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Chapter 56: Soft Hands

Chapter 56: Soft Hands

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Virtual Dimension World, Central Continent’s city.

"Sir, how do you like this little courtyard? Two story traditional small house courtyard, following the style of the Han people from before the dark ages. The area occupied by this two storied house is nearly 300 sq.m. and the front courtyard occupies nearly 300 sq.m. There is also a backyard behind, facing a sky blue lake, the environment is both peaceful and beautiful....."

A pretty female was extremely enthusiastically introducing the two storied house in front of him.

This was the third house, Li Yunmu had come to see. Both the previous ones were extremely trendy, which he wasn’t very fond of. He was more fond of traditional and quiet style residences, so when he walked into this little courtyard, it immediately caught his attention.

The front area had a lush verdant filled with grass and some small flowers. Outside the front on the left and right side, there were two indigo trees emitting a sweet fragrance, which would drift to the surroundings time to time, giving an extremely comforting sensation.

The main building was a traditional house constructed according to the Han culture. On the door, a board was hanging with traditional Chinese characters---"Peaceful Residence", giving an extremely profound and peaceful sensation.

The small house had a total of four bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms, but what excited him most was the small balcony facing the sky blue lake at the second floor.

As for the backyard, it wasn’t very big and only occupied a mere 100 or so square meters, but at one corner, it had a fake mountain and pond with grape vines planted. In the center, there was a seesaw and swing as well as a small table and chairs made of rocks. He was extremely satisfied with all this.

"This ‘Peaceful Residence’, how much does it cost?"

Li Yunmu interrupted the girl who was enthusiastically introducing the house.

"300,000 dimensional coins, if sir fancies this house, then I can also get a greater discount for sir. Only, that would require the verification of sir’s identity as a fluxer and would take about two days."

The pretty girl promptly replied.

"No need, I will pay the total amount, the quicker I get it the better."

Hearing this, Li Yunmu wrinkled his brows, being a fluxer on Central Continent would indeed get you all sorts of preferential treatment compared to ordinary people, however, he had a lazy nature so he didn’t want to go through the formalities.

It was just better to pay the whole amount directly.

What do people do? If they have money, they would certainly like to enjoy, as for small benefits or favors, Li Yunmu didn’t care much about it.

Hearing Li Yunmu’s words, a shine passed through the eyes of the pretty female and she quickly said:

"Then may I ask sir, would you like pay with dimensional coins or some other form..."

"Use this, this should be enough, right?"

Suddenly, three black flux energy crystals appeared within Li Yunmu’s hands. The shining black glitter instantly attracted the attention of that female.

"Absolutely sir, that’s no problem. However, if sir sells them at the shop exclusively dealing with dimensional crystals, then I reckon sir will get a bit more coins, so are you certain sir?"

"En, I am certain, consider the extra amount as your tip."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, he obviously knew that one second layer black crystal had the price of 100,000 coins as made public in the market, but this was just the starting price. When sold among merchants, it would usually sell for higher than the selling price. Every second layer black crystal would be sold for two to three thousand extra dimensional coins.

Talking about these three crystals, that’s certainly a few thousand extra!

But how could Li Yunmu make a trip to the trading firm for such a trifling amount? If he so much extra time and strength, wouldn’t he just use the hack machine for a bit longer?

In his view, it was an ordinary action in his own interest, however, for ordinary people like that girl, the difference in price was a considerable amount.

"Really, it’s really my tip?"

The girl began to stammer and her beautiful eyes widened.

"En, that’s right, but if you need help, then connect me with the salesman of this company in the Virtual Dimension World."

Nodding his head, Li Yunmu reclined down on the lounge chair and started sipping on the fresh fruit juice placed in front of him, endlessly sighing in his heart, being rich sure was great!

Although being wealthy was good, one’s own power was still the main reliance. If you have strength, you can have everything!

"Sir, I will immediately handle all the procedures for you, this is my name card. If sir still isn’t satisfied with this house, you… can look for me."

The pretty girl blushed slightly, however, she steadily handed over her contact information to Li Yunmu.

Li Yunmu was slightly startled, he immediately sobered up. Good god….. wasn’t this the legendary, buying the house with the girl, that he had heard of? Purchasing the house with this pretty girl as a gift, he really hadn’t expected that one day, he would also receive such treatment.

Looking at the delicate hands handing him the name card, Li Yunmu cheerfully smiled and took her hand and properly fiddled with it before releasing it.

Tsk tsk, not bad, this girl’s hands were soft, it felt really good!

Previously, how could this kind of goods allow themselves to be so easily touched by him, but now...this was clearly his power bewitching people.

Li Yunmu placed down the name card and watched the pretty girl with a beautiful face and soft lips leave while exclaiming in his heart, if he hadn’t stumbled upon the hack machine, then he certainly would’ve remained an unsuccessful bum.


Earth, Heavenly Cloud City, Seventh Civilian Hospital.

He Jie rushed in with worry on her face, just now, the doctor had informed her that the 35,000 coins they owed the hospital couldn’t be dragged on anymore, otherwise, the hospital would have to take decisive actions.

The hospital had only waited patiently for so long because her son had become a new Flux Disciple, which prompted the hospital to provide them beneficial treatment. Otherwise, He Jie didn’t know how would she have supported the family for so many months.

From the time Li Zhongmin met with the accident at the frontline camp, the small savings of the family had vanished. Everything had been used on his surgery and treatments. Not only that, they now also owed 35,000 dimensional coins to the hospital.

Regarding an ordinary family, this was an extremely huge sum. Regardless of whatever He Jie did for the past few days, she could only manage to get ten thousand coins. As for the remaining 25,000 coins, she had no idea what to do.

During this time, He Jie felt her whole world collapsing around her.

"Mom, why don’t I look for Fang Ming to borrow...."

Standing by her side was an approximately 20-year-old girl. She had jet black hair on her head and had a beautiful body of regular stature. An ordinary cyan blue gown was covering her body, she had an aura of intellectuality around her and had a good temperament.

The most attractive part of her body was the pair of milk-white legs revealed under her skirt. Any man who passes her from behind couldn’t help but stare.

This was an extremely beautiful woman, upon seeing her legs, everyone would happily imagine his own picture of a beautiful woman. As for why only a picture of a beautiful woman, that was because, if she turned around in front of someone and they saw her face, their original impression would be completely ruined.

This girl was Li Yunmu’s older sister. Her face had remained unchanged seemingly for forever. At this moment, she had thick wine bottle sized spectacles, uncouth bangs and her fair complexioned face were covered with freckles. Everyone who saw the above-mentioned features would certainly label her as a butterface.

Liu Ruyan, strictly speaking, wasn’t the older sister of Li Yunmu. She had been picked up He Jie and Li Zhongmin from a dark alley in the street when she was a child.

She was outstanding in her studies and was ranked among the best. Older than Li Yunmu by two years, she had arrived in the Heavenly Cloud City long ago and had joined the financial firm of a family with good strength. Her most cherished desire was to save enough money to buy Li Yunmu a dimensional crystal before he turned eighteen and give him the chance at being the grand fluxer.

However, who knew before she could achieve her desire, her little brother would naturally awaken. Originally, this was quite an exciting news for her, but with her father Li Zhongmin meeting an accident, all the money she had saved after working exhaustingly hard the past two years had been used up to pay the hospital.

Presently, the small Li family was worrying over the several thousand dimensional coins they owed the hospital. For an ordinary family, this amount of money was too enormous and extremely difficult to earn.