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Chapter 100: Success

Chapter 100: Success

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The power of the eighteen stacked chops of the fourth level Violent Blade together with the final Critical Leap Strike’s power made Tang Ruochen’s secret technique lose its effectiveness. Finally, even though he used his full strength to resist the first eighteen strike, when Li Yunmu used the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike after the eighteen strikes, the final bit of resistance by the opponent was broken.

He had to acknowledge that it was a dangerous victory!

However, he had still won. Li Yunmu hadn’t used the recently obtained thunder dark flux energy in this battle. Hence, this couldn’t really be called a difficult victory.

But this one fight was enough to ring his alarm bells!

When fluxers use their crystal armor, their true strength far surpasses the strength they show on the dimensional battlefield. The higher the grade of the crystal armor, the more difficult it was to overcome the barrier between the different layers. This time’s opponent had fully congealed his silver crystal armor and was only a step away from refining golden flux energy.

If the fact that Li Yunmu didn’t use dark flux energy wasn’t counted, then it was indeed quite hard to achieve victory.

"Taking this fight into consideration, if I use Aurora Killing Justice, dark flux energy, and add the two shadows into the mix, it seems like I can barely fight on even grounds with a half-step golden crystal fluxer. Or maybe I am a little weaker than that?"

But Li Yunmu didn’t feel depressed. After all, regardless of combat strength that allowed him to fight opponents several grades higher than himself, his cultivation wasn’t very high. Hence, he was quite satisfied with being able to fight evenly with opponents three layers higher than him.

But it still wasn’t enough. He desired to obtain at least enough strength to allow him to move confidently in the Fifth Dimension without feeling a threat from anyone. He had to strengthen himself and obtain more cultivation resources. While thinking about this and greeting people along the way, Li Yunmu returned to his small cabin without revealing any information about the result of the fight.

Soon, he took out two items, the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill and the translation manuscript of the language used in the true Fifth Dimension.

"System, help me scan and duplicate this Fifth Dimensional language’s manuscript."

Li Yunmu fished out the secret manuscript containing the translation of Fifth Dimension’s language that Tang Ruochen had secretly lost to him and passed it to the system.

This was a secret bet between the two of them. Since both sides had agreed to fulfill their agreement, this wastrel Tang Ruochen had even kept it a secret from the Tang family. Thus, Li Yunmu could not keep a hard copy of this book. Otherwise, if it was revealed one day, then it would cause a lot of trouble for him.

However, it doesn’t matter. With the system’s intelligence, as long as it spends a little bit time, the system could easily scan and store its contents.

[The system currently doesn’t have the power to assist the host in such matters. If the host wants to increase the abilities of the system, then the system requests the host to increase its intelligence to the third level.]


Li Yunmu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing this. He immediately used 300 space elements to upgrade the shadow hack system without any hesitation. After all, he had more than 1100 space elements right now.

Since he hadn’t been able to store it, he upgraded the system’s intelligence to next level and thereupon, wanted to use another 400 space elements to upgrade the system’s intelligence to the fourth level.

However, the system informed him that the system's level of intelligence could not be increased successively. After every upgrade, the system requires time to be proficient in using all the functions of the new upgrade. Hence, he could only upgrade to the fourth level after ten days. Hearing this, Li Yunmu didn’t say anything and silently waited for the system's upgrade progress bar to reach 100%.

After upgrading its intelligence, the processing abilities of the system had become even faster. It had become even agiler in dealing with things. Li Yunmu didn’t have to wait for a long time for this upgrade. Within roughly 30 minutes, the sound of the system’s notification suddenly echoed in his consciousness sea:

[Ding, the system’s intelligence have been successfully upgraded to the third level. The system has gained an additional function with this upgrade--Shadow Hunting.]

"Shadow Hunting?"

A hint of curiosity passed through Li Yunmu’s eyes. Soon, detailed information related to Shadow Hunting appeared within his consciousness sea.

This newly added ability, Shadow Hunting, made his blood boil with excitement.

[Shadow Hunting:

Shadow hunting’s target: As long as the host places a shadow hunting mark on an enemy, then from a thousand kilometers away, the host can release all the shadows to hunt down this marked target.

Pay attention: Presently, this shadow hunting uses the lowest grade shadow hunting mark. With this, the host can only hunt the hunting target within a diameter of one thousand kilometers. Moreover, this ability can only be triggered during the night!]

After reading it completely, Li Yunmu was extremely excited. Finally, after upgrading the system to the third level, the abilities of the shadow had become even more dynamic. Unlike before when it only had one ability to use shadow hack.

This shadow hunting ability was extremely formidable. It wasn’t like Li Yunmu hadn’t experienced it before. He had experienced it when he had faced a threat to his life from the half-step golden crystal fluxer assassin. At that time, sensing the threat to its master’s life, this shadow hunting ability was triggered within the young shadow. However, the difference in the strength between the young shadow and the golden crystal fluxer was quite large at that time. Hence, the final conclusion wasn’t that great.

However, the present situation was different. Now, Li Yunmu had congealed the rainbow grade crystal armor. Furthermore, he also possessed the Underworld Raven sage bow and had comprehended the World Killing Fist, Aurora Killing Justice, and Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, three killing skills from three different classes. Not to mention the fact that he presently didn’t only have the young shadow, but also had shadow two, Li Feng.

Tsk tsk, even heaven knows that the present Shadow Hunting ability had been upgraded multiple times. The only unfortunate thing was that it was only effective within a diameter of a thousand kilometers. Although a 500 km radius was quite small, as the system gets upgraded, the effective area would continue to increase. This makes it an extremely powerful long distance hunting ability.

Li Yunmu was looking forward to using it!

After being upgraded to the third level, the system had finally gained the ability to assist Li Yunmu in certain other affairs. Li Yunmu decisively handed over the translation manuscript of Fifth Dimensional language to the system for scanning.

Although the Tang family’s translation script didn’t contain the translation of all the words and symbols of the Fifth Dimension, it still provided the translation of about 70% of entire the Fifth Dimensional language. It was sufficient for Li Yunmu to translate the six destroyed runic pages. From now on, whenever he encounters the Fifth Dimensional language in the future, he wouldn’t be like a blind person.

While the system was scanning the translation manuscript, Li Yunmu decisively entered the cultivation relaying globe of the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill and began to practice it over and over again.

It was unknown who had researched and created cultivation relaying globes. Its existence clearly made sure that apart from the specific cultivator, it was simply impossible to spread the cultivation method or battle skill to a third person. Li Yunmu had to accept that the birth of cultivation relaying globes closely fitted the intentions of the rulers of humanity.

If all of humanity acted as one without any selfish motives and every fluxer could learn A Grade or even sage level battle skills, then perhaps humanity would have already become the dominant species on Earth long ago.

However, when thinking of this from the perspective of the person who was imparting the skills to others, Li Yunmu didn’t feel that there was any problem with the current system. Even he didn’t want to impart the skills he had learned to others that casually.

If everyone’s strength became comparable or even more powerful than his, then wouldn’t that be completely outrageous? Wouldn’t he receive threats from people every day?

Anyway, Li Yunmu’s understanding regarding fist techniques was quite bad. This time, he had used 87 tries within the cultivation transmitting space before he gained an initial understanding of the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill’s true essence. This large number of tries caused beads of cold sweat to appear on his body due to fear.

It was a fact that if he had been unable to comprehend this skill after a hundred times, then this cultivation relaying globe would have automatically disappeared. Hence, he was extremely fortunate.

"System, I want to repair this Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill."

[Ding, the system has detected that the Tyrannical Arms Cross Shaped Skill learned by the host is currently only of B Grade quality and only has 37 layers. If the host wishes to repair it, it will cost 3,300 ability points. After it is repaired, it would be upgraded and would be considered an A Grade battle skill. It can then be cultivated to 70 layers. Does the host wish to repair it?]


Li Yunmu had really obtained a pleasant surprise today. He really hadn’t expected that an extremely effective defensive skill of extraordinary nature could truly be upgraded to an A Grade skills after being repaired. With this active defensive skill, his defense would once again reach the next level.

This was a huge profit. He wondered. When Tang Ruochen sees that the Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill given by him to Li Yunmu had become even stronger than when he used it, how beautiful would his expression be? Li Yunmu didn’t dare to think too much about this. Although Tang Ruochen was a wastrel, removing his annoying personality, his moral character was still quite good.

Li Yunmu had successively conned him of three treasures worth a considerable amount of money. At this moment, even he felt quite embarrassed about it. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. Who told that guy to insist on challenging him again and again. That guy really has dogsh*t luck.