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Chapter 60: F*cking Easy To Earn Money

Chapter 60: F*cking Easy To Earn Money

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[Ding you have killed the opponent and obtained 94 space elements.]

After chopping Feng Shiyang into nothingness in seven strikes, Li Yunmu swept his gaze over the battlefield. Without him realizing, the number of spectators had already reached 30,000, this was something he never anticipated.

He was reluctant to leave the cheering crowd, but he firmly withdrew from the battlefield. Subsequently, Li Yun’s private account received a sum of money approved by the officials of the dimensional battlefield-----72,000 dimensional coins.

With just a single battle lasting barely thirty minutes, he had earned an enormous sum of 72,000 dimensional coins, this was a really f*cking easy way to make money.

Without any hesitation, he proceeded on to initiate a challenge towards another one of the top ten most powerful. Continuing on, Li Yunmu defeated another two of the top ten most powerful. From the beginning, he never had to use his full strength. Just by using the Violent Blade skill again and again, and relying on his triple defense combined into one, he had taken down two more people under the attentive gazes of several tens of thousands of spectators without any suspense.

Immediately, Li Yun’s name shook the whole Heavenly Cloud War Zone; Violent Blade’s power stunned the entire battle industry. Many people one after another began to inquire about the origins of "Violent Blade Skill", while even more people placed high prices, requesting for the Violent Blade Battle Skill.

After Violent Blade was imbued with flux energy and cut down two more enemies, this terrifying blade skill finally became famous on the dimensional battlefield. Moreover, Li Yunmu obtained another 183 space elements. He initiated another challenge towards the next guy on the current top ten most powerful.

During that two battles with the top ten most powerful, because of the news spreading like wildfire, an increasingly greater number of spectators appeared, causing his profits from those battles to reach 190,000 dimensional coins.

If the previous 72,000 dimensional coins were included, then Li Yunmu had earned 260,000 dimensional coins in less than an hour. His number of followers frantically soared, progressing triumphantly the whole time, after he had cut down three of the top ten most powerful.

When he had cut down the third of the top ten most powerful, his followers had already risen to 50,000, with the number still rising quickly.

Receiving this stimulation, Li Yunmu’s confidence increased even more and he challenged another one of the top ten most powerful people. This was the final guy online, and the result, the other party declined without any hesitation.

Clearly, after Li Yunmu had killed five of the top ten most powerful, the others had already come to know of his existence. When they thought about this person’s terrifying defense and Violent Blade Skill, one by one, they all made excuses to exempt themselves from the fight.

At this moment, Li Yunmu’s challenge against top ten most powerful was finally finished!

When he thought of Liu Ruyan still waiting for him outside, he didn’t linger much and silently went offline. When his consciousness returned back to his personal avatar, Liu Ruyan sitting opposite him, immediately sensed the transformation.

"Little Mu, did something happen just now?"

"Ohh, nothing, I just went to deal with a little matter. Sis, we should return back home."

Li Yunmu didn’t explain in detail, no one else knew that using the opportunity of drinking coffee with Liu Ruyan, he had silently logged in to two accounts.

He had a profound sensation deep in his brain as if several people were secretly watching him from different places. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have deliberately pulled such ruse.

This way, no one would ever suspect that he and Li Yun were the same person.

They returned back to the Peaceful Residence where his dad and mom were still there. Regarding people like them, who had entered the Virtual Dimension World for the first time, everything seemed strange and new. Especially when they heard that Li Yunmu, this little rascal, had spent 300,000 dimensional coins to purchase this Peaceful Residence in the Virtual Dimension World, they were dumbfounded.

Both of them lamented endlessly, 300,000 coins to purchase a residence in a fictitious world, this was something they could’ve never thought of before. This really shocked the both of them.

It must be known that the average income in an ordinary family was only 300 coins per month and Li Zhongmin’s previous salary of 600 coins as a frontline soldier was already considered very high.

The thought of 300,000 dimensional coins scared both of his parents, while at the same time, they had also realized that at this instant, the destiny of their son had already taken a different path. Behind his sudden rise to prominence, there would certainly be some secrets, however, they never questioned him closely from beginning to end.

Their family of four was based on a single word, ‘trust’. This trust was more valuable than anything else!

Li Zhongmin lightly sighed at the transformation of his son. After speaking to him about a lot of things, he finally patted his son’s shoulder and said in a profound voice:

"Never forget your original aspiration, you must work hard to achieve it. Whenever you can, you must remember it and must never lose yourself to money and privilege. In this world, nothing is eternal, only strength lasts forever. Work harder, since you have already surpassed your old man, in the future, everything will depend on you. Also, you must not forget about us, your parents are still young..."


Li Yunmu nodded his head heavily, his father had great influence on him. At this instant, he felt as if his father had become a lot calmer as his ambitions were already dead and the burden of responsibilities was finally lifted off his shoulders.

Perhaps after losing his legs and seeing his son grown up, his father could finally pass on his burdens.

After that, the whole family talked for a long time. Following which, Li Yunmu finally withdrew from the Virtual Dimension World. Because time flowed differently in both worlds, when his consciousness returned back to his body, only half an hour had passed. Whereas he had spent a whole afternoon in the virtual dimension. Presently, it was exactly 9 o’clock at night in reality.

Wasting no time, Li Yunmu calmed himself and began to cultivate and absorb the seven ordinary flux energy crystals he had earned that day. His father’s words were correct, only his strength was permanent.

In this age where flux energy was considered supreme, only personal strength was eternal!

Money, women, power? All of them would fade with time.

Within an hour, he had fully opened the origin pass point in his abdomen, which was considered as the most important point in the twelve flux points required for becoming an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. In other words, after opening the two remaining breast window points in his chest, he could truly be considered as a half-step ordinary crystal fluxer.

When all the twelve flux points have been completely opened and connected with each other inside his body, it would form the foundation of his first armour. Otherwise, if an ordinary crystal fluxer couldn’t congeal his flux armour, then it would be difficult for him to take his strength to the next level.

If the dimensional battlefield didn’t have the rule that fluxers could only use weapons and equipment provided by the battlefield for the sake of fairness, then it would truly be difficult for him to defeat candidates of the top ten most powerful like Tang Ruochen.

It was just that half of a fluxer’s strength was considered to be in the congealed armour. Regarding this point, Li Yunmu was absolutely clear.

"System, how much space elements do I currently have?"

Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

Next instant, the system projected his complete profile in his consciousness sea:

[Name: Li Yunmu]

[Grade: Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple(10/12)]

[Cultivation Methods: Admiralty Cover(12), Copper Body(10), Wind God Tornado Kick(10)]

[Battle Skills: Charged Assault(2), Escaping Danger (2), Leap Strike(3), Insect Step(3), Violent Blade(3), Arrow Evasion(5)]

[Supreme Skill: Danger Critical Strike]

[Experience Points: 7,636 points]

[Ability Points: 2,320 points]

[Space Elements: 281]