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Chapter 61: Critical Breakthrough

Chapter 61: Critical Breakthrough

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Late at night, the shadow was attentively watching the king's stronghold of the dwarf witches. In the attacks during the previous two nights, Li Yunmu had already investigated the manpower at this king's stronghold.

They had a total of ten green-eyed devil mastiffs which were the main threat to the shadow’s survival. Not only could the green-eyed devil mastiffs accelerate very quickly, their eyesight was very sharp, allowing them to see extremely large distances within the darkness, that added together with their terrifying sense of smell. As long as the shadow doesn’t flee before coming into the vision of these mastiffs, it becomes extremely probable that they could catch up to it from behind and pin it down for long enough to allow a large number of dwarf witch elites to come over and attack it from all sides.

Previously, most of the shadow’s deaths were because of them.

Li Yunmu was extremely clear that if he didn’t deal with these few devil mastiffs, then it would always remain impossible for the shadow to attack this stronghold head on and kill the monsters directly, thus decreasing its overall efficiency.

So today, his main goal was to kill these green-eyed devil mastiffs. The situation was favourable, the king's stronghold had only trained ten devil mastiffs. Otherwise, if there had been more, then with Li Yunmu’s current strength, it would be extremely difficult to destroy this core stronghold of the dwarf witch race.

"Only four remain."

Regarding the position of these green-eyed devil mastiffs, Li Yunmu had investigated it earlier.

His consciousness descended into the shadow, which was sitting outside the stronghold waiting for an opportunity. After being attacked by the shadow for two continuous nights, at this moment, the security of king's stronghold was extremely strict. There was a guard at every five steps and a sentry at every ten.

A large amount of blade dwarf witch patrols, as well as long distance poison arrow dwarf witches, were waiting for the shadow to attack. Li Yunmu concluded that if his shadow revealed itself, it would be like throwing a spark into a warehouse filled with explosives. He could not act lightly.

If it had been an ordinary fluxer, regardless of how formidable his strength was, to secretly infiltrate this king's stronghold would be a hundred or thousand times more difficult. But presently, the shadow was completely different from an ordinary fluxer, it was the master of the night, the darling of the darkness.

Otherwise, if any normal fluxer could attack this king's stronghold by himself, then the other battle squads would probably have already raided this stronghold to the ground.

However, reality wasn’t a game. The successive attacks the previous two nights had lead to this crazy security. Now, he couldn’t use his previous strategies anymore as the Li Yunmu hiding nearby had already discovered that water had been sprinkled on every building. Moreover, the kerosene pots which were used to illuminate the place couldn’t be seen anymore.

Within every region where he had ignited flames last night, overtly or covertly, a large number of elite dwarf witches were hidden as guards. If Li Yunmu secretly launched his attack, then he would still be able to cause a headache for this jittery stronghold, but if this was his only aim, then he wouldn’t be able to protect the shadow.

Next instant, Li Yunmu controlled the shadow to slowly get close to the stronghold and hide there. On the wall of the stronghold, there were lots of torches placed one after another, which were illuminating everything brightly.

He wanted to try to enter using the darkness to hide, but there weren’t any gaps in the light where the shadow could hide. However, dimensional monsters were ultimately still dimensional beasts.

With Li Yunmu waiting to find an opportunity to enter, he soon found a path inside the barracks and this path was created by the densely packed dwarf witch patrols.

Occasionally, they would patrol the surrounding territories, but when too long had passed, they would swap with the others and when these guards returned back inside from the outside, that moment was his opportunity.

After waiting for an hour, this opportunity finally arrived. Li Yunmu used this opportunity and the shadow instantly unleashed the third layer Insect Step and quickly went into the blind spot of the patrol.

That’s right, he was using the shadow of a blade dwarf witch of the patrol to hide. If it had been the shadow doing this instead of him, the shadow certainly couldn’t have thought of this tactic. But Li Yunmu was convinced that with the learning ability of the shadow spirit, as long as he demonstrated this once, the shadow spirit would certainly learn from him.

Li Yunmu’s mission was completely successful. Although the shadow of the blade dwarf witch was very short and small, for the shadow which had an extremely flexible body, it wasn’t a problem. He half squatted and noiselessly moved along with the shadow of the patrolling dwarf witch. Within a short while, Li Yunmu had already entered the stronghold without anyone knowing.

At this instant, Li Yunmu handed the control back to the shadow. After regaining control of its body, the shadow didn’t take action right away. Rather, it remained hidden on the roof, carefully observing the shadow of the patrolling guards. Only after a long time did it walk out the darkness, towards the familiar road heading to the beast chambers where the green-eyed devil mastiffs were locked.

"Even if you die once, you must get rid of these four beasts immediately."

Li Yunmu tried to transfer his thoughts to the shadow, not knowing whether it could understand him clearly.

At this instant, he could see that the shadow had entered the beast chamber and unleashed Charged Assault, launching an attack on one of the green-eyed devil mastiff.

Li Yunmu’s entire concentration was on the shadow. Suddenly, Li Yunmu felt an intense sensation which caused his heart to beat wildly and his temples began to thump endlessly.

"Not good, danger!"

Li Yunmu was completely astonished, without any hesitation, he directly recalled his consciousness into his body and instinctively used Arrow Evasion and then Insect Step.

[Ding, you have suffered from an unprecedented mortal danger, your intense survival instincts have allowed Insect Step to break through to the fifth layer. Insect Step had undergone a qualitative leap, you have subconsciously used Lizard Climbing Skill.]

At this moment of extreme danger, Li Yunmu faintly heard the system’s notification, however, he had his hands full at the moment.

The leg sea point in both legs erupted with flux energy as he instantly moved to the corner of the bed from a reclining posture. Both his hands and legs grabbed the walls like a house lizard and he instantly began to shift at a high frequency.

As his fifth layer Insect Step erupted, Li Yunmu unexpectedly manifested lizard-like qualities, with his four legs grabbing the wall.


An enormous tremor passed through the earth and the bed he laid on was shattered into fragments as a dazzling golden light exploded. The fragments flew all around the room.

"Eh, what kind of strange battle skill is this? Surprisingly, you managed to dodge that?"

Li Yunmu’s center of gravity was lowered and his whole body was stuck to the wall as his chest was rising up and down. At this instant, he discovered that at some unknown time, a mysterious person adorning silver crystal flux armor was inside the room.

This mysterious person hadn’t expected that his sneak attack would firmly be evaded by a rookie Flux Disciple youngster. Endless astonishment could be seen on his face that was covered by silver armour.

"Who are you?"

Li Yunmu’s heart sank, he certainly hadn’t expected that someone would be able to pass through the alarms and defenses of the fort type 3 without making any noise.

While he was infiltrating the king's stronghold, an assassin had surprisingly infiltrated his own room? This was simply irony, plain naked irony.

However, when he thought of the person who wanted his life, Li Yunmu couldn’t simply die for him. A trace of killing intent began to emit from his body.

Regardless of the strength of the enemy, since he wanted Li Yunmu’s life, he must be ready to pay the price.

The enemy had an extremely strong presence. Sensing which, Li Yunmu understood that he would have to use some sneak attacks to win. The unfortunate thing was that this attack was too sudden, Li Yunmu couldn’t grab his war blade. Instantly, Li Yunmu felt an unprecedented crisis coming.

"Who I am does not matter, what matters is that you will certainly die today, so die!"

The body of the mysterious enemy wearing silver coloured crystal armour suddenly jolted and immediately, his strength increased----- his whole body was covered by silver armour and glittering golden light!

Silver armour and golden light!? Half-step Gold Crystal Flux Disciple? Second only to the peak rainbow coloured flux energy in the Fifth Dimension.

"Give me your life…...Eight Pole Flame Dragon Claw."

The enemy’s voice seemed to come from far away, Li Yunmu only saw a golden halo which quickly reached its pinnacle, to the point that his eyes couldn’t even manage to react. A bright golden claw, which appeared like a dragon's but wasn’t truly that of a dragon's, was covered with extremely terrifying flames as it rushed to catch him.