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Chapter 77: Got A Problem? Let“s Fight!

Chapter 77: Got A Problem? Let's Fight!

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A senior hastily rushed in and shouted. Everyone immediately opened their stellarcomms to take a look and sure enough, Lucky Wind City’s ranking in this year’s training competition had advanced to the top fifty, directly stopping at 48th position.

"Top fifty!"

Tang An fiercely raised his fist. Compared to anyone else, he was more excited as he was the main leader of this year’s Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, so this year’s exceptional achievement was closely related to him.

"Come, everyone. Let’s open the treasure palace."

Lucky Wind City’s fluxer treasure palace hadn’t been opened for four years now. It can’t be helped since Lucky Wind City would always be ranked near the bottom every year. With such performance, who could talk about opening the treasure palace and getting rewards. But now was different, their city had advanced to the top fifty from 130th position.

This kind of performance by any city under Heavenly Cloud City would attract attention. Entering the top fifty meant that this year, Lucky Wind City would receive more resources, which was directly related to the benefit of the small city.

Next year, Lucky Wind City would certainly use this year’s extra resources to cultivate even more outstanding rookies; unlike this year, when they could only provide a war blade and survivor battle armour to the rookies.

Li Yunmu didn’t care about Lucky Wind City’s position. After experiencing the excitement of receiving a godly object like the origin dimensional stone, what else could excite him?

However, he still couldn’t ignore the reward from Lucky Wind Great Courtyard’s treasure palace. Honestly speaking, he was presently quite poor. Although he had received a great profit after defeating the dwarf witch king’s stronghold, he was still very poor…..poor to death. It wasn’t his fault since he had his own heavenly world. Regardless of how many resources or wealth he has, it would continue to be used up indefinitely without end.

He swept a glance at Lucky Wind City’s name. After careful observation, he saw that Lucky Wind City’s rise to 48th from the initial 80th position wasn’t without any cause.

Since Lucky Wind City had suffered sneak attacks on its battle squads, the fluxer guild had decided to provide compensation. This compensation was making the exception of increasing its ranks by ten positions.

Naturally, this compensation was comparable to their previous loss. Although it still far from enough, at least it showed their attitude. Apart from this, the ten cities ranked ahead of Lucky Wind City had been struck off from the list as a consequence of their role in the attacks and thus, Lucky Wind City had moved up from 80th position.

Furthermore, after the descent of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field, many cities saw their battle squads being completely exterminated, thus allowing the Lucky Wind City to enter the top fifty.

"What? Big Bear Battle Squad has contributed the most? Their contribution is even higher compared to Luo Jin’s battle squad which was considered our main strength?"

After seeing the ranking list and looking at the detailed analysis which hadn’t been made public until now, they suddenly realized that the unimaginable had happened.

"That’s right, the Big Bear Battle Squad had killed a large number of dwarf witches. Just based on the number they killed, their contribution is higher than the main battle squad. Fellow student Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang’s perfect close and range combat combination was the crucial reason for Lucky Wind City entering the top fifty. Because of him, the grade of rewards from the treasure palace had been altered. This time, the battle squad with the highest contribution will receive A Grade rewards. Come now, we should all go to the treasure palace."

Without caring for everyone’s shock, Tang An took the lead and walked towards the treasure palace.

Everyone hadn’t expected that when Tang An previously said those words, it wasn’t to save face for Li Yunmu, but rather, that was the truth.

"You led the Big Bear Battle Squad together with Ling Shuang?"

Both Li Zi and Zhang Ying walked towards him one after other with expressions of incredulity on their faces and asked, trying to confirm it.

"Ha ha, do you all believe it now? My brother had been hiding his strength. Those who do not have strength make the most noise while those who have true strength think it’s beneath them to provide explanations."

Li Daxiong excitedly patted Li Yunmu’s shoulder and started talking drivel.

"That’s right, our big bear battle squad’s Yunmu had come out unscathed after battling with a half-step golden crystal fluxer, unlike someone who talked so much about being the most powerful person in the city but now is lying on a stretcher."

Crooked teeth Qiang and Li Daxiong, these two idiots, simply got hyped up in front of an audience. Feeling quite pleased with themselves, they even forgot about his father and directly attacked Luo Jin.

Li Yunmu almost exploded with anger because of these two morons. My god, this was the one trait of the idiot trio which he hated the most. With the bestowal of an A grade reward, the big bear battle squad was already being envied by everyone. Now, this Li Daxiong and his stupid friend have even divulged this information, once again provoking people.

Immediately, Hou Wu walked forward in large strides and coldly gazed at the four people of the big bear battle squad:

"What heavenly battle prowess? What genius? Only able to use your mouth to bark."

"Li Yunmu, today, allow me to test your true strength. Allow me to see the genius who escaped alive from an attack by a half-step Golden Crystal Flux Disciple."

Hou Wu finally couldn’t endure anymore and took the initiative.

The difference from previous times was that this time, Hou Wu was much more dignified and respectful. Previously, he didn’t put Li Yunmu in his eyes and would have dispatched anyone else to deal with him. But now was different. Since even senior Tang An had confirmed the opponent’s strength, then this opponent must be somewhat powerful.

Although he still couldn’t believe that one person’s strength could transform so greatly, he still gave sufficient face to Li Yunmu. Any powerful person was worthy of being respected.

Hou Wu separated from the crowd and lightly inserted his weapon in the ground. Then standing in a formal challenging position, he said solemnly:

"We will fight one bout, if you can defeat me, then I will sincerely apologise for scorning you in the past. But if you can’t defeat me, then your Big Bear Battle Squad must pay the price of insulting Luo Jin."

Following Hou Wu’s sudden challenge to Li Yunmu, senior Tang An and other seniors walking in the front halted their footsteps. Tang An hesitated for a moment but finally didn’t do anything to stop the challenge as he also wanted to personally witness Li Yunmu’s true strength.

The person who formed a perfect combination with Ling Shuang to fiercely lead the big bear battle squad and allowed the Lucky Wind City to enter top fifty. The person who came out unscathed after being sneak attacked by a half-step golden crystal fluxer. The person who had similarly grasped the Violent Blade Skill. With his ordinary background, how did this Li Yunmu accomplish so many things?

"Quit your nonsense, why must our Yunmu battle with you and your half-step black crystal cultivation?"

"Yes, this isn’t fair. Don’t you have any face? You have congealed your crystal armour, how can this be a fair challenge?"

This time, big Xiong and his friends also understood that they have courted disaster by shooting their mouth.

Li Daxiong’s mood sank. He had only said a few things in excitement, why has this person taken them seriously?

Actually, he himself was certain of Li Yunmu’s true strength. Although he had bravely massacred the dwarf witches, Hou Wu had awakened his flux energy long ago. Furthermore, he was a second layer flux disciple who had cultivated several battle skills. He was far more formidable compared to those weak dwarf witches.

"I will not use the crystal armour and my weapons. Li Yunmu, does your genius battle prowess only amount to so much? Don’t make me look down upon you."

Hou Wu completely ignored the trio of big Xiong. Regarding people who had no strength, he didn’t even look at them. Both his eyes were gazing fiercely at Li Yunmu.

"Shouldn’t we not of our own? That would be meaningless."

Li Yunmu was also feeling quite vexed. Why does it have to carry on and on? With his present strength, the challenge by an opponent at the level of Hou Wu wasn’t the least bit exciting. Even if he just remained standing in place, allowing the opponent to strike, the opponent may not be able to break his defense.

However, his lack of interest was taken as him being terrified by others. Zhou Jing, who had always despised Li Yunmu for bothering Liu Noujie, suddenly spoke up:

"What happened? Did you say one of our own just now? Just a moment ago, your big bear battle squad was humiliated our squad captain Luo Jin, humph."

"Less nonsense, we men will battle to our heart’s content today. Only the powerful will be the victor."

Hou Wu didn’t want his challenge to turn into a bickering contest and also didn’t want intervention from other people. Next instant, he stamped on the ground and his whole body crouched like a tiger and rushed towards Li Yunmu, launching an explosive punch towards him.

"Fierce Tiger Out first form, Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist....."