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Chapter 66: Still Not Enough

Chapter 66: Still Not Enough

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Li Yunmu replied while standing up.

In fact, he also wanted to test out Ling Shuang’s true strength. According to rumors, she could even fight against a Silver Crystal Flux Disciple with the strength of a Black Crystal Flux Disciple. He had been wanting to know her true strength for a long time. Her words were also correct, being the latest disciple of that lord, she had resources and didn’t need to know his secret because whatever Li Yunmu had, she also had.

The battle intent emitted from her body clearly showed that she was someone sincere to the martial path. At this instant, Li Yunmu completely understood Ling Shuang, this was a person who was completely immersed in cultivation.

Since this was the case, then a battle was inevitable. Li Yunmu could already sense the battle intent flowing out of Ling Shuang. Receiving her direct provocation, he slowly took out his blade as a trace of thin blade intent started to emit out from his body.

Although it wasn’t like Ling Shuang’s gaudy sword intent that felt as if it was directly piercing through the heavens, Li Yunmu’s blade energy had a trace of tyranny in it with the intention of pressing forward boldly.

Without him realizing, Li Yunmu’s body had been fostering a blade intent which could be classified as a blade intent born exclusively for him.

"Good, you can cultivate your own blade intent without a master. Just relying on this fact, you’ve already surpassed many people."

Sensing the thin blade intent coming out of Li Yunmu’s body, although it seemed faint, the trace of tyrannical killing intent made Ling Shuang exclaim with surprise.

Originally, she had also cultivated what was classified as her own sword intent after going through countless tribulations. Sword Intent and Blade Intent weren’t something which ordinary fluxers could cultivate. However, who said that Li Yunmu didn’t have a master? Li Yunmu’s master was the most formidable system!

When he had been reaping countless lives by himself every day, when he had been using blade skills repeatedly every day, when he had been becoming more and more proficient in blade skills, then even if he himself wasn’t clear, but as long as he had the blade in his hand, his whole personality would undergo a great transformation.

"Here I come."

This wasn’t the dimensional battlefield, he wasn’t battling any enemy here. Li Yunmu pointed his blade towards the other party and launched a One-Step Charged Assault to get close to Ling Shuang.

Yes, it was a One-Step Charged Assault and not the usual Charged Assault which displayed its power to the pinnacle. When Li Yunmu unleashed Charged Assault this time, it wasn’t extremely quick like before, but instead had a trace of nimbleness.

Li Yunmu’s One-Step Charged Assault wasn’t very quick, but with every step forward, his figure continued to greatly transform in the eyes of Ling Shuang. He seemed slow but in reality, he was quickly moving towards Ling Shuang. He slashed his blade which directly chopped towards Ling Shuang without any feint.

This strike wasn’t Violent Blade, but rather, the first strike with more power at the end of Charged Assault. This seemingly light strike was actually very heavy, the blade intent was emitting a large amount of flux energy. The trace of concealed tyrannical killing intent immediately reminded Ling Shuang that if she wasn’t careful, she would encounter a thunderously violent attack the next instant.


Ling Shuang moved her sword to block, the blade and sword collided. Although they were only trying to probe each other with this strike, Ling Shuang was still forced to retreat half a step. Clearly, the main strike of Charged Assault had been more powerful than she expected.

Li Yunmu gained the upper hand, but he couldn’t grab the opportunity of the opponent retreating half a step to launch Violent Blade. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, rather, he felt that he couldn’t. He had a profound sensation that the enemy wouldn’t give him the opportunity to unleash the skill.

For the first time, after meeting an opponent like Ling Shuang, he truly discovered that the so-called top ten most powerful he encountered at the dimensional battlefield wasn’t really that powerful. This enemy had grasped a profound battle strategy, although Li Yunmu couldn’t clearly tell what it was, his speed wasn’t slowing down in the slightest.

Insect Step, Insect Step, Insect Step…..he continuously used Insect Step but didn’t erupt out with extreme speed, rather, he was moving quickly, lightly, just changing his position and revolving around Ling Shuang while exchanging blows with her.

Every strike was at a different angle, every strike was faster than previous one and even more direct. However, Ling Shuang’s greatsword was stopping them equally as fast, receiving them one after other.

Both of them had moved extremely quickly within a split second, not realizing that they had exchanged more than ten blows!

There wasn’t any gap, any opportunity, Li Yunmu’s heart sunk, he could tell that his opponent this time, Ling Shuang, wasn’t the same as the rest, but he never expected that the enemy being in a defensive position would make the battle so much difficult.

Even after using Violent Blade all the time, it was surprisingly difficult to find an opportunity. Every time he struck towards Ling Shuang, he had a feeling that he couldn’t unleash Violent Blade, what was this sensation? This was that lord’s personal disciple?

Li Yunmu’s body suddenly stopped, ending the fight, he gloomily said:

"Let’s stop, I can't use Violent Blade in front of you."


Sure enough, at this instant, Li Yunmu became depressed, a sense of loss rose within his heart!

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use Violent Blade like he had done previously to overwhelm the enemy, rather, he couldn’t. The sadness on his face was clear, his battle instincts were informing him that as soon as he used the Violent Blade’s first form, it would certainly be broken by the other party!

Both of them had exchanged more than ten blows, all of them were normal attacks, but Li Yunmu was clear within his heart, this battle was his complete loss! Li Yunmu was quite depressed, this was the first time he had encountered such situation. For the first time, he had felt that he couldn’t use all of his power in the battle.

Seeing the gloomy expression on Li Yunmu’s face, a smile appeared and quickly disappeared on Ling Shuang’s face. She didn’t say anything, only keeping the sword back into its sheath and standing there.

"If you had entered the Entranced State like that day, I would’ve lost."

Ling Shuang said lightly.

"Entranced State?"

Li Yunmu shook his head but didn’t answer in detail.

In fact, regarding the Battle Sage Entranced State from a few days ago, he himself wasn’t very clear about how he entered it. In his opinion, it should’ve been because the shadow’s usual killing instinct had influenced him since they were now in sync. Now, even if he wanted to enter it, he couldn’t regardless of how much he tried.

After the battle, Li Yunmu went back to his room and sat there for a long time, then he suddenly said in the empty room:

"System, the battle skills I practiced seemed to have been abolished in front of her."

At this moment, Li Yunmu even began to doubt the battle skills he learned from the system. Could these battle skills, which improve with proficiency points, actually prevail over those formidable people who genuinely walk the martial path? After all, everything he had wasn’t cultivated by himself.

[Host must not become confused because of her! There are many ways to prevail over her, like absolute strength, absolute speed, absolute defense, as long as you have sufficient strength to dominate everything, any martial path or skill is just empty talk in front of absolute strength. They are just like fleeting clouds in front of absolute strength.]

The system calmly replied.

"Then how come she didn’t allow me to even launch an attack in the battle."

Li Yunmu muttered to himself.

[That is because while your strength might be higher than hers, it’s just that her cultivation layer is higher than yours. If host possesses a unique ability, then this so-called difference between layers can be broken in one hit.]

"So if we have similar strength and I don’t have any unique ability, then in the future, how can I handle such an enemy? Don’t tell me I will also have to enter the tutelage of someone formidable?"

Li Yunmu still couldn’t understand.

[No need to think too much, when you reach the fifth layer "Reaching Perfection" state of Violent Blade, then the enemy’s layer or skill won’t be worth mentioning.]

The system gave a vague reply.

"Fifth layer of Violent Blade?"

"Wait a minute...I understand!"

Instantly, Li Yunmu felt as if the clouds had disappeared from his vision and he could understand everything clearly.

Yes, the system’s words were correct, why was he being so confused? Just because he was defeated by the disciple of someone formidable?"

This time’s failure wasn’t because of the system, rather, because his Violent Blade had not been upgraded sufficiently. Whatever kind of skills the other party uses, how could he forget his own?

Just as the system said, as long as his battle skill reached the pinnacle, would Ling Shuang's defense still remain so tight?

Perhaps, her cultivation was unique, bullsh*t, this bro here would break stars in one punch, so what if your path was extremely unique it would also not matter after this bro’s one punch.

When Li Yunmu entered his consciousness sea again, he discovered that shadow one and shadow two had collected more than ten flux energy crystals during this period.

Ling Shuang? Ha Ha… sinister woman, because of her words, he had become depressed, but then why did she attack? What did she mean by those words?