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Chapter 59: Dodge? No Need

Chapter 59: Dodge? No Need

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Li Yunmu had chosen the gladiator battlefield again and picked the armoured soldier equipment and the war blade as his weapon. Next instant, he was transferred to the battlefield.

By this time, the number of people who had come to watch this battle had already grown to 16,000 and even more people from Heavenly Cloud City were hurrying over here as soon as they received the news.

"So many people?"

As soon as Li Yunmu saw the enormous amount of spectators, he was slightly astonished. By now, there were already 16,000 people here. If each of them paid three coins, then the profits would be almost 50,000.

That means?

As long as he wins this battle, 50,000 dimensional coins would belong to him. Removing the 10% transaction cost of the dimensional battlefield, more than 40,000 dimensional coins would still belong to him. My god, this was a considerable amount of money.

Naturally, all these profits were based on the premise that he wins, if he loses, then these profits would go to his opponent Feng Shiyang.

"I had been waiting for you for many days, come let’s battle."

Feng Shiyang was already standing in front of him fully equipped. Although his enemy hadn’t said anything, he was full of both hatred and excitement.

This pretty boy Li Yun unexpectedly has more followers compared to a candidate of the top ten most powerful like him? If he could trample this pretty little boy today, then today’s rewards won’t be small.

"Come, allow me to experience your Violent Blade Skill today."

Next instant, like a bloodthirsty animal, Feng Shiyang charged towards Li Yunmu will his full strength, battle intent exploding out of his body.

"Ha ha, interesting."

Li Yunmu was completely calm, he could prevail over the so-called ten most formidable before he had even opened his flux points, so what about now? He remained at his original place, waiting for the enemy to come over.

"Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes."

Feng Shiyang used his supreme battle skill. He used a nagamaki as a weapon. As they say, a little longer and a little stronger; before everyone could arrive, he had already unleashed his most powerful skill!

Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes, using the long handle weapon to seal off a space of five meters radius, he instantly unleashed the extreme limit hundred strikes. Although with Feng Shiyang’s cultivation, he could launch at most thirty strikes at the moment, the terrifying strength of these thirty strikes which struck at the same time was sufficient to determine the outcome of the battle.

Who said that the enemy was intelligent, he hadn’t researched Feng Shiyang’s most powerful skill and chosen this gladiator battlefield which was the narrowest.

It could be said that this was one location where Feng Shiyang was assured of his victory because, with the limited space here, the enemy simply wouldn’t be able to dodge.

Would Li Yunmu need to dodge?

Not Needed!

If he had confronted this close combat warrior with such terrifying sword skills a few days ago, then he would be required to be extremely cautious while facing Feng Shiyang’s killing move, but now? He didn’t need to.

Under the gaze of countless people, Li Yunmu remained motionless. Facing such a terrifying battle skill which sealed him inside, he basically hadn’t moved half a step.

"Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill."

Li Yunmu lightly yelled and crossed his arms in front of his body, compacting his waist to protect his chest and abdomen. The twisted arms of the armoured soldier’s armour suddenly burst forth with a dark black flux energy which covered them.

"Flux energy cover? Heavens, within a short few days, he had unexpectedly opened the flux points in both his arms and legs."

Some people with keen eyesight instantly caught this change.

However, the onlookers with malicious intentions sneered at Li Yunmu’s foolishness. Feng Shiyang’s Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes wasn’t a battle skill of armoured soldiers like Ba Xiong, if someone was hit by these thirty strikes at the same instant, then even if it was Lin Qingyang who topped the list, he would also be cut into pieces.

And this guy clearly hadn’t cultivated the Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannic Skill, he had only made a similar posture, so how would he be able to stop this tragedy?

Dream on imbecile, you think too highly of yourself!

However, in the next instant, when Feng Shiyang instantly launched thirty strikes of the Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes at the same time, ding ding ding ding, they fiercely struck both of Li Yunmu’s hands and legs and everyone present on the scene was dumbfounded.

Unable to break his defense?

Still unable to break his defense?

Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes was a terrifying B Grade skill, but it was still not able to break his defense? My god, are you kidding me?

But reality was just that cruel, Li Yunmu indeed hadn’t practiced the Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill, he had only crossed his arms in a similar way to defend his chest, however, he had endured the instantly erupting Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes.

After being upgraded to the twelfth layer, the Admiralty Cover had become much more formidable compared to before and now could block 42% of the total incoming damage.

The damage was reduced even further after passing through the armoured soldier equipment. Thus, the force instantly erupting from the Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes was already greatly reduced. If at this time, Li Yunmu hadn’t opened the flux points of his legs and arms, then perhaps even with the armoured soldier equipment, he would have been instantly shattered by this terrifying battle skill.

However, that wasn’t the case. When flux energy erupted out of Li Yunmu’s arms and legs and covered up the armoured soldier equipment, the outcome had already been decided. The Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes that was regarded as extremely terrifying by everyone hadn’t been able to break the first layer of defense on Li Yunmu’s body, let alone speak of injuring him.

"Weak, just too weak, is the strength of so-called ten most formidable of Heavenly Cloud City?"

After eating the force of the enemy’s deadly skill, Li Yunmu sighed in disappointment without caring for anyone present.

With the great increase in his battle strength in the past few days, he would now have to find even more formidable opponents to fight, otherwise, how would he be able to obtain even more space elements.

"Let’s end this charade, here I come."

Li Yunmu didn’t speak anymore and stamped his leg heavily on the ground.

Since the enemy couldn’t break his defense, he didn’t feel the need to use other skills and only attacked him with Violent Blade while disregarding everything else.

Because he didn’t require any opportunity during the battle, because the enemy hadn’t been able to scratch him even after using the Extreme Limit Hundred Killing Strikes, he had been doomed long ago.

The 10% damage reflected from Admiralty Cover, although it wasn’t considered much, this reflective damage property was perfect on skills that suddenly erupted in power. By rapidly using the thirty strikes, this also implied that at that instant, Feng Shiyang had suffered one-tenth of the total damage of the thirty strikes.

Although the one-tenth the damage didn’t seem like much, he was hit by the instant backlash from the blade energy of thirty strikes. My god, regardless of however Feng Shiyang looked like at this instant, he had actually suffered internal injuries, so how could he interrupt the channeling of Violent Blade.

"If you don’t die from my ten strikes, then I lose!"

Li Yunmu loudly yelled, the war blade in his hand was already emitting a layer of flux energy.

First strike.....second strike.....fifth strike.....seventh strike....before he could even reach the tenth strike, Feng Shiyang had already been chopped into two parts under the successive strikes from Violent Blade.

Ten strikes!? Unexpectedly, he could not even endure the seventh strike!

This Li Yun had certainly grown more formidable and not just by a little bit!

When he unleashed the extremely terrifying Violent Blade together with the flux energy wrapping around his blade, Feng Shiyang was unable to even resist ten strikes?

Then who among the current ten most powerful could stop him? Lin Qingyang? Many of spectators didn’t have much hope for him.

Someone who hadn’t opened any flux points but could already cut down Tang Ruocheng and Ba Xiong, when this person opens all his flux points in the next few days, then what would happen?

When the strikes of Violent Blade have flux energy poured into them, that instant, they seem like otherworldly power, his fierce blade energy had now terrified all the spectators!