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Chapter 82: Sage Weapon

Chapter 82: Sage Weapon

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"What about when it is repaired?"

Li Yunmu asked with a shine in his eyes.

[After it is repaired, it can be cultivated to the 72nd level.]

Dang, the difference between forty-eight and seventy-two layers was quite large. Li Yunmu seemed to have realized something. He had never expected that actual flux cultivation battle skills would have such a significant flaw. No wonder whenever he compared these battle skills with the battle skills of the same grade provided by the system, it always seemed weaker. So the difference was in this field!

"How many ability points would be required to repair it?"

After finding out the difference in cultivating the skill in both cases, Li Yunmu didn’t have any hesitation. Currently, he had roughly 7,000 ability points.

Before this, his plan was to accumulate 9,000 ability points and upgrade Admiralty Cover to the next level. But presently, it seems that learning this deadly blade skill would take precedence. He indeed lacked a good killing move with explosive power. This Aurora Killing Justice was already powerful enough to be considered as an A Grade. After it was repaired, its strength would increase by another 30%.

Heavens, this was just too monstrous!

[Altogether, it would require 2,400 ability points. Does the host wish to continue with the repair?]


Li Yunmu replied.

Within his consciousness sea, a loading bar related to Aurora Killing Justice appeared. The system worked too quickly and the process was successfully completed within ten or so minutes.

[Repair of Aurora Killing Justice has been completed. Does the host wish to cultivate to the first layer.]


1 ability point was consumed and Li Yunmu truly comprehended the first layer of Aurora Killing Justice’s complete version. He discovered that compared to when he had comprehended this skill in the dimensional space, regardless of whether it was the comprehension of blade energy or the method of operating it, he now had gained a clearer understanding of the first layer.

Originally, the prerequisite to practice Aurora Killing Justice was that one must have opened the flux points in the hands, chest, and stomach, a total five flux points in three regions. But now, opening the celestial flux point was a necessary prerequisite.

The ability points required to cultivate it to the next level was the same as the other cultivation methods. Following which, Li Yunmu didn’t waste any time thinking and directly raised his cultivation of Aurora Killing Justice from the first layer to the tenth layer, consuming a total of 550 ability points.

Even after searching the whole world, this kind of cultivation speed wouldn’t be found anywhere!

Instantaneously, the special characteristic of Aurora Killing Justice appeared after the cultivation reached the tenth layer. This deadly blade skill’s first characteristic was known as ‘Extremely Deadly’.

However, the name of this characteristic wasn’t much of an explanation. Only after carefully analyzing did he understand that the extremely deadly characteristic meant ‘quick’.

After understanding the special characteristic of Admiralty Cover, Li Yunmu did not look down upon the 10% increase in the speed of the blade energy. He understood that sometimes, even a 1% increase was sufficient to save his life. Furthermore, the increase in speed would improve at the threshold of every ten layers. This 10% increase would continue to swell.

After his cultivation of Aurora Killing Justice reached the tenth layer, he didn’t continue increasing it. He was fully satisfied with his current progress. Aurora Killing Justice at the tenth layer was basically stronger, quicker, and had greater piercing power than the original damaged version.

Furthermore, the distance covered by the blade energy had increased from 5 m at the first layer to 15 m. Moreover, this effective distance was not only the attacking range of the skill. Because the aurora blade energy was compressed to its peak, within this 15 m distance, the strength of the blade energy won’t weaken in the slightest.

Li Yunmu couldn’t help but think that this was a simple and high-grade battle skill. This deadly skill only pursued to increase the power and speed of the compressed blade energy. But why was it so simple? The simpler a skill was, the more effective the result it could produce.

Li Yunmu’s confidence was also greatly bolstered. After he joins this newly grasped Aurora Killing Justice with Violent Blade, his path of cultivation would more or less stabilize. The final flaw in his foundation would also be fixed.

After this, Li Yunmu immediately took out the runed battle bow, Underworld Raven.

"System, what is so special about this battle bow?"

To obtain it, he had to renounce Aurora Killing Justice. Since the system had approved of it, then it must have some hidden potential which made it stand out from the masses.

[This is a runed battle bow from the Seventh Dimension. It contains an underworld raven king’s resentful soul as the soldier soul. The people in your courtyard aren’t very experienced and that’s why they don’t know what’s what.]

The system’s faint voice echoed in Li Yunmu’s mind.

However, after he heard the term Seventh Dimension, he didn’t listen to anything else. Li Yunmu knew that the Seventh Dimension that the system was talking about wasn’t the one that all fluxers knew about. It was not the plane on the common boundary with the Seventh Dimension, but rather, it was the genuine Seventh Dimension.

He was completely shocked by the origins of this runed battle bow, Underworld Raven. After hearing that it had come from the true Seventh Dimension, what did this mean?

Using the classification of human strength as a reference, it would be a sage grade weapon, commonly known as a sage weapon! It was far more terrifying than the extraordinary weapons of the Sixth Dimension!

As for Li Yunmu’s war blade from the battle soldier equipment? Honestly speaking, even the genuine peak weapons from the Fifth Dimension, the rainbow grade equipment, couldn’t be compared to this bow, much less his war blade.

Even the runed soldier war blade made of snow steel and plum gold used by Ling Shuang could barely be considered close to the rainbow grade weapon series. These were the A Grade weapons manufactured by humanity, the peak level cold weapons manufactured by humanity.

As for the genuine dimensional weapons, they surpass even the A Grade weapons. The two golden black hatchets obtained by Li Yunmu after killing the dwarf witch king could be considered as genuine rainbow grade Fifth Dimensional weapons.

Thus, after Li Yunmu heard that the battle bow, which was considered as mediocre in strength and kept idle in Lucky Wind City’s fluxer treasure palace, had come from the Seventh Dimension, his mind had gone completely blank. To the point where he couldn’t even imagine this situation.

This system was a complete cheat. A unique sage weapon coming from the Seventh Dimension was only considered as valuable by it. It was no wonder that it appraised the origin dimensional stone as a somewhat precious treasure.

[The host mustn’t get overexcited. Although this is a genuine Seventh Dimensional weapon, it has presently been sealed by some formidable power. Ordinary people cannot see through it and even if you know about it, opening the layers and layers of seals branded upon it is impossible.]

"Then what about you, shouldn’t you be able to do it?"

Li Yunmu suddenly thought of something and instantly used up 200 space elements to upgrade the system’s intelligence to the next level.

If you want to reap benefits, you must first invest. Initially, he didn’t attach any importance to the system. However, the experience these past few days made him realize that as the intelligence of the system increases, it would become his own teacher, who was more knowledgeable than anyone else in the world.

Soon, the system began to upgrade.

The upgrade of the system didn’t take much time, only two hours. When the system’s functions were restored to normal again, it replied:

[The system can naturally open its seals, but it would require a large number of ability points. With your present resources, the seal can only be opened slowly layer after layer.]