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Chapter 72: Swirling Sky

Chapter 72: Swirling Sky

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The heavily injured young shadow still hadn’t given up. Regardless of how severe its injuries were, as long as the shadow wasn’t completely killed, there would be no effect on their battle strength.

Young shadow stood up after being thrown far away and within the next instant, unleashed Insect Step in addition to Charged Assault and once again rushed towards the clan king.

Shadow two was also the same, both of them first used Charged Assault before unleashing Violent Blade from different angles. One from the left and the other from the right, different angles but same target.

First strike, second strike, third strike, seventh strike, thirteenth strike, fifteenth strike, eighteenth strike.....the eighteen strikes of the Violent Blade, which had been upgraded to the fourth layer, were completely unleashed.

The clan king with a hatchet in each hand, by relying on its formidable strength and rainbow energy, forcibly resisted the thirty-six successive strikes without a single scratch.

It wasn’t that the fourth layer Violent Blade wasn’t powerful, rather, the opponent’s rainbow energy was extremely profound. This was the disparity between their absolute strength.

This time, the protective armour of the battle soldier equipment of the young shadow had been smashed and broken down completely by the impact force of the heavy chop. The clan king was astonished that his Critical Leap Strike was surprisingly unable to kill this little ant before his eyes.

It could clearly sense that the strength of these two shadows wasn’t very powerful. However, they possessed an astonishing defense and could thus endure his hit.


The clan king raised his huge hatchet and just at the moment when shadow two was retreating after using eighteen strikes of Violent Blade, it was wrapped with a trace of blood coloured thunderbolt. The clan king explosively burst through the air, chopping down towards the retreating shadow two. And just when this enormous and sturdy hatchet was just about to tyrannically strike shadow two...

"Danger Critical Strike."

Sensing that this hatchet couldn’t be stopped, shadow two, who was facing imminent death, immediately unleashed the Danger Critical Strike.

Next instant, the eighteen strikes were completely unleashed, kicking up a violent wind.

Peng peng peng peng peng peng...

The eighteen successive strikes heavily struck the hatchet, but this wasn’t enough...the nineteenth and most critical strike, which had the strength of all eighteen strikes of Violent Blade combined into one strike, and was wrapped up in profound blade energy, violently struck.


In that moment of danger, the strike containing the combined strength of previous eighteen strikes landed and finally jolted the dwarf witch clan king.

As it happened, when shadow two’s critical strike landed on the right hatchet of the enormous and strong dwarf witch clan king, the right hatchet was thrown away and his body was thrown into the air with an explosion.

Similarly, shadow two who had also been hit by opponent’s incoming heavy blow was forced to retreat back several tens of meters.

Li Yunmu had watched everything happen clearly. His heart sunk upon seeing that even Danger Critical Strike, his supreme skill with such explosive burst in power, could only knock away the hatchet from the opponent’s hands.

Uninjured..... the opponent hadn’t suffered any injuries whatsoever. This was the strength of a king class dimensional monster?

But shadow two’s Danger Critical Strike was sufficient to provide an opening.

Young shadow, who had been thrown away to the other side, immediately grabbed this opening and flux energy erupted through its whole body while it rushed towards the clan king who had been falling from mid-air.

Violent Blade!

First strike, second strike, seventh strike, thirteenth strike, eighteenth strike…. Eighteen strikes. Availing itself of the opportunity that the opponent couldn’t use its strength properly, the young shadow successively launched its strikes with each strike heavier than the last, each chop quicker than the last. Within seconds, all eighteen successive strikes landed on the clan king’s body.

Still not enough..... Actually, after being upgraded to the fourth layer, the combined power of the eighteen successive strikes had reached an absolutely terrifying level.

Li Yunmu was fully convinced that even a fluxer who had congealed his golden armour would’ve been unable to resist these eighteen strikes.

However, even after being struck by these eighteen strikes, only a part of clan king’s twelve coloured rainbow crystal armour dimmed slightly. After these eighteen strikes, the war blade in its hand finally crumbled into pieces. But he still wasn’t Li Yunmu’s astonishment, the little shadow kicked with its one foot straight towards it. Surprisingly, at this moment, it had unleashed the Wind God Tornado Kick.

The heavy kick landed perfectly on the clan king’s body falling in mid-air, sending it back up half a meter in the air. It was then followed by a second kick, then a third kick, then a fourth kick.....

When the little shadow unleashed the Wind God Tornado Kick, at this moment, the attack speed of each kick was slower compared to the last one, as if moving in a slow motion. But then again, every kick seemed to contain more strength than the last.

However, when it continued to launch kicks one after another, each time when he spins his leg to launch the kick, the Wind God Tornado Kick would produce the whirlwind locking effect.

That’s right, this was just the special characteristic of the Wind God Tornado Kick. When each kick was followed by another, the special effect of whirlwind locking would be strengthened by a little each time. This was the reason why although the Wind God Tornado Kick Skill would often be easily broken down by the target, once the stacking reaches the fourth kick, it would be unstoppable!

When the enemy loses all stable footing because of the whirlwind locking effect, after the ten successive kicks of the wind god, it would certainly give rise to despair in the enemy’s heart.

The enemy could sense that he could only helplessly endure the ten kicks without any ability to counterattack. This was an absolutely unrivalled effect of the Wind God Tornado Kick.

Until now, Li Yunmu had always felt that this kicking skill classified as an A Grade battle skill by the system had mediocre power. Apart from the whirlwind effect and increasing movement speed, this skill’s destructive power was only so-so. It was far from being comparable to Admiralty Cover’s defensive power which was similarly an A Grade skill.

However, all his previous doubts were completely erased at this moment.

Opportunity, this was absolutely the only opportunity! One good opportunity to wipe out this twelve coloured rainbow king class dimensional monster! Li Yunmu’s heart began to thump loudly.

He kept staring blankly at the young shadow who had kicked the clan king that was bound by the whirlwind more than a dozen meter high, launching one kick after another. Next instant, as he woke up from his daze, he instantly grabbed this opportunity.

He didn’t spectate any longer as his consciousness directly descended into the body of shadow two. At this moment, shadow two had completely lost all its strength after launching the Danger Critical Strike and was lying far away on the ground.

However, even if its vitality had been completely used up, Li Yunmu’s vitality was still there. Moreover, the battle soldier equipment still provided shadow two a five times amplifying effect to its strength and speed.

Enough, this should be enough... Li Yunmu’s mind shuddered. Next, he hooked up with shadow two and initiated Charged Assault and rushed madly towards the distant clan king falling in air.

He must connect, definitely must connect!

Currently, the young shadow had already completed the ten wind god kicks. It was falling back to the ground together with the clan king. Right at this moment, Li Yunmu, who had been wildly rushing with the limited support of the battle soldier equipment, finally reached their location.

"Wind God Tornado Kick....."

He used his full strength to launch the first kick, which landed perfectly on the huge body of the clan king.

Second kick…...Li Yunmu kicked once again. Because the flux energy in this body had been almost used up, only after launching two successive kick did he finally stabilize himself to continue with the falling clan king.

Third kick.....success!

After the three kicks were continuously launched, the quickly disappearing whirlwind locking effect strengthened by a bit. Then came a fourth kick, fifth kick, seventh kick, tenth kick; Using the ten kicks of the wind god, Li Yunmu managed to lock the clan cking in the air again.

"Young shadow!"

Li Yunmu bellowed.

Young shadow didn’t betray his expectations. If this had been shadow two, whose shadow spirit didn't have enough experience, then perhaps it would’ve been unable to connect. However, young shadow was different. It didn’t require any instructions from Li Yunmu and had already unleashed Charged Assault and rushed towards the clan king, launching the first form of the Wind God Tornado Kick as the main strike of the Charged Assault.

The kick, whose power was amplified by 50%, pushed the clan king’s falling body back upwards.

Li Yunmu, who had fallen to the ground, began to tremble with excitement. The legendary king grade monster of the Fifth Dimension had been finally defeated by him.

The even more exciting discovery was about the Wind God Tornado Kick which was counted an A Grade skill by the system. Its truly terrifying characteristic wasn’t its power, but rather, the whirlwind locking effect which increased with every form.