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Chapter 76: Not Even Worth A Fart

Chapter 76: Not Even Worth A Fart

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The number of casualties from Lucky Star Battle Squad had been disastrous. Additionally, their earning were not great; so naturally, their cultivation didn’t increase by much. However, excluding Ling Shuang who was an outsider, big Xiong and both his friends had suddenly become stronger and fiercer, stepping over their head. So presently, their hopes lay on Li Yunmu to provide them some solace.

While Li Daxiong and his gang had thrown lots of money and clung to Ling Shuang, allowing their cultivation rise faster than theirs, then what about Li Yunmu?

This guy came from the sixteenth high school and did not have any great background. What kind of place was this sixteenth high school? Speaking honestly, it was the place where examinations for ordinary people were held. It doesn’t have any resources to provide assistance to fluxers who had awakened, let alone speak of providing battle skills to cultivate. Which person that shows the slightest probability of awakening hadn’t already been brought together to the top five ranked schools?

Thus, according to the majority of people present here, although Li Yunmu was also a rookie fluxer of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, they didn’t put him in their eyes. They even subconsciously removed him from their circle.

This wasn’t because Li Yunmu’s attitude was bad, which resulted in everyone hating him. It was because their idea of superiority of social class was intrinsic to human nature. From the beginning, the feeling of being superior was engraved deeply in their mind and this feeling did not change within a short time.

There wasn’t any harm in comparison as there was no such thing as trash, only relatively more trash. When Zhang Ying asked Li Yunmu about how much his cultivation had increased, many people in the surroundings strained their ears to listen.

When Li Yunmu heard this question, he felt a headache coming. For the time being, he also didn’t know what would be the best reply to this question. He couldn’t just inform them that he had opened all twelve flux points as it would definitely attract unwanted attention, which he could do without.

Oh…...couldn’t he just say that he opened the four flux points in both his legs? In any case, he just needed to remove the attention on him. Now that he already has a heavenly world in him and his body also possesses world energy, he didn’t feel like competing with these youngsters for fame.

"Yunmu, he.....should be somewhat stronger than me."

Li Yunmu was imagining all sorts of scenario in his head but hadn’t found a good solution so he hadn’t opened his mouth. But before he could speak, the honest brother thin gave an embarrassing smile and helped him to answer.

"What? He is even stronger than you?"

Another fellow student who was in the Lucky Star Battle Squad as a scapegoat couldn’t accept it. What kind of joke was this. Brother thin had obtained Ling Shuang’s portion of profits; furthermore, he also had upper middle-grade talent but could only open nine flux points. Li Yunmu, this nobody from sixteenth high school, was more formidable than brother thin?

"Ha ha….."

He shook his head without saying anything, only giving a profound smile to brother thin, implying that he had understood that brother thin was trying to protect a fellow squad member’s face. The only complete morons would believe him.

Even Zhang Ying, who didn’t have any kind of prejudice towards Li Yunmu, couldn’t believe brother thin’s reply in her heart.

"It should be the case. Anyway, Yunmu is certainly more powerful than us."

Brother thin replied without certainty in his voice.

He didn’t know the exact number of flux points opened by Li Yunmu. After all, when Li Yunmu was battling, only his two legs burst out with flux energy. However, since he constantly obtained almost half the total profits of the squad by himself every day, then he certainly must have opened more flux points than him. Furthermore, Li Yunmu’s battle prowess was obvious to everyone in the big bear battle squad.

However, everyone considered the uncertainty in brother thin’s voice as his guilty conscience, so all of them just smiled and just let the issue slide. Li Yunmu also didn’t say anything about their reaction. They could think whatever they like. This was an outcome he was willing to settle for.

"Ok, no need to make wild guesses. Li Yunmu possesses extremely outstanding battle prowess. This time, Lucky Wind City’s rank had advanced to 80th position, while he and the entire big bear battle squad had made a huge contribution. Wait for the Lucky Wind Battle Squad to return, then I as the representative of Lucky Wind Great Courtyard will open the fluxer treasure palace. When the time comes, I will provide rewards on behalf of our Lucky Wind City in celebration of reaching a higher rank."

Tang An timely interrupted everyone’s blind guessing.

However, no one earnestly believed the protective action of brother thin or senior Tang An’s words. When senior Tang An had interrupted them from looking into the matter, all of them just thought that it was the good intentions of a senior to protect Li Yunmu’s face and make sure that he wasn’t greatly embarrassed.

All of them had to give face to a senior. Furthermore, when everyone heard that the treasure palace of the Lucky Wind City would be opened in the near future, they instantly began to grow excited.

Although Lucky Wind City’s fluxer treasure palace wasn’t as luxurious as Heavenly Cloud City’s, as there hasn’t been anyone with great performance in the past few years, a lot of precious things must have accumulated there. If they could obtain a C grade or higher flux cultivation battle skill, that would be double or triple of their profit in the wilderness.

Immediately, everyone started to wish that the Lucky Wind Battle Squad would return quickly and began to wait for them.

Lucky Wind Battle Squad’s return was even later than everyone had expected. Afternoon the next day, the battle squad led by Liu Noujie suddenly returned. Luo Jin returned while being carried on a stretcher by his squad members.

Many people inquired about their circumstance, only then did they become aware that Luo Jin had been sneak attacked. If big bear battle squad hadn’t been attacked themselves, then big Xiong and others would probably have no prior information about this.

After learning this, everyone immediately became enraged and began to rain curses on some random city for being a sore loser. Naturally, all of them had only used their mouths to abuse. As for what they thought in their heart, there’s no way of knowing that.

LI Yunmu observed everyone’s reactions and sighed in his heart. Apparently, this competition also had its dark side. Fortunately, he hadn’t associated with these people and had chosen the big bear battle squad. Although this squad didn’t have great strength, at least there wasn’t any scheming behind his back. Big Xiong and his friends weren’t that reliable but their moral character didn’t have many flaws.

"Fellow student Liu Noujie, are you alright?"

Li Yunmu didn’t seem to have any sense of self-worth and directly went to talk to younger sister Noujie, at least that was what everyone else around them thought. However, what made them helpless was that their younger sister Noujie seemed quite intimate with Li Yunmu, goddamnit.

"I am fine, what about you."

"As you can see, I am quite healthy and active."

Li Yunmu laughed teasingly in front of younger sister Noujie and nimbly moved around. His mood was pretty good after hearing the pleasant laughter of younger sister Noujie. What happened to Luo Jin wasn’t his concern, his priority was only that nothing happened to younger sister Noujie.

Both of them kept chatting with each other while ignoring the existence of the others around them. This was more than the other male students could endure. All of them felt that this Li Yunmu didn’t have any sense of shame, he was just too loathsome.

"Ridiculous, how dare this person talk to our goddess like that."

Some other fellow student said, feeling aggrieved.

"Don’t talk about him, this person just doesn’t have any shame, no one among us is as arrogant as him. Hou Wu, this Li Yunmu] doesn’t put our elder brother Jin in his eyes. Presently, elder brother Jin is injured so he can’t teach him a lesson. Don’t tell me you are just going to stand there and let him talk."

The gazes of all male students concentrated on Hou Wu as they all knew Hou Mu secretly liked Liu Noujie. This person had quite a temper, but surprisingly, why was he enduring even after watching Li Yunmu chat intimately with Liu Noujie? It’s really too strange.

"Do you all think I am a fool? Want to use my blade to kill others? My, Hou Wu’s blade couldn’t be borrowed that easily."

Hou Wu only glanced at Li Yunmu once with a complex expression but didn’t try to find trouble for him like he always did. He just coldly snorted towards the people trying to incite him.

Perhaps, others didn’t know, but he, being the second most powerful person of the Lucky Wind Battle Squad, had heard some information in passing. Usually, he would have already run off to teach Li Yunmu a lesson and let the other party know that he could not jump around without strength or the outcome wouldn’t be good.

But now, he controlled himself. After all, when all was said and done, this was the world of the strong. If this Li Yunmu really was as formidable as he had heard, then he, Hou Wu, was very curious to know his true strength.

"Ha ha, why is he hiding his strength? Interesting! Whether that information was true or false, I must use something to probe him to reveal his true character."

"Come come, our training competition’s ranking list is being announced publicly. Heavens! Our Lucky Wind City’s ranking has been raised to 48th position. Why is it higher than the 80th position senior Tang An had told us?"