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Chapter 90: Effects Of Fame

Chapter 90: Effects Of Fame

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After battling for more than eighteen minutes with his eighth opponent, Li Feng finally defeated him by continuously using Violent Blade while the opponent was unable to get past his defense. This battle earned Li Yunmu 36 space elements.

The amount was alright. Although he hadn’t earned more than ninety points like with Tang Ruochen, but it was still a significant amount. However, the time duration was this battle was quite long.

Honestly speaking, Li Feng’s battle performance wasn’t very impressive. If the opponent hadn’t been restrained by the rules of the dimensional battlefield and could use his crystal armour, then Li Feng would have lost.

But that wasn't the entire truth. Li Yunmu also had to conceal a majority of his strength to prevent information regarding the hack machine from being leaked. If Li Feng had been using its full strength, the enemy would have lost long ago. In any case, the result would’ve been the same.

[Reminder, Li Feng’s battle strength has already reached its limit. If all his future opponents continue to take equal or more time than this eighth opponent, then the efficiency of earning space elements will drop. Do you wish to set the opponent’s battle strength at the level of his seventh opponent?]

It had to be said that after its intelligence was upgraded to the second level, the system had become much more flexible.

However, Li Yunmu didn’t agree with the system’s suggestion. Rather, he set the matchmaking opponent for Li Feng at the level of his eighth opponent.

He was convinced that Li Feng wasn’t just a procedure following robot as it also had a shadow spirit. Since young shadow could progress so much, then shadow two could also do the same as well. This was the perfect chance to train it.

And thus, Li Feng’s ninth opponent was another silver crystal fluxer that had opened four flux points. Li Feng entered yet another bitter struggle.

While on the other side, Li Yun was also battling with his ninth opponent. Its ninth opponent was a silver crystal fluxer that had opened nine flux points. After using it again and again, the young shadow was becoming increasingly more proficient in using the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique. However, it still wasn’t easy to defeat this time’s opponent.

"Wow, Li Yun’s moves are too graceful."

"He has successfully connected all his battle skills in a clever way. Using this set of battle skills, he isn’t giving any chance of counterattacking to the opponent."

"However, he doesn’t seem to be too oppressive. I had thought that he would be moving on to the next battles without any hitch or going to challenge the remaining of the top ten most formidable again. I think leaving out the three female candidates, only Luo Jin and Lin Qingyang remain."

"Ha ha, what is Luo Jin. His strength ranks at the bottom tier among the top ten most powerful. Last I heard, he still hadn’t recovered from his severe injuries. However, Lin Qingyang is quite a formidable opponent. I think Li Yun hadn’t challenged him until now because he is scared."

"Yeah, right. Our YunYun has defeated so many of the top ten most powerful. What is Lin Qingyan? Our YunYun has lost all interest towards challenging the top ten most powerful because they are weak, that’s all."

"You infatuated idiot. I am telling you he is scared. Lin Qingyang is online right now. If Li Yun isn’t afraid, then why isn’t he challenging Lin Qingyang?"

"Hmph, is Lin Qingyang supposed to be some sort of god? Don’t forget that our YunYun is the disciple of a sect that had remained hidden from the world until now. What about him?"

No place in the online world ever lacked trolls. When Li Yunmu, who was watching Li Yun’s battle heard this, he couldn’t help but smile faintly and ignore the matter completely.

Presently, both the shadows were battling in the dimensional battlefield. Why would he challenge someone high profile to obtain space elements when he could do the same by challenging many low-level opponents in the same amount of time.

However, as the number of people entering the spectator area continued to increase, Li Yunmu suddenly thought of something else. Presently, Li Yun’s avatar already had more than 100,000 followers. Hence, charging fees from spectators had been running on his account from the start. Thinking this, Li Yunmu glanced around at the number of spectators.

My god, 17,000 die-hard fans have already entered the spectator area. If each person’s entrance fee is 3 dimensional coins, then wouldn’t 17,000 spectators mean more than 50,000 dimensional coins?

Currently, the only thing he lacked was money. It was clear that this discovery made him excited. If he starts charging a fee on Li Feng’s side as well, then wouldn’t it mean that he would be farming both space elements and dimensional coins together.

When he checked the earning details of Li Yun’s first eight battles, Li Yunmu’s whole person instantly sunk into a daze and his blood started to boil with excitement.

In the first match, he had earned 2,300 dimensional coins. This was because his first opponent was a black crystal fluxer. The entrance fee was only 2 dimensional coins when the opponent was a black crystal fluxer.

Furthermore, since Li Yun hadn’t appeared for many days, the number of people who had rushed over to watch his battle wasn’t that many and the total number of spectators was only slightly more than 1,000.

The second fight, the number of people quickly increased and he earned 4,000 dimensional coins.

Third fight, 7000.

Fourth fight, 12,000.

Fifth fight, 13,000.

Sixth fight, this time, the number of spectators increased explosively and earned him total 26,000 dimensional coins.

Seventh fight, eighth fight…...and if even the estimates of the presently ongoing ninth fight were included, then Li Yun’s avatar had earned a total of 168,000 dimensional coins up until now.

It must be known that Li Yunmu hadn’t done any sort of publicity until this ninth fight but the amount of earnings continue to flow towards him. Furthermore, based on this trend, it seems like it would increase more and more.

"Yes, very good. Now, there is hope for father’s broken legs."

Li Yunmu couldn’t help but raise his fist excitedly.

These past few days, he had been making discreet inquiries. The dimensional elixir to regrow limbs could only be obtained at the Sixth Dimensional boundary and had an extremely high price. High enough that no ordinary man could ever hope to purchase it in his lifetime. While the Fifth Dimension’s fluxers could only look at it from far away.

But now, with the dimensional battlefield’s entry fee system and multiple shadows making profits, it had given a trace of hope to Li Yunmu. This was the first time he had truly felt hope for being able to obtain that dimensional elixir.

If money continued to flow in like now, then whether it was the dimensional elixir for his dad or the large number of flux crystals to expand the area of the Heavenly World, all of them could be purchased with this method.

Within a short time, Li Yun won another victory and obtained 42 space elements. The silver crystal opponent with eight flux points was unable to break the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique of young shadow.

"Heavens, YunYun has already won his ninth battle in a row. The cultivation of his opponents is continuously increasing. I really cannot imagine which fight will he finally lose at."

Tenth fight. This time’s opponent had opened twelve flux points in the silver crystal layer. The silver crystal layer had a total of fourteen flux points that needs to be opened. Hence, a silver crystal fluxer that had opened twelve flux points is considered to be pretty strong within the silver crystal layer.

However, all the spectators were well aware that the opponent still didn’t have the qualifications to win. After all, Li Yun had previously defeated five half step silver crystal fluxers of the top ten most formidable.

However, everyone quickly discovered that this time, Li Yun was forced to expand slightly more effort and the fight didn’t seem to be very easy. Still, no one was surprised since they all understood that Li Yun was practicing this set of battle skills and hadn’t used his full power.

Li Yunmu swept a glance at the number of spectators which had reached 23,000 people by now. Although it still couldn’t be compared to the number of spectators at the time when he had challenged the top ten most powerful, it was still a significant amount.

Tenth battle, Li Yun and his opponent had been sticking to each other like glue and paint. Facing this level of an opponent without Iron Body, Li Yun couldn’t just let the opponent’s attack hit him. Both of them were constantly trying to seize the flaws revealed by the other party.

This battle didn’t seem to be ending in a short amount of time. Thinking this, Li Yunmu returned back to watch Li Feng. At this moment, the number of people watching Li Feng’s fight had already crossed several thousand as more and more people continue to arrive. This was already a significant amount of earning for Li Yunmu. When he carefully observed for a while, Li Yunmu noticed that shadow two’s fighting level seemed to have improved slightly after constantly battling with the opponents at the same level.

Before long, Li Feng settled this fight by chopping the opponent into two. This fight had lasted for 16 minutes and had taken two minutes lesser compared to the last one. Although the improvement was quite small, it was clearly visible.

After ten minutes, Li Feng entered the eleventh battle. However, at this moment, several thousand people suddenly started to raise a commotion in Li Feng’s spectator zone.