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Chapter 95: Didn“t Explode Like Before?

Chapter 95: Didn't Explode Like Before?

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"Three underworld ravens, one for each arrow?"

At this very moment, a commotion was created in the spectator zone after they noticed the fact that one underworld raven descended for each arrow that hit its target.

Tang Ruochen had already begun to feel the pressure.

The situation didn’t look good for him and this moment, Li Yunmu shot his tenth arrow. This time, its target was the only remaining member of the enemy battle squad apart from Tang Ruochen, the hunter.

"Not good, quickly dodge. Do not allow the arrow to draw out your blood."

It had to be said that as the proud son of the Heavenly Dragon Tang family, Tang Ruochen was quite intelligent.

Within a split second, he noticed the special ability of Li Yunmu’s runed battle bow. Seeing the arrow shot, he burst forward with devil step and at the last instant, a silver coloured light burst forth from him and his fist slammed heavily against Li Yunmu’s tenth arrow.

Seeing that the tenth arrow had been stopped, all the spectators breathed out a sigh of relief. Since it hadn’t drawn blood then a fourth raven wouldn’t descend.

But was Li Yunmu finished?

He sneered at Tang Ruochen while standing on top of a tree and shot his eleventh arrow. This arrow with terrifying speed crossed the distance of more than 800 m within the blink of an eye.

This arrow wasn’t only extremely quick, it was also extremely accurate. Everyone held their breaths, anxiously worrying whether Tang Ruochen could stop this arrow or not?

Surprisingly, this time, the target of the eleventh arrow was not Tang Ruochen or the hunter whom Tang Ruochen was trying to protect. Rather, it was an evolved python sitting on a tree not too far from them.

This evolved python beast had a bowl-shaped mouth and was around ten meters long. It had entrenched itself on the tree and had changed its colour to camouflage itself. Unless it moved, the spectators simply wouldn’t be able to discover its existence.

But when the tenth arrow penetrated half an inch into the thick carcass of the python beast, seeing this scene, everyone felt as if they would collapse on the ground.

Could anyone stop Li Yunmu’s arrows?

No, they couldn’t be stopped. As this was a subtropical island's rainforest, it never lacked dimensional and evolved beasts. On the whole battleground, the battle squads had to not only defend themselves from the enemy battle squad but also defend themselves from the monsters on the island.


The sound of the arrow slamming heavily into the python’s body echoed through the battlefield and the huge python was blown away from the tree even with its formidable evolved beast body and thick scales.

Althougn this arrow wasn’t able to seriously injure the python but had managed to draw blood.

Next instant, a fourth underworld raven from the true Fifth Dimension descended through the dimensional crack that had opened at the place where the python was hit.

"Not good, I will have to go all out and advance forward."

Tang Ruochen finally realized that his efforts to assist his teammate by stopping the arrows was futile.

He burst forward with Heavenly Devil Steps as he threw all caution to the wind and rushed towards Li Yunmu's location at full speed. He couldn’t give Li Yunmu the opportunity to shoot any more arrows.

But he was too late!

As Li Yunmu transmitted his orders to the underworld ravens through the sage bow, the four bloodthirsty underworld ravens pounced at Tang Ruochen from all directions.

The twelfth arrow, without any suspense, was shot using the skill, Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, towards the last remaining person apart from Tang Ruochen.

When Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon appeared again, the enormous heavenly dog suddenly appeared in empty space and pounced forward with a loud roar. Before it reached the hunter, its howl had already attacked his consciousness sea.

Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, intimidation!

The hunter was just a trifling Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. How could he resist this deadly bow skill?. Instantly, under the gazes of all the spectators, this hunter was completely swallowed by the enormous heavenly dog.

When the heavenly dog fell apart, the hunter’s lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

Although his body hadn’t exploded, his vitality had been completely sucked dry by the heavenly dog.

"Return back and restore my energy."

For the moment, Li Yunmu only sensed as if he had eaten some supplementary pill with great effects. Just now, more than half the energy he had used in shooting the twelve arrows was instantly restored.

Thirteenth arrow, fourteenth arrow, fifteenth arrow...seventeenth arrow…

Continuing on, Li Yunmu’s hands seemed to have gone into a spasm. Without caring about the flux energy consumed, he shot five successive arrows. However, none of these five arrows were aimed at Tang Ruochen, who was madly trying to close in on Li Yunmu.

Rather, they hit the other evolved beasts within the rainforest and within a moment, five more dimensional cracks to the true Fifth Dimension opened up and another five more underworld ravens attracted by blood descended.

Nine, there was no mistake. A total of nine underworld ravens appeared on the battlefield!

"Finished. Tang Ruochen is finished!"

The several tens of thousands of spectators couldn’t help but mumble to themselves. Every single one of them was fully convinced that Tang Ruochen was already done for.

Nine underworld ravens! How could he still win against them?

This runed battle bow in Li Yunmu’s hand had surpassed the A Grade and was a treasured Fifth Dimensional weapon, a genuine weapon of the Fifth Dimension!

The following events confirmed what all the spectators were thinking when the five recently descended underworld ravens joined the four earlier descended underworld ravens and started attacking Tang Ruochen.

Facing this scene, even if it was someone else from the list of top ten most powerful, they would also be forced to leave the stage while harbouring a grudge.

"Ah ahh ahhhh. If you have the guts, then come fight with me using Violent Blade!"

By this time, Tang Ruochen had closed the distance between them to five hundred meters. However, he didn’t have the strength to advance forward anymore.

Nine extremely savage underworld ravens had already surrounded him from all sides.

"Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skills. Go mad beast! Possess me!"

Finally, Tang Ruochen was forced to use the method he had saved up to deal with Violent Blade and deal a fatal strike to Li Yun.

Shouting this, Tang Ruochen crossed his arms in front of his chest and triggered the extremely formidable defensive skill Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms. Suddenly, threatening golden light erupted from the pair of arm protectors he had adorned.

"Crap, that’s golden crystal flux energy."

"Heavens! Don’t tell me that Tang Ruochen had broken through the silver crystal grade?"

"Look carefully, he hasn’t broken through. He is using the power of the arm protectors he is wearing to boost his cultivation and temporarily use golden flux energy."

As they could see it, Tang Ruochen crossed his both his arms in front of him and a golden light erupted from his golden colored arm protectors, summoning an enormous and powerful projection of a mad beast.

As soon as this projection appeared, it launched a heavy fist towards the underworld raven pouncing on Tang Ruochen.


The underworld raven was instantly blown into pieces of flesh and blood by the terrifying fist. The mad beast then howled ferociously and extended his hand to grab another underworld raven.

The enormous fingers easily grabbed the underworld raven, who was unable to dodge. Next instant, another underworld raven was blown into pieces.

"What is this.....?"

"Another Fifth Dimensional treasure weapon. Don’t tell me this was the basis of Tang Ruochen’s confidence when he challenged Li Yun."

No one had expected that two Fifth Dimensional treasure weapons would appear in this group battle, which had begun so suddenly. Shocking, extremely shocking!

Paying to spectate this battle was completely worth it.

Genuine Fifth Dimensional weapons had already surpassed the A Grade weapons built by humanity. They were only found buried in the ruins from the true Fifth Dimension and other ancient sites. However, Fifth Dimensional treasure weapons had both merits and demerits.

How could some Fifth Dimensional treasured weapon be compared to Li Yunmu’s sage bow which had come from the true Seventh Dimension?

Not to mention the fact that even though he couldn’t use the hack machine in the wilderness these past few days, almost all the small insects and animals in Lucky Wind City’s courtyard had been exterminated by the shadow. This had allowed him to open and unseal up till the ninth minor layer of the Underworld Raven bow, sufficient to summon nine underworld ravens.

"Ha ha, you want to compete in using external assistance?"

Li Yunmu collected his sage bow back and immediately began to spectate the battle while standing on the tree

For what reason? Only because he didn’t need to attack anymore.

What Fifth Dimensional treasured weapon? What mad beast projection? All of them were external assistance, which was only temporary and not permanent.

Just when the spectators were startled and astonished thinking that the tables had been turned. Just when even big Xiong and his group were frightened upon seeing that this domineering mad beast projection summoned by Tang Ruochen had killed two underworld ravens.

Suddenly, the energy and vitality of the two dead underworld crows seemed to have converted into ethereal form and entered the bodies of remaining seven underworld ravens.

"How is it possible, don’t these remaining underworld ravens seem to have become stronger?"