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Chapter 50: Shadow Spirit

Chapter 50: Shadow Spirit

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"System, is it possible that for me to see the circumstances before the shadow’s death?"

Li Yunmu requested the system.

[Yes, the host’s request is possible, the host can even request the complete replay of yesterday’s shadow hack.]

The system quickly replied.

The system’s intelligence upgrade was completely worth it, it had also gained the function of recording and replay. But how could Li Yunmu have the time to watch the complete replay, he could only watch the part he requested.

Within the consciousness sea, the scenes before the shadow’s death for each of the four times were projected, miserable and cruel. After seeing them, Li Yunmu remained silent for a long time.

For the first death of the shadow, it died while being surrounded by several patrols.

After the shadow attacked the first squad, more and more squads from the surroundings joined the fray. Although the shadow had triple layer defense stacked, the number of the attacking dwarf witch monsters were too enormous, resulting in deaths, one batch after the other.

Under the unceasing assault by blade dwarf witch patrols from all sides, it was finally trapped within the encirclement. Following which, it killed 123 blade dwarf witches before its battle soldier equipment shattered.

Sure enough, Li Yunmu couldn’t believe his eyes. The battle soldier equipment, after being hacked by countless sharp blades, shattered!

Although the battle equipment on the shadow had been condensed after synchronizing the data with the real thing which Li Yunmu had, a duplicate was still a duplicate, it still didn’t have the durability of the original thing.

After losing the defense of the battle equipment, very quickly, the shadow continuously sustained injuries and bled. Although it still had Admiralty Cover and Copper Body which had an extremely powerful defense, but even if each blade dwarf witches’ strike only left a small cut on it, after countless attacks, the shadow still died under the assault of the group of dwarf witches.

Li Yunmu could clearly see that after the shadow lost the defense of the battle soldier equipment, its personality completely transformed and it realized that it had to flee.

However, what was called a sea of monsters other this was. Under the repeated attacked by the surrounding monsters, the shadow finally failed in escaping and died for the first time.

After ten minutes, the shadow resurrected and once again begun to charge and launch an attack towards the king's mountain stronghold. This time, the shadow had learned from its mistake and avoided being trapped by monsters, constantly rushing all around the place.

It kept on nimbly moving around and had killed more than a hundred blade dwarf witches, which finally alarmed the other kinds of dwarf witches of the king's stronghold and a large number of poison arrow dwarf witches surrounded it. Under the unceasing rain of arrows, the shadow once again fell down within a pool of blood.

The third death, however, made Li Yunmu slightly more serious.

During the third attack, the shadow learned successive lessons from the previous two times. This time, it silently sneaked within a group of poison blade witches and went on a killing spree, unleashing Violent Blade.

Because of the purge of monsters the previous two times, by the third time, a large number of the surrounding patrols were finally used up. Large quantities of blade and poison dwarf witches had died.

This finally provoked the elite battle squads of the king's stronghold.

This monster tribe sent a total of three elite squads to hunt down the shadow and at this time, the shadow comprehended the Escaping Danger skill and quickly departed from the scene.

Following which, the shadow returned back quietly and attacked the king grade stronghold again. But this time, the shadow couldn’t escape because the king grade stronghold unleashed a unique monster.

Each of the three elite squads had an enormous devil mastiff which ended up catching the shadow and the shadow died after being torn by these devil mastiffs.

When Li Yunmu looked at this scene, he wrinkled his brows as he hadn’t expected that this king grade dwarf witch tribe could surprisingly domesticate this kind of terrifying dimensional beast.

These devil mastiffs, each of them was nearly at Grade 18, on the verge of entering the second layer, black crystal. The strength of dimensional beasts was far more terrifying compared to humans of the same level. Being hunted by these devil mastiffs, the shadow didn’t have the ability to flee with its life intact.

Reality was reality, it was not a game. The dwarf witches of the king's stronghold were also not idiots. Being attacked by this mysterious creature again and again, the security of the whole tribe had been increased several notches.

When the shadow appeared for the fourth time, its attack failed. The enemy had made preparations in advance to face him. The fourth time, the shadow was killed under the assault of three devil mastiffs and bombardment of fireballs by several dwarf wizards.

At this desperate moment, the shadow finally exploded with power and it gained a sudden understanding of Danger Critical Strike. Third layer Insect Step was unleashed as it advanced towards them instead of retreating and without caring for its injuries, the shadow unleashed the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike on the chief dwarf wizard.

Fifteen continuous strikes stacked atop of each other, chopping down eight bodyguards by the side of the chief dwarf wizard. It then jumped up high into the air and landed a Critical Leap Strike, directly leaping into the encirclement and successfully beheading the chief dwarf wizard. This also was the source of harvest of the only black flux energy crystal.

It turns out that this Danger Critical Strike wasn’t specifically a battle skill, rather, it was blended within the final leaping strike of the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike.

This final chop’s strength was the sum of the first fifteen strikes of Violent Blade and the extra damage from jumping. Thus, this was called Danger Critical Strike.

The strength of all the previous chops summed up in this one critical strike. This made Danger Critical Strike the most formidable attack Li Yunmu had, one whose equivalence he hadn’t seen before.

The frightening thing was that even the highest level A Grade battle skill was inferior compared to this boosting skill. But unfortunately, the conditions required to use it were extremely harsh. No one would be willing to encounter such situation where he would have to be pushed to the utmost desperate state to launch this strike with full force.

At the same time, from the body of this chief dwarf wizard, dropped the second dimensional box from the day he started hacking.

After this, the replay ended!

Li Yunmu watched the whole video of the shadow dying four times feeling as if he himself experienced several life and death battle, boldly and fearlessly, silently battling, fighting and fleeing, then escaping with his life from the encirclement of sinister enemies, then facing dangerous counterattacks and finally staking his life with despair to use the fatal strike comprehended on the spot to kill the enemy’s most powerful chief and dying together with him.

For some unknown reason, Li Yunmu felt his heartache. Seeing the shadow dying successively four times, he felt as if he himself was experiencing all this. He could clearly sense the shadow’s despair at the final moment and the yearning it had for this world.

"System, clearly the shadow could go through rebirth, but why am I feeling so strange, as if it had died for real."

Looking at the replay, Li Yunmu didn’t feel good in his heart.

[The shadow cannot truly die, only within a day, when shadow had successively used all its lives, then the shadow spirit which is used as the shadow soul is truly dead. It will live again next day and the shadow will be established on another shadow spirit then.]

The system turned silent after the reply.

"Shadow spirit?"

This was the first time, Li Yunmu had heard this term.

[The host can think of it like this, humans have souls, the shadow has this shadow spirit.]

"Oh so it's like this, then is there a method to retrieve the shadow spirit of yesterday’s shadow?"

For some unknown reason, perhaps because he was influenced by the shadow’s final moments of despair, Li Yunmu couldn’t bear to lose it and was hoping for some kind of miracle. Li Yunmu felt like he had lost something important, he felt completely depressed.