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Chapter 51: Kick In The Air

Chapter 51: Kick In The Air

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[Yes, if the host wants to continue using this shadow spirit, then it can be retrieved by spending some experience points.]

The system quickly replied.

According to the system’s explanation, saving the shadow spirit was simple, it only required a certain amount of experience points. As for how much was needed, that would be decided based on the shadow’s current strength.

Presently, the shadow didn’t have a clear official grade, but unofficially, it’s strength would almost be equivalent to a Grade 26 dimensional beast.

Therefore, Li Yunmu had to use 260 experience points if he wanted to save the shadow. In other words, every grade increased the amount by ten experience points.

Li Yunmu had never expected that experience points still had such a use. Until now, he had been amassing experience points, apart from using experience points to awaken his flux energy, he did not of any other uses. It wasn’t that there were no other uses, rather, he just hadn’t found out about them.

After finding out that he didn’t require a large number of experience points to save the shadow spirit, Li Yunmu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t know whether he was making the right decision, but sometimes, people don’t necessarily consider the value of the decision, they only cared about whether they liked it or even some simple kind intentions would do.

Not to mention the fact that the system had informed him that saving the shadow spirit wasn’t completely without benefits. The only demerit was that it would become a stable means of using up experience points in the future, which would increase as its strength increases.

The benefits, however, was that the intelligence of the shadow would continue to increase if he continues to preserve the shadow spirit. Similarly, if he continues to preserve it, its maturity would accumulate over time and the shadow would become increasingly more agile instead of remaining rigid.

"Ok then, consume 260 experience point and save it."

[Ding, you have used up 260 experience points, the shadow spirit is successfully retained.]

After retaining the shadow spirit, Li Yunmu finally came out of depression and sadness. Next, it was the time to collect his gains.

He couldn’t wait to take out that dimensional box with a faint glitter of the Fifth Dimension from his storage badge. It was not easy to obtain it, after killing so many monsters, one had finally dropped.

Moreover, according to system’s narration, the reason why this dimensional box had dropped so easily was because of him killing a boss monster in the Fifth Dimension, otherwise, the drop rate of dimensional boxes was even lower.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu closed his eyes and decisively opened the dimensional box, as for what comes out in the end, that remains to be seen.

[Congratulations host, you have obtained an A Grade battle skill "Wind God Tornado Kick", would you like to use one ability point to cultivate it?]


Li Yunmu’s face lit up, it was surprisingly another A Grade battle skill. Although it wasn’t exactly the one he wanted, obtaining an A Grade kicking battle skill made him pleasantly surprised.

Although dimensional boxes were difficult to obtain, every time it dropped, it would provide a great surprise for him.

This Wind God Tornado Kick, even the name was too impressive and the skill itself was not lacking in the least. Moreover, after such a long time has passed he obtained the previous one, he now wasn’t a complete beginner in using the system. Unlike last time, when he couldn’t even realize that the A Grade battle skills provided by the system were not the least bit inferior to the publicly announced A Grade battle skills in this world.

And in terms of potential, they had far greater potential compared to the fluxer guild’s battle skills.

[Ding, you have cultivated Wind God Tornado Kick, the Wind God Tornado Kick is currently at the first layer, do you wish to continue to upgrade it?]


Li Yunmu continued to upgrade the Wind God Tornado Kick without any hesitation, he currently has 3720 ability points, which were sufficient to continue the upgrade for the first ten layers.

Following his confirmation, he instantly sensed a warm current surge through his legs, first level, second level, third level, seventh level, tenth level.

After upgrading continuously for ten levels, Li Yunmu felt as if a wave of cool breeze has been passing through the soles of his both feet, his whole person seemed to have become extremely light.

[Congratulations, you have consumed a total of 550 ability points, successfully increasing the proficiency of Wind God Tornado Kick to the tenth layer, thus allowing your Wind God Tornado Kick to have a qualitative transformation and gain first unique characteristic---Twisted Breeze, your agility has been further increased and your movement speed has increased by 10%.]

[Ding, you have now cultivated Wind God Tornado Kick to the tenth layer, you have mastered ten maneuvers of Wind God Tornado Kick. This battle skill attaches great importance to attack speed while strength comes secondary. In case it is fully put to use, your strength will only increase by a certain amount.]

The system’s continuous notifications made Li Yunmu delighted. Continuously upgrading ten levels felt invigorating, his movement speed had also instantly increased by 10%.

Although 10% didn’t seem like much, Li Yunmu was completely clear, just like Admiralty Cover, if he continues to upgrade it in the future to the twentieth layer, thirtieth layer and so on, his movement speed would continue to increase by 10% every time he crosses the ten layers threshold.

If he reaches the fiftieth layer checkpoint, then his movement speed would be 50% quicker than ordinary fluxers, this was simply unfathomable. When two formidable beings fight, then even a moment’s quickness could result in the death of the enemy. If he could move half times quicker than the other party, then they would just be a punching bag, making this battle skill really worthy of being the system’s A Grade battle skill.

After a moment, deeply profound record poured into Li Yunmu’s mind. He instinctively stamped one of his foot on the ground and kicked at empty air.

His kick blasted through the air and the sound of an explosion loudly echoed in the room. After testing the first form, Li Yunmu couldn’t control himself.

First form, second form, fifth form, seventh form, tenth form...he continued to launch kicks one after another, with each kick blasting in the air. The heavier he kicked, the more he floated in the air. Each successive kick became increasingly faster.

By the time he reached the third kick, the vestiges of his kicks couldn’t be seen with laymen eyes and a fierce gale could be seen rising up. Within a moment, he had successively launched ten kicks and a series of booming sounds echoed.

When Li Yunmu landed back on the ground, he discovered that with his recent successive kicks, a whirlwind arose. The more he kicked, the taller the whirlwind grew. Finally, the wave of spiraling air almost reached the peak of the fort at 5 m.

So this was the case!

Fast, swift, quick, ten kicks followed by this whirlwind, as long as the enemy was kicked once, he would be caught within this whirlwind, losing his ability to counterattack and could only continue to rise higher with each kick and get destroyed by this Wind God Tornado Kick.

If it could be strengthened by opening the flux points of both legs and obtaining the surge of energy through them, then these ten kicks would certainly become extremely terrifying.

After finishing all the forms once, Li Yunmu still hadn’t satisfied his craving, so he repeated the Wind God Tornado Kick in the room again. Instantly, successive ‘pa pa pa pa’ sounds echoed throughout the whole room.

If it hadn’t been for the extremely sophisticated soundproofing system installed in every room on the tent, then this whole tent would have been filled with these booming sounds.

Good power!

Finally, other than Violent Blade Skill, Li Yunmu had now added another sure kill skill to his arsenal. It was unknown whether he could stack it with the Violent Blade Leap Strike. If he could, tsk tsk, he simply didn’t dare to imagine the result.

After relishing in excitement for a long time, Li Yunmu finally calmed down. Now, he still had 3,100 ability points left, so he used 3,000 ability points to upgrade his formidable damage reducing cultivation method, the Admiralty Cover.

After being upgraded by successive two layers, the cultivation of Admiralty Cover had reached the twelfth layer, reducing 2% more of the incoming damage, attaining a total of 42% damage reduction, improving his formidable defense by one more step.

Although the increase didn’t seem like much, seeing these small increases in his strength every day really intoxicated Li Yunmu.