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Chapter 79: Lucky Wind City“s Treasure Palace

Chapter 79: Lucky Wind City's Treasure Palace

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"Is there anyone else who wants to challenge me? It would be better if all the challengers came together."

After blowing Hou Wu into pieces with one punch, Li Yunmu’s battle intent soared as his gaze inspected everyone on scene.

He also felt quite angry at the same time. If they want to look for trouble with him or want to abolish his cultivation like Hou Wu, then he might as well use this chance to settle all such issues.

"You, you surprisingly dared to kill Hou Wu!"

While Li Yunmu had ignored everyone, all the others were silent because of fear. After a long moment, Zhou Jing managed to sober up slightly from the shock and shrieked.

"So what? Only he is allowed to kill me but I can’t kill him?"

Li Yunmu sneered towards Zhou Jing.

"It was clearly just a competition to learn from each other but you killed your fellow student. You are too vicious."

When Zhou Jing saw Li Yunmu sneering towards her, she subconsciously retreated a few steps backward:

"Seniors, he has killed someone, he killed Hou Wu."

"Ha ha…."

Li Yunmu couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this insane women and continued to smile. He didn’t believe that if he could see through Hou Wu’s scheme to kill him, then Tang An, who was a highly experienced fluxer appointed to guide them rookies, wouldn’t be able to see through his scheme.

"Since it was an official challenge, life or death were the only possible outcomes. This matter is now considered settled."

Tang An summarized with a calm face.

The disputes between fluxers were usually settled on the basis of strength. If it was just ordinary comparison contest, then things wouldn’t have progressed so far. But since Hou Wu had decided to initiate a formal challenge, then Li Yunmu blowing him into pieces wouldn’t be considered a crime, whether by the Central Continent government or the fluxer guild.

As for Tang An and the other senior students, they had clearly seen that Hou Wu had attacked without any reservations. Any person who has a keen eye and a logical mind could understand exactly what had happened here.

The only person who can be blamed for Hou Wu’s death was Hou Wu himself since he had inferior strength compared to his opponent. If he desired to kill someone, then he should naturally be prepared to die himself. At this moment, Tang An was both grieved and emotional.

He had never expected that a challenge between members of the same courtyard would result in death. Similarly, he also never expected that Hou Wu would scheme to kill a fellow comrade of the same courtyard.

Their Lucky Wind City didn’t have many newcomer fluxers from the start. And of these few newcomers, many had perished during the descent of the great spell. And now, Hou Wu who was pretty powerful had also been killed.

But it was fine. A person who has such sinister thoughts should be killed. However, the battle prowess displayed by Li Yunmu had stunned everyone. They all had the same thought, formidable, too formidable!

This feeling of strength wasn’t because his cultivation was high, but rather, because of his strong battle prowess. Furthermore, the act of blowing Hou Wu to smithereens clearly showed that his resolve was quite firm, which left a profound impression on each and every person present.

How strong was he exactly?

No one knew the answer to this question. But people like Tang An knew that Li Yunmu still has Violent Blade in his arsenal which he hadn’t displayed. This person was certainly harboring many secrets.

For the first time, everyone had seen a portion of Li Yunmu’s true strength. Their faces were filled with complicated emotions. Some were scared and didn’t even dare to look him in the eye, much less have the intention of trying to find any trouble with him.

When a person was just slightly more powerful than you, you would feel envious and try to compete with him. But when the difference was as large as the difference between the heavens and earth, then you couldn’t even feel envious.

At this moment, many people clearly sensed that the difference between them and Li Yunmu was just that large, that Li Yunmu was too dreadful. Brother thin’s earlier words were completely true. Within a short ten days, he had opened all twelve flux points in his body and his battle prowess skyrocketed!

Then there were some people who couldn’t control their excitement. Their Lucky Wind City had finally produced a genius who would bring them honour and glory. With his rise, they would rise, with his fall, they would suffer. Thinking this, some people were looking at Li Yunmu, who stood at the center, with a shine in their eyes.

Li Zi had never experienced such a moment before when her heart would throb so quickly. Even though she never lacked attention from the opposite sex, those admirers of hers couldn’t compare to Li Yunmu with his overflowing battle intent and the desire to massacre. In front of him, all of them just faded from her mind.

What was strength, this was strength. A powerful person didn’t just have high cultivation. They also had a strong heart filled with overflowing battle intent that was ready to cut down anyone while fearing none.

"Well then, this matter can be considered settled. I will inform the fluxer guild about the situation later. Now, follow me to the Treasure Palace."

Tang An promptly concluded the matter.

All the surrounding senior students nodded their heads in agreement. What was Hou Wu to them, nothing more than a corpse. Furthermore, their Lucky Wind City has Li Yunmu now. They could clearly see that in the future, Li Yunmu’s display of force by killing Hou Wu would remain etched deeply in the hearts of everyone.

Following this, the matter was settled with Tang An’s decision. Only Zhou Jing’s head was still lowered as she could do nothing now other than harbour unspeakable resentment in her heart. Hou Wu had died and died in such a way. She was unable to accept this fact.

But this was not fantasy and reality was cruel. No one could bring the dead back to life.

Everyone then followed Tang An to the Treasure Palace. When the Lucky Wind City’s Treasure Palace was finally opened after several years, everyone looked inside with excitement. At this moment, everyone completely forgot about the recent matter as their minds were entirely focused on the things inside.

Li Yunmu wasn’t an exception, this was too lavish!

But still, compared to the loot he had received after killing the king class dimensional beast, the things inside the fluxer Treasure Palace of Lucky Wind City paled in comparison.

Li Yunmu has something that the Lucky Wind City’s Treasure Palace didn’t have, and that was the origin dimensional stone!

Even all the resources of a small city couldn’t compare to the origin dimensional stone. However, even though Lucky Wind City was poor, it was still considered as a city. Thus, they had some heritage saved over the years.

In the first moments, Li Yunmu wished he could just collect all the resources inside the Treasure Palace for himself. If he possessed these resources, his Heavenly World would certainly expand greatly. Naturally, this was all just his wishful thinking.

"The lord of the city has sent down his command. The big bear battle squad has made the highest contribution and will each obtain an A Grade resource."

"Junior apprentice sister Zhao Lan, you are responsible for leading the big bear battle squad to the area where A Grade rewards are kept."

"Ma Cheng, you are responsible for leading the Lucky Wind Battle Squad to the B Grade rewards’ area. Zheng Zhiyuen, you are responsible for guiding the Phoenix Battle Squad and Lucky Star Battle Squad to the C Grade rewards’ area...."

Under the arrangements made by Tang An, none among the newcomer fluxers of Lucky Wind City were left behind. All of them were evaluated according to their contribution and bestowed rewards.

It could only be said that the achievement of entering top 50 among the one hundred and thirty something cities was so dazzling that even the stingy and miser city lord had surprisingly shown unprecedented generosity.

When the members of the big bear battle squad arrived in the specified region, they discovered that the A Grade rewards’ area of Lucky Wind City’s Treasure Palace was not very large, it was extremely small. They understood that there weren’t many A Grade rewards. This wasn’t much of a surprise, after all, even if these were accumulated through the efforts of all the fluxers of Lucky Wind City, an A Grade product was just too high leveled.

The idiot trio directly went towards the cabinet where flux methods and battle skills were kept. As they slowly opened the door, seven globes flickering with light appeared in their field of view. These were the globes used to pass on flux methods and cultivation skills. These seven contained A Grade flux cultivation battle skills.

Instantly, everyone’s eyes focused on them. The legendary A Grade battle skill. There were only seven of them in the entire Lucky Wind City!