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Chapter 57: You Have The Air of Confidence

Chapter 57: You Have The Air of Confidence

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"That won’t do, I could tell in one glance that Fang Ming is not a good person. Regardless of whatever difficulty our family faces, you certainly mustn’t take his money. If he hadn’t seen your true face, then why would he be chasing after you with so much motivation."

When He Jie heard what was said, she immediately shot down the idea.

"I should send a stellarcomm message to that little rascal, there’s nothing else to do… Apparently, we can only take this step. Little Mu has now become a fluxer, maybe he will have some way to deal with it."

A trace of hesitation flickered on He Jie’s face at first, but then she made her resolve.

Initially, He Jie didn’t want Li Yunmu to face this burden so she had hidden everything from Li Yunmu, saying that the military would pay for the expenses for Li Zhongmin’s treatment. But now, the present circumstances wouldn’t allow her to do so.

"Mom, you absolutely must not tell little Mu about it. He currently undergoing training within the Fifth Dimension, if he knows that his family lacks money, he might risk his life to obtain the dimensional crystal of some formidable dimensional beast, so you must never reveal it to him."

Liu Ruyan promptly shook her head.

"Then what should we do? This couldn’t be done, that couldn’t be done, is there really other no way...…."

Once she thought of her son risking his life to obtain money, He Jie was immediately stunned and dropped her idea.

Just when these two entered the hospital with no idea about what to do, a short chubby man that was waiting inside the hospital from long ago rushed to help them:

"Aunt, I heard that today is the last day of hospital’s grace period. I have 30,000 coins here, you can use them for now."

The one rushing towards them was precisely that Fang Ming whom they had just talked about. He was Liu Ruyan’s immediate superior and he was an old man nearing the age of 40. He was divorced and had been unrelentingly chasing after Liu Ruyan from the time he had seen her true face.

However, Fang Ming wasn’t very bright. If Liu Ruyan really wanted to rely on her face to make a living, then in the time when fluxers were considered supreme, why would she, who had such a beautiful appearance, fancy him.

Fang Ming had been chasing Liu Ruyan for more than a year now. Seeing that the other party was still unmoved, he had actually thought of stopping his chasing. But who would have known that at this time, an opportunity would appear. He received information from somewhere that the other party’s father had been injured and handicapped at the front line, so they required a large amount of money to pay the medical expenses.

Hearing this, he tried to probe many time and discovered the nick in Liu Ruyan’s guard. Seeing this, he couldn’t control the smile on his face. Naturally, he couldn’t miss the opportunity today.

He knew that Liu Ruyan was a deeply emotional woman, she certainly wouldn’t run off after taking this money. Sure enough, after he had placed three stacks of neatly arranged dimensional coins in front of Liu Ruyan, the other party had indeed softened. Looking at her hesitating expression, Fang Ming decided to give one more push.

However, at this time, the events took another turn. A female nurse excitedly ran out yelling:

"Yanyan, you all don’t need to worry about money anymore, the staff from the Virtual Dimension World Company had just delivered three dimensional helmets for you all. Furthermore, they have also transferred a huge amount of money into your father’s account. When I heard that it was about 300,000 dimensional coins, I was scared to death..."


When Fang Ming heard this, he felt as if a bolt from the sky had dropped on his head. He foolishly stayed there holding the three stacks of coins, not daring to push them forward anymore.

"Impossible, their family never had much money, who can help them at this time?"

Fang Ming lifelessly mumbled.

"Get lost, you disgusting trash, you think only you can throw money around?"

The little nurse disgustingly pushed Fang Ming away and pulled Ruyan and He Jie towards the ward.

Only when they entered Li Zhongmin’s ward did they realized that the words of the little nurse were true. Two personnel of the virtual dimension world company were right there, installing the dimensional helmet for Li Zhongmin.

"Old fellow, who was it that helped us? Was it one of your old comrades?"

Looking at the people solemnly arranging the three-dimensional helmets, He Jie was extremely astonished.

These dimensional helmets seemed to be built with the most advanced technology the Alliance had, it was not something ordinary people could use and now, someone had suddenly sent three of them to her family?

The cost of a single one could easily reach 150,000 dimensional coins, three would cost 450,000. What kind of enormous sum was this?

"Battle comrade?"

Li Zhongmin who was half reclined on the bed revealed a bitter smile:

"No, all of these were asked by little Mu to be delivered here."

"That little rascal? Impossible, it hasn’t been long since he awakened, how can he have so much money?"

He Jie and the others were startled.

For a new Flux Disciple, it was indeed impossible to obtain a few hundred thousands coins.

"Madam He, sir Li Yunmu had asked us to deliver this. Now that it is done, he is currently waiting for you all in the Central Continent’s city in the Virtual Dimension World. We have already positioned and installed everything properly, if you all don’t have any problem then we can begin it now."

One of the staff of the virtual dimension world company smiled towards them.

As employees of the virtual dimension world company, they have seen such circumstances time and time again. When someone from an ordinary family awakens as a fluxer, his achievements not only bring changes to himself, but rather, his whole family goes through an extreme transformation.

Clearly, this sir Li Yunmu was a newly awakened fluxer. In the past, such people have become famous, how long would this one take to become famous? When one person becomes immortal, his whole family ascends to the heavens.

After obtaining repeated confirmation from the staff of the virtual dimension company, this group finally accepted reality. The whole family became endlessly joyous. Even the little nurse, who was standing on one side, revealed envious expressions. This family’s troubled times had passed now.

Yanyan was her former fellow student. Now, she was genuinely curious, what did that secret little brother of hers look like? If she could see him once, that would be great.

Only Fang Ming, who was still unwilling to resign, had stayed at the door to watch everything lifelessly. How could Liu Ruyan’s little brother become a new fluxer? Moreover, how was he rising so quickly so soon?

How was it possible that such a rapidly progressing character be an ordinary rookie fluxer? Once he thought of this, a shiver passed through the entire body of Fang Ming.


Virtual Dimension World, Central Continent’s City, Peaceful Residence.

"Dad, mom…...sis."

Li Yunmu hadn’t expected that the staff of the virtual dimension world company would finish their work so quickly, he didn’t need to wait for long.

Under the proper arrangements, the family appeared accurately in his front courtyard. When he saw his father sitting on a wheelchair after losing his legs, his mom who seemed exhausted as well as an emotional Liu Ruyan, the countless words he wanted to say turned into a single choke.

"You all seem to be having a hard time but no one even sent a message to inform me...."

"Little Mu, all this money was really transferred by you? For our safety....."

He Jie seemed to be in a dream which she didn’t want to wake up from.

"Yes mom, as long as I am present, regardless of whatever had happened in the past, I will take care of everything from now on!"

"Dad, don’t worry, I will buy a legendary medicine to regrow your limbs. Soon, you will be able to stand up and your battle soldier equipment, I will return them to your safekeeping and wait for you to put them on again."

"Little Mu, just now, what did you call me, you called me sis, right? You aren’t angry that we aren’t blood-related, you are willing to accept me?"

Liu Ruyan grew rather emotional.

"Not blood-related. In the past, I was just a child, sis, I have purchased this residence for all of you in the virtual dimension. In the future, you all won’t need to move around much, our family can meet each other here."

Apart from fluxers who could enter the Virtual Dimension World anytime and anywhere using their badges, if ordinary people wanted to enter the Virtual Dimension World, they required a permanent residence within the virtual dimension apart from the costly dimensional helmets. This was the reason why Li Yunmu had purchased the house as soon as he entered the Virtual Dimension World.

In the past, Li Yunmu didn’t like this elder sister that appeared out of nowhere. With her appearance, his parents wouldn’t only dote on him. She was extremely good in studies, making a loser and seem even more incompetent in front of his parents. Therefore, he had never accepted her as a part of his family from childhood and had never called her ‘sis’ before.

However, all those things were in the past, the difficult times his family had to face after his father’s accident had quickly made him mature. When he recalled his previous childish behavior, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but feel that he was truly ridiculous back then.

Li Yunmu walked to her sister and smelled her sweet odor. He brushed her bangs to one side and removed those uncouth and huge spectacles from her face and then he touched her fair face, tearing her make up down.

He retreated back a few steps and took a good look at her face, although he had previously seen her all his life, Li Yunmu was still stunned by his sister’s exceptional looks.

"Sister Yan, you don’t have to mask yourself in front of other in future anymore. You are now a member of a fluxer’s family. You should now possess sufficient confidence to hold your head high."

Li Yunmu earnestly said while watching his sister.

Although he had calmly said these words, the three people heard his powerful self-confidence in those words. This kind of attitude couldn’t simply be assumed by someone, rather, it breeds at the deepest levels of consciousness due to one’s own strength.

What had their little Mu experienced during this time? Even if they were family, they were still endlessly astonished in their heart. However, all of them agreed to one thing, that Li Yunmu had really matured, finally growing up.