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Chapter 64: Two Unrivalled Shadows

Chapter 64: Two Unrivalled Shadows

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"Second shadows?"

Li Yunmu was completely stunned, he had never expected that the shadow hack system could surprisingly create another shadow.


System indifferently replied.

"In other words, I can produce another shadow which can be used for the shadow hack? As long as I have enough experience points?"

Li Yunmu still couldn’t believe it, feeling as if he was in some kind of dream.

[Yes, host you have understood correctly, as long as the host accumulates sufficient experience points, theoretically, you can produce a third shadow, fourth shadow....even infinite shadows.]

"Holy s*it!"

Now, Li Yunmu completely understood. He pinched himself in the arm, feeling the pain, he understood this wasn’t a dream.

When he first heard the name of the Super Shadow Hack System, he had thought about how was it super. Only now did he understand how great this system was. Until now, Li Yunmu had never clearly understood the main use of experience points, but now, he understood that the experience points weren’t to increase his cultivation, rather, they were used to condense another shadow or to save the shadow spirit or for any other service for the shadow.

Meanwhile, ability points were important to increase his cultivation. As for space elements, they were analogous to the hard currency used to purchase things.

Great! Only now did Li Yunmu finally realize that this was an extremely perfect system. Previously, either its functions weren’t fully explored or it had not been upgraded completely.

[Second reminder, host, do you confirm the use of 10,000 experience points to condense the second shadow?]


This time, Li Yunmu didn’t hesitate, only an idiot would decline.

Next instant, following Li Yunmu’s confirmation, the experience points which he had painstakingly earned were deducted in one shot.

Meanwhile, the loading screen for the shadow appeared within his consciousness sea. 1%, 16%, 39%, 78%, 100%!

Next instant.

[Congratulations, you have successfully condensed the second shadow, urging the host to continue to work harder, best of luck!]

At this moment, Li Yunmu didn’t pay any attention to the system’s notification.

He kept on staring behind his body, a faint shadow appeared. From a vague image, it slowly grew clearer. After becoming clear enough, it transformed again to finally stand silently behind his body.

So simple, now he had one more shadow? Even if he doesn’t use it for the hack and constantly keep it by his side, wouldn’t it be like having a shadow guard?

Next moment, Li Yunmu only felt extremely happy. If he had two shadows earlier this night, then would that half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple be able to escape with his life so easily?

If the two shadows, together with him, a total three people attacked him with fifteen strikes of Violent Blade, then how would he still be able to leave here alive?

At this instant…...Li Yunmu couldn’t predict the outcome with certainty, but he was absolutely clear that even if the enemy could escape, the hunter could become the prey at any time. As Li Yunmu continued to think about it, he found it more and more joyous.

[Ding, would you like to dispatch your second shadow to join in the attack on the king grade stronghold?]

The system released another notification.


Li Yunmu woke up to reality. Presently, he possessed the ability to use two shadow hacks simultaneously. He didn’t hesitate any longer and dispatched the newly condensed second shadow towards the king grade stronghold.

With shadow one and shadow two cooperating with each other, the speed of the destruction of the king grade stronghold increased greatly.

Soon, shadow two entered the battle. At this time, the whole king grade stronghold was in chaos. After careful observation, it became clear to Li Yunmu that this shadow two really was far less intelligent compared to shadow one and could only use the foundation skills proficiently one by one to kill monsters.

However, shadow two’s strength was similarly synchronized with Li Yunmu’s own cultivation. The triple defense of Admiralty Cover, Copper Body, and battle soldier equipment was combined into one. Shadow two simply relied upon its formidable defense and went on a killing spree among the large group of dwarf witches using Violent Blade.

Moreover, shadow one, that was the young shadow, after becoming aware of its partner joining the hack battle, it immediately erupted with Insect Step, then Arrow Evasion, then Insect Step again, followed by Insect Step, Charged Assault, and then Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, using the fifteen consecutive strikes, it killed its way through, it seized the chance and used the final jumping strike as flux energy surged through its legs, it jumped high and escaped the encirclement.

Li Yunmu only observed the young shadow jumping around a few times and could clearly see the progress it made in using the foundation skills stacked with each other. After easily escaping from the encirclement, it directly rushed towards the squad of dwarf wizards, attacking from behind.

It has to be said that the young shadow’s learning ability was too formidable. Clearly, it had the method of using foundation skills successively one after other from Li Yunmu’s battles during the daytime. Furthermore, it had become even more proficient than Li Yunmu after using them repeatedly.

When the young shadow infiltrated the group of dwarf wizards, it successively used Wind God Tornado Kick and Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike and instantly, a large number of dwarf wizards that were staying safely at the back and releasing fireballs were decimated. With the young shadow especially targeting dwarf wizard squads, the threats to shadow two immediately decreased.

[Ding, your shadow two has been hit by several poisonous arrows and received xx amount of damage.]

[Ding, your shadow two had received a stab from the short blade of blade dwarf witch, zero damage received...]

When Admiralty Cover was upgraded to the twelfth layer, it attained 42% reduction in incoming damage. These weak dwarf witches that had an average of Grade Seven strength were simply cannon fodder, they couldn’t injure the shadow now. Even if they all attacked crazily as a group, then the shadow would only receive an extremely small amount of damage with its defense remaining unpenetrated.

Next moment, both shadows razed the entire king grade stronghold to ground. One of them was inside the encirclement using Wind God Tornado Kick to repeatedly kick the blade dwarf witches into the sky where they would explode and die, while another was using Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike and went on a killing spree within a group of dwarf wizards. Their astonishing efficiency was outside Li Yunmu’s expectations.

At this moment, within his brain, an endless number notification regarding the collected experience and ability points continued to echo one after another. Apart from this, the number of flux energy crystals continued to increase within the shared storage badge.

Five crystals, ten crystals....fifteen crystals.... twenty-five crystals…...thirty crystals.....when both shadows were battling in coordination with each other, this night became the most destructive night of the whole king grade stronghold in its lifetime.

Li Yunmu couldn’t keep himself from continuously checking the storage badge and discovered that within a short moment, the total number of flux crystals, adding the small amount he had before, had now reached an astonishing amount, thirty-five crystals.

Holy f*cking sh*t, within one night, he had obtained thirty-five crystals, one might as well ask what else did he need? Let alone mention the opening of two remaining flux points, these would also be enough to form some portion of flux crystals required to condense the ordinary crystal flux armour.

Next, Li Yunmu took out one flux crystal and began to cultivate while sitting cross-legged.

To reach first layer Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple required opening twelve flux points, now, he only needed to open the two remaining breast window points. As long as these two flux points were completely opened, then the twelve flux points within his body would instantly get connected, the flux energy from these twelve flux points would continue to grow and multiply without end. The collected flux energy and extreme defense together would produce a great increase in power, allowing him to reach half-step Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple.