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Chapter 88: Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique

Chapter 88: Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique

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"Launch. Select dimensional battlefield as the hack location. Hack activate."

Next instant, Li Yunmu confirmed his choice.

[Requesting to choose the type of battlefield. Requesting to choose the category of weapon and equipment.]

"Type of battlefield is wrestling ring, with war blade as the weapon and armoured soldier equipment."

Li Yunmu didn’t need to think about this. Although he now had the long-ranged sage bow, he decided to choose the most comfortable class for hacking. Using the armoured soldier equipment and war blade, the defense of both shadows would increase by another level. Their offense would also improve greatly. Furthermore, by choosing the wrestling ring type of battlefield, it would ensure that each fight was settled in the shortest time.

When Li Yunmu had completed the above-mentioned preparations, the avatars of Li Yun and Li Feng both entered automatic matchmaking.

The pairing was done quickly and within less than two minutes, Li Yun’s first opponent appeared. The opponent this time was a Black Crystal Flux Disciple belonging to the armoured soldier class. In 376 battles, he had a win rate of 65%.

The win rate of 65% made it clear that the opponent’s personal strength was pretty good, but Li Yunmu was still confused.

"System, based on my present strength, the opponent matched with Li Yun should at least have a cultivation of silver crystal grade, am I right?"

[For any information related to you or your background, the system has taken some defensive measures and deliberately reduced the majority of the shadow’s battle strength. These measures include eliminating specific data about battle strength like Iron Body, Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, rainbow coloured crystal armour, Danger Critical Strike, World Killing Fist, Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, Aurora Justice Killing and so on....]

After looking at this long list, Li Yunmu realized that by removing data about these battle skills, it was equivalent to restraining the shadow’s battle strength. In other words, he could only use some battle skills like Admiralty Cover, Violent Blade, Wind God Tornado Kick, Insect Step, Arrow Evasion, Leap Strike, and Cricket Cut Kick for now.

As he thought about it, realization dawned upon Li Yunmu as he completely approved of the system’s actions. Using this method, he wouldn’t have to worry about Li Yun and Li Feng leaking his personal information. This protective measure would eliminate quite a lot of his worries.

Even after limiting so many abilities, the opponent matched with Li Yun was still at black crystal grade. This was more than enough.

"That’s alright then. Began to hack."

Next instant, Li Yun’s avatar entered the battlefield. By this time, Li Feng had also been paired with his opponent, but his opponent was only an ordinary crystal fluxer with a win rate of 36%. This pairing was made as this was the first time Li Feng had entered the dimensional battlefield and had no previous records.

However, this wasn’t a big deal. As long as Li Feng kept winning, opponents with higher cultivation would continue to be paired with him.

Li Yun and Li Feng both entered their respective battlefields simultaneously. Li Yunmu chose to pay more attention to Li Feng’s battle situation rather than Li Yun’s and started watching his battle.

Because shadow two had come into existence later than shadow one, Li Feng’s shadow spirit had a much lower intelligence compared to Li Yun. So once Li Feng appeared on the battlefield, he charged towards the opponent, following the most basic procedures and unleashed the Violent Blade. First strike, second, third strike.

Not even half of the eighteen strikes of Violent Blade were used before the opponent, who was only at ordinary crystal level, was unable to resist the continuous strikes from Li Feng and was chopped into two.

Even if the system had already restrained more than half of Li Yunmu’s battle prowess, cutting down an opponent of the same level was still like killing animals. It wasn’t that the opponent was too weak, it was just that the Violent Blade had become even more formidable at the fourth layer and had lesser weakness.

With the opponent’s strength of ordinary crystal grade, he simply couldn’t find any weakness in the Violent Blade’s attacking form, let alone think of counterattacking.

[Ding, Li Feng has killed the opponent, absorbing 4 space elements!]

The whole fight hadn’t even taken one minute. Li Yunmu’s vision returned to normal but the expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry could clearly be seen on his face.

Weaker opponent meant lesser space elements. But since the fight ended quickly, it didn’t matter as he could continue the hack without waiting that long.

Soon after the ten minute interval was over, Li Feng entered his second battle. Perhaps, the dimensional battlefield had detected that Li Feng’s last fight had ended very quickly. So this time, the opponent paired against him had a much higher cultivation compared to the last one. This time’s opponent was an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple who had opened nine flux points and had entered 180 battles. Within the same layer, his strength could be considered pretty good.

But he was also of no use. The disparity between the strength of both parties was still too large. Li Feng launched Violent Blade again, following the usual custom. The opponent was unable to even endure five strikes and Li Feng earned 7 space elements.

After ten minutes, he entered his third battle. This time’s opponent was a Black Crystal Flux Disciple.However, Li Yunmu’s attention had returned to Li Yun’s avatar.

By this time, Li Yun had already prevailed over his first opponent and obtained 18 space elements. Just like shadow two, this time, his opponent’s cultivation had increased and was a half-step Black Crystal Flux Disciple that had opened twelve flux points. His strength could be said to be comparable to Hou Wu.

However, when Li Yunmu used the Violent Blade Skill, opponents with strength identical to Hou Wu were still flies. Under Li Yun’s continuous deadly strikes, the opponent died without launching any counterattacks. The battle was over within three minutes and Li Yunmu had obtained 24 space elements.

When Li Yunmu checked the time, he discovered that one hour hadn’t even passed from the time he started using the hack. By now, Li Yun and Li Feng had earned him more than a hundred space elements. This amount would continue to increase as he continued to use the hack machine. Moreover, as the number of shadows increased, his efficiency would also increase.

Soon, Li Yun entered his fourth battle. This time’s opponent was a silver crystal fluxer that had recently opened four silver crystal layer flux points. Li Yun’s battle style this time had completely attracted Li Yunmu’s attention.

Because young shadow had higher intelligence, it had learned a lot on its own. The eighteen strikes of Violent Blade was forcibly reduced to seven stacked strikes of Violent Blade by him. Furthermore, it was followed by the fourth level Insect Step, which provided an explosive boost to his movement speed. He simply dashed forward while switching between these two skills and using other skills like Arrow Evasion, Cricket Cut Kick, and Wind God Kick as support skills. Which was followed by leap strike.

For the time being, the entire battlefield was covered by Li Yun’s nimbly moving silhouette, which was extremely fast and swift. Against the stacked set of battle skills used one after the other, the silver grade opponent didn’t have any option other than to forcibly resist without any hope of counterattacking. He finally lost the fight within five minutes.

The silver grade fluxer felt quite aggrieved. His opponent had defeated five of the top ten most powerful fluxers in a row, so why on the earth did he have to match against him?

The young shadow wasn’t the least bit concerned about the opponent’s reaction. It only cared about gaining more experience in using the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique, it had learned from its master.

That’s right. After Li Yunmu achieved connecting all the battle skills seamlessly and could use them one after another in succession, he named the battle mode where he continuously used skill, "Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique".