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Chapter 70: Big Misunderstanding

Chapter 70: Big Misunderstanding

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Great Lamu River Zone, because of the descent of the great spell, an increasingly greater number of Fifth Dimensional beings started to appear everywhere. The fluxers who had come to train in this region began to face their attacks one after another.

At this very moment, within the fluxer hall in the steel castle, the representatives of all the cities were sitting with grim expressions. Facing a calamity like the descent of the great spell, they could only stay here without being able to do anything.

If fluxers with high cultivations were sent out to perform search and rescue, then instead of helping, this action would only increase the number of injured people.

Only a dozen or so cities with sufficient strength and had significant figures outside spared no effort to dispatch their best people to provide support to those significant figures like Xie Hangxue and Wang Ming, who had prominent background and pinnacle grade innate talent.

"Heavenly Earth Courtyard, all contact with Heaven Battle Squad lost."

"Yellow Mountain Courtyard, of the thirteen members of Antiquity Battle Squad, four have already died."

"Phoenix Courtyard, the Great Sun Battle Squad have sent out four continuous distress signals, they seem to be in an extremely dangerous situation."

"Ancient River Courtyard, because all your members were in the vicinity of the castle, they have successfully escaped the Lamu River Zone and are safe."

Within the fluxer hall, information about the battle squads from all the cities was being announced one after other. After hearing it, some became worried while some heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at the moment, there was one battle squad which was moving in the exact opposite direction of every other squad that was trying to flee from the Lamu River Zone. They were swiftly rushing towards the Mountain Ridges.

This squad was precisely the Golden Cloud Defensive Squad commissioned by the fluxer guild. It had a total of eighteen people, with the weakest among them having condensed his silver crystal armour and having golden flux energy. Possessing a cultivation of half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple, it could also be said that even the weakest person in this squad had strength comparable to the assassin who had attacked Li Yunmu a few days ago. As for the captain of the squad, he had congealed golden crystal armour and had a cultivation of half-step Rainbow Crystal Flux Disciple.

With their strength, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this Golden Cloud Defense Squad represented the strongest battle squad in this world. Also, only be these people would dare to accept this secret mission while the great spell descended.

All of them were sitting inside an all-terrain type enormous war chariot with an extremely low center of gravity and caterpillar tracks. Throughout the whole journey, it continued to move while crushing everything that was in its way like a huge bulldozer.

Many of the descending life forms of the Fifth Dimension were unable to attack properly before they were firmly crushed to death by this fierce war chariot. Its extremely thick vehicle armour didn’t even have any scratches.

The Golden Cloud Defense Squad was rushing quickly towards the Mountain Ridges. However, while they were trying to move as fast as possible, they finally encountered a problem.

Suddenly, somewhere within the dimensional field, a monster radiating a fierce devil presence forcibly came out through the dimensional crack and ruthlessly rammed against this enormous war chariot that weighed more than a hundred tonnes. Immediately, the war chariot was thrown into the sky like a toy and heavily smashed on the ground.

The war chariot was completely broken!

"It is an eight coloured rainbow devil king from the Fifth Dimension. Four of you remain behind to help me kill it, while the others continue on the path to the Mountain Ridges, go quickly!"

The extremely formidable Golden Cloud Defense Squad finally encountered a troublesome situation and split into two. Another rainbow crystal squad member bit his lips:

"Take care of yourself."

"All of you follow behind me at your top speed!"

Losing the war chariot’s high speed, protection, and crushing power, the remaining thirteen members of the Golden Cloud Defense Squad stepped on the path of extreme difficulty. Fortunately, they weren’t too far from the Mountain Ridges.

However, being the core area of the great spell, the number of Fifth Dimensional beings was even greater in the Mountain Ridges. Their strength also became increasingly stronger. Thus, this Golden Cloud Squad that consisted of thirteen people weren’t able to rush to their destination in a short amount of time.

Suddenly, twelve dazzling rainbow rays rose from the horizon of the king's stronghold.

"It is the twelve coloured rainbow king. The twelve coloured rainbow king class dimensional monster of dwarf witches is being born. Quickly, move forward!"

The thirteen Golden Cloud Defense Squad members were becoming more and more anxious with each passing moment.

Meanwhile, the fluxer guild far away in the steel castle similarly investigated the dazzling rainbow formed of twelve colours which flashed on the horizons. Immediately, all the dimensional space eyes in the surroundings were given only one assignment, to rush to the king grade stronghold and obtain first-hand information about what was going on.

However, being the core area of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field, this area was the center of an extremely unstable dimensional field. Regardless of how the dimensional space eyes tried and exhausted every method they had, but when they got close to the core zone, one by one, all of them were affected by the active unstable dimensional energy.

Within a short period, all the dimensional space eyes seemed to have lost their sense of direction and scattered around in every direction. Only two of these dimensional space eye coincidentally got knocked in the right direction. Soon, they recorded a video of the events happening at the center of the king's stronghold and transmitted it back to the fluxer guild.

"The video has been transmitted. Finally, it has come, a king class dimensional monster has really been born into the world and these two mysterious figures should be the ones that silently destroyed the stronghold."

A member of the guild quickly rushed in and played the genuine first-hand information scouted by the two dimensional space eyes.

Within the video, a king class monster in dazzling rainbow colours could be seen. He was facing towards the sky and howling madly. Below it, not too far away, two silhouettes could be seen, one at the left and other at the right. Both were rushing towards it.

At this point, the video concluded!

As the target of this aerial photography was several miles away and due to the chaos created by the unstable energy at the center of the great spell, the projected picture relayed back by the two dimensional space eyes wasn’t very clear. Everyone could only see two mysterious figures wearing war god equipment. Even the specific design of these war god equipment had been concealed.

"War god equipment? Are they from the War God Temple? They have only two of them?"

Lord manager creased his brows while the others had sunk into an awfully gloomy silence.

Even if they were from the War God Temple, when had the War God Temple of the Central Continent produced such terrifying rookies?

It was a known fact that the fluxer guild had tried many times but hadn’t been able to exterminate the dwarf witch stronghold in the Lamu River Zone. So how did the War God Temple rely on just two people to make these dwarf witches fall to this extent?

"Continue with the spying and inform the Golden Cloud Guards that they must rush into the stronghold and try to obtain victory before the people of the War God Temple at all costs."

The Lord Manager pondered over it for quite awhile before finally giving this command.

"Lord, the two dimensional space eyes which had sent this information have already been damaged beyond repair and the Golden Castle Guards have encountered an eight coloured rainbow devil king monster. Presently, they have also entered the danger zone."


Lord Manager smashed his fist heavily on the table in front of him.


At this moment, Li Yunmu didn’t have the faintest idea that because of all sorts of reasons, the fluxer guild had subconsciously determined his two shadows as people of the War God Temple.

Due to the unclear picture, they had mistakenly believed that the outline of the battle soldier equipment to be that of war god equipment!

There was nothing wrong with it. The external silhouette of the battle soldier, battle general and war god equipment was identical to each other. With the first impression being the strongest, who could have possibly thought that the two formidable fluxers that had brought the entire king's stronghold of dwarf witches to the brink of extermination were unexpected just two shadows wearing battle soldier equipment.