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Chapter 87: Li Feng Descends

Chapter 87: Li Feng Descends

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Virtual Dimension World, Thousand Borneo street. Li Yunmu finally found the store opened by Liu Ruyan. The front of the store was quite narrow and it only dealt with one particular business, buying and selling of first layer flux crystals. On the banner of the store, the name ‘Dimensional Crystals Trading Store’ was written in big words.

One business and a small store. Logically, this kind of small store engaging in just single form of business would usually find it hard to do business in the Virtual Dimension World. Even sustaining the store itself would present a big problem.

After all, the Virtual Dimension World was bustling and lively. All family businesses and companies from all over the continent would come to do business here. Thus, there wasn’t any lack of competition. However, Li Yunmu, who had come to secretly investigate, was quite shocked by the scene in front of him.

Surprisingly, a lot of customers had gathered under Liu Ruyan’s banner. With just one glance, Li Yunmu could determine that most of them were f*cking male fluxers.

Instantly, Li Yunmu understood what was going on. He didn’t take the initiative to greet her. Rather, he silently walked past the shop. Just when he was walking past, he heard a young Black Crystal Flux Disciple’s voice:

"Miss Ruyan, here are some black flux crystals. I wanted to sell them but didn’t want to go to a big shop. Hence, I came here to sell them to you."

"I am sorry sir, but we are a small business and don’t have the capital to purchase your black crystals. You should go some other shop."

"No problem. Ha ha. While starting any business, all the pioneers face a similar problem. You should not worry about this. I don’t want you to purchase it, but rather, to act as a middleman and help me sell them. I want a price of 100,000 dimensional coin for every crystal. As for what you actually sell them for, that has nothing to do with me. When all of them are sold, just return the money back to me. What do you say?’


Feeling both embarrassed and hesitant, Liu Ruyan couldn’t reply immediately. From another side however, another fluxer with rather good manners extended some flowers towards her and asked:

"Miss Ruyan, there isn’t much time left until you close shop, would you like to go for dinner with me?"

"You idiot, what kind of dinner are you talking about in the Virtual Dimension World. Would that fill your stomach? If you want to spend money on something, it’s better to spend them on flux crystals. Miss Ruyan, it would be better to have dinner with me in the real world. I also have a batch of flux crystals here which I want to sell through your shop. You can take your commission as you like."

Another burly and big youngster suddenly cut between the two earlier people and invited her while smiling.


Li Yunmu suddenly thought that he was being meddlesome. Apparently, he didn’t need to worry about anything. This was a world where flux power was considered supreme. Similarly, beautiful looks were also considered supreme.

Nice, these people have inherited some fine tradition from the elders of the Dark Ages.

Looking from far away, although Liu Ruyan wasn’t wearing those bulky spectacles like before, she had still disguised her face with makeup and also wore a cotton scarf to cover up her face and conceal her beauty.

However, how could her beauty be concealed with a scarf? Her delicate moon eyebrows and beautiful figure were still enough to attract attention from people. Furthermore, many young fluxers couldn’t help but be intoxicated by her gentle and elegant nature.

Li Yunmu was well aware that she only had the 300,000 dimensional coins given by him to use as capital. Moreover, after removing the costs to lease the shop, she would only have around 250,000 dimensional coins. In other words, it was barely enough to buy 25 first layer ordinary crystals.

He had come with the thought of providing more money to expand her business. But now, it doesn’t seem like that was required. He stopped his steps and finally decided to not go inside. He was convinced that Liu Ruyan had the ability to deal with these sort of situations. As a banking elite, as long as someone doesn’t threaten her using physical force, these kind of situations weren’t a problem for her.

Immediately, Li Yunmu turned around and walked away.

While quickly walking away, Liu Ruyan’s matter reminded him of Lucky Wind City’s Zhang Kai. He didn’t have many trustable friends and Zhang Kai was one of them.

He thought for a moment before transferring 100,000 dimensional coins to Zhang Kai’s stellarcomm account without saying anything. Afterall, the two of them were now people of different worlds.

With these dimensional coins, he believed that Zhang Kai would be able to live his life comfortably. As for whether he chooses to spend it on flux crystal and tries to awaken or spends it like an ordinary man, that was up to him. Li Yunmu wouldn’t interfere. Among friends, it was common sense to not interfere too much with each other’s lives.

Just as he settled this matter, big Xiong’s call suddenly came on his stellarcomm:

"Yunmu, you are also in Virtual Dimension World, great. Quickly come to the dimensional battlefield. We were just about to challenge another battle squad but lacked one person."

"Ok, I am coming."

Li Yunmu didn’t need to think much. In any case, he didn’t have anything to do for now. At this moment, the Cloud Steel Castle was already flying through space, heading towards their next destination, "Devil Ox Valley Battle Zone".

Even if he wanted to use the hack machine, the shadows couldn’t enter the wilderness. Hence, the only remaining thing that he could to do was to enter the dimensional battlefield and farm space elements. Once he thought of space elements, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

Li Yunmu instantly seemed to have realized something, he had never entered battle squad matchmaking. Until now, he had only challenged a single person, but in a match between battle squads, there would be at least five enemies. What if he defeats all of them?

Then wouldn’t he be able to absorb space elements from everyone in the enemy battle squad?

It has to be said that this time, Li Daxiong’s invitation to join his battle squad to fight had made him think of a good opportunity to collect many space elements in one go.

Next instant, Li Yunmu re-entered the dimensional battlefield after many days. He chose the Heavenly Cloud City’s battlezone and soon, Li Daxiong sent him the invitation to join their battle squad.

Just as Li Yunmu was about to accept, the system’s notification suddenly popped up in his mind:

[Ding, because the system’s intelligence has been upgraded to the second level, the system can make a certain amount of modification in the dimensional battlefield according to the host’s current situation. You now have the ability to use the hack in the dimensional battlefield.]

The system once again popped the notification:

[Ding, because the system’s intelligence has been upgraded to the second level, the system can make a certain amount of modification....]

"What? System, you mean I can use the hack machine within the dimensional battlefield?"

Only after hearing the notification twice did Li Yunmu manage to respond.

[Yes. Considering that the host currently only has one way to collect space elements, the system has made some modifications to the host’s actual data based on your current situation. This will allow the host to choose the dimensional battlefield as the hack location, where the host can activate the avatars of both shadows. Here, the host can choose the monster battlefield hack to increase the proficiency of your battle skills or the host can choose to battle in the dimensional battlefield and defeat opponents to obtain space elements.]

Only this time did Li Yunmu completely comprehend the system’s meaning!

After upgrading the system’s intelligence to the second level, the system had unexpectedly included the dimensional battlefield in the list of hack locations.

Awesome, this was just too awesome.

Instantly, Li Yunmu declined big Xiong’s invitation and told them that they could have fun for now and he would join them later. After that, he went to his profile interface.

Within his profile interface, there were three avatars. It included his main body’s original avatar, which was completely unchanged and was built on the data identical to Li Yunmu’s original body.

Another was Li Yun, whose fans had already crossed 100,000. And lastly was the avatar of the second shadow, which was built recently. Li Yunmu had decided to build shadow two’s avatar similar to young shadow’s. With its height reaching to 1.85m, it also had a properly scaled stature and a similarly cold but elegant face.

Although it had different facial features compared to Li Yun, both shadows had the most optimum stature and body build, as well as a cold and callous face. Shadow two’s family name was also Li and his full name was Li Feng. After receiving the system’s notifications, he hastily activated both shadows’ avatars again.

[Ding, both shadows have entered the dimensional arena with proper synchronized data.]

[Ding, shadow one and shadow two’s shadow spirits have descended in both Li Yun and Li Feng respectively. Preparations to enter dimensional battlefield are complete. Do you wish to launch the super shadow hack.....]