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Chapter 65: Let’s Fight

Chapter 65: Let’s Fight

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One crystal, two crystals, ten crystals, fourteen crystals... Li Yunmu consecutively absorbed fourteen active ordinary flux energy crystals.


He felt as if a mini-cosmos had formed in his body, celestial point, origin pass point, breast window point, celestial spring point, palm pond point, jumping circle point and leg sea points, flux energy instantly surged through the twelve flux points and connected together, forming a stream of endless flux energy flowing through them.

Immediately, the flux energy in Li Yunmu’s whole body erupted with flux energy. Half-step Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple--success!

At this instant, Li Yunmu only felt as if his body was filled with endless flux energy, with every breath, every body action, every movement felt as if it was filled with a large amount of energy flowing out.

Naturally, this was only the false sensation of breakthrough, but it could not be denied that when all the twelve flux points had been opened, Li Yunmu felt extremely strong.

He lightly stamped his leg but the flux energy that erupted out from it wasn’t just from the jumping circle point and leg sea point, rather, the flux energy transferred from all twelve points inside his body.

He hadn’t felt such a sensation of overflowing power before. Previously, he had only felt as if flux energy could be drawn out calmly over a long term. But now, not only could it erupt with even more flux energy that was transferred from all flux points, it had also become easier to control the flux energy and most important thing, the amount of flux energy in his body could last for quite long.

From only two flux points supplying flux energy, now, all twelve flux points could supply flux energy together. This difference was like the difference between a war chariot with two engines and the thunder god war chariot with twelve engines.

When Li Yunmu forced the flux energy in his entire body, gradually, a thin and faint layer of flux energy protective cover appeared on his figure. This cover protected his entire body from head to toe.

This was the benefit of opening and linking the three flux points in chest and abdomen with other nine in the head, legs, and arms. His defense had swelled greatly. Compared to battle soldier equipment or silver base equipment, this thin layer of flux energy protective cover seemed insufficient from the angle of physical defense, but these material armour didn’t have a special property which it had, and that was that it could provide him with a cushioning defense which could adjust to changes quickly. It could resist the shockwaves from explosions or could stop energy from infiltrating his body. Other armours couldn’t compare to its cushioning defensive ability.

Moreover, fluxers usually called this layer of flux energy protective cover as flux crystal energy armour. Actually, it was a genuine source of crystal armour.

All the people usually say, if a fluxer could not condense this armour, then he wasn’t a true fluxer. A fluxer without the flux armour would find it very difficult to contend again modern troops, but if a fluxer could condense his energy armour, then ordinary people were just like ants in his eyes.

Li Yunmu slightly raised his head to look at the sky, from this instant, he had started to walk on the path of congealing the armour step by step.

He roughly estimated the number of flux energy crystals he would need to congeal his crystal armour, this estimate was too shocking. With his 7 point cultivation talent, if he wanted to condense the armour for the first time, he would require a total of 252 stable flux energy crystals.

Yes, he hadn’t made a mistake. It would indeed require 252 stable flux energy crystals. Yes, stable flux energy crystals and not active flux energy crystals, exactly triple the number of flux crystals he used to open all his flux points.

The market cost of one stable flux energy crystal was roughly 10,000 dimensional coins, so 252 crystals would cost 2.52 million dimensional coins.

This was a terrifyingly huge sum of money. Probably only people like Li Daxiong, the son of someone wealthy, could get their hands on such large amount of coins.

Naturally, Li Yunmu didn’t have any means to obtain such large amount of money to buy stable flux energy crystals, but that doesn’t matter, he still had the hack system.

Innate talent doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter, background also doesn’t matter… long as he had the hack machine.

This was why people valued innate cultivation talent so much! Because the number of flux crystals and time required by a pinnacle talent to open his flux points and congeal his crystal armour was far lesser compared to the number required by lower level talents.

Li Yunmu glanced at the remaining twenty-two flux energy crystals and sighed in disappointment. But it was still ok, he had recently created the second shadow. Otherwise, only heaven knows how long it would take to collect 252 flux energy crystals.

After successfully opening and linking the twelve flux points, he had now become a half-step Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. Li Yunmu walked out of his room and the fortress and raised his head to look at the sky, at this time, the sun was already high in the sky.

Big Xiong and others had already begun today’s hunting trip. Ling Shuang was roasting a piece of some dimensional beast’s thigh on a vacant space in front of the fortress.

"You haven’t gone with the others to hunt?"

Li Yunmu was slightly shocked.

"They were worried about you so they asked me to stay here."

Ling Shuang replied coldly.

"You got out of bed just in time, the roasted meat is almost ready, come eat."

Li Yunmu massaged his glabella, a warm feeling rose in his heart. Although big Xiong and others were comparatively dishonest, regarding the treatment of fellow companions, they were far better than others. This was the main reason why Li Yunmu was willing to stay with this group.

In this battle squad, people don’t scheme against each other, neither was there any pressure on him nor anyone who thought himself as to be a proud son of heaven and pushed others around. He was quite fond of such a relaxed atmosphere. Cultivation was important, but having a carefree mental state was also important.

With the existence of the shadow hack, he basically didn’t need to go mad over increasing his strength.

"If you also hadn’t gone to battle, the achievements of the battle squad will shrink significantly."

Li Yunmu wasn’t polite and quickly walked over to cut a piece of roasted meat overflowing with oil and took out a bottle of wine from his storage space. One sip of wine after each mouthful of meat felt quite refreshing!

He clearly understood that Ling Shuang, who was at the battle yesterday, had clearly realized he was just pretending to be injured, thus he also didn’t try to hide it.

"Their foundation is too weak, quickly increasing their cultivation isn’t beneficial for battles. Since you have used this excuse to rest, I thought it would be good for them to get a shock."

Ling Shuang saw Li Yunmu take the roasted meat and she also stopped her hand and picked the roasted cutlet and began to eat with small bites.

"So why aren’t you hunting for black crystals? Don’t tell me you intend to waste one month for them?"

Li Yunmu asked with confusion.

"Aren’t you too curious about me?"

Ling Shuang looked at him strangely.

"No, I am just curious why you aren’t rushing to increase your cultivation."

Li Yunmu said bluntly.

"Someday in the future, you will understand by yourself."

Ling Shuang took the last bite and stood up:

"Li Yunmu, I know you have some secret on you, I might be a little interested in your secret, but I would much prefer if you let me experience your blade skill. Since no one is here to bother us, why don’t we fight?"

Ling Shuang’s presence suddenly transformed, she seemed to have transformed into a cold sword, her two calm eyes seemed to shoot two rays of sword energy, stabbing into Li Yunmu.

"Good god, this crazy woman."

When Li Yunmu sensed the battle intent coming from the other party, he couldn’t help but curse in his heart. He really hadn’t expected this elegant and beautiful woman would start fighting immediately!