesterday.

What shocked him even more was the successive notifications about comprehending new skills and upgrading the previous ones. Apart from Arrow Evasion and Violent Blade, all the other comprehended skills have been upgraded to the next level or higher. Even his Insect Step had risen to the third level. When he uses the third level Insect Step, it would become even more strange and provide more powerful boost.

Apart from this, he had also comprehended three more skills, Charged Assault, Escaping Danger and Danger Critical Strike.

Heavens, what kind of battle did the shadow experience yesterday that it had even comprehended Escaping Danger and Danger Critical Strike. Pitiful shadow.

Although he hadn’t seen it himself, Li Yunmu knew that the shadow must have experienced an absolutely despairing life and death battle yesterday. No, four absolutely despairing life and death battles, since the shadow’s three extra lives had all be been used up.

Even with the triple layered defense of Admiralty Cover, Copper Body, and battle soldier equipment, it had been killed four times. Li Yunmu suddenly felt that he had greatly underestimated this dwarf witch king grade stronghold.

"System, can you replay the scenes just before the shadow died yesterday..."