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Chapter 105: Two Equally Proud People Meet

Chapter 105: Two Equally Proud People Meet

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Earth, Heavenly Cloud City’s fluxer guild.

At the central transfer plaza, there were many fluxers wearing crystal armor entering and exiting at this moment. However, without exception, all of them had a silver crystal armor.

Extremely few ordinary crystal or black crystal fluxers were found here. The reason was simple, the transfer channel was extremely expensive, causing fluxers with low cultivation to be unable to bear the cost.

However, expenditure wasn’t the only problem that stopped fluxers with low cultivation from using the transfer channel. The most difficult problem for them was that the transfer requirements for traveling through different planes were extremely harsh for fluxers with low cultivation.

Basically, unless one had congealed silver crystal armor or had a strong fleshly body, he wouldn’t be able to endure the enormous tearing force during the transfer process through the transfer formation.

Therefore, very few fluxers with cultivation lower than silver crystal layer were found at the transfer center of every secondary city.

At this moment, outside the plaza, there was a female Silver Crystal Flux Disciple who poised herself tall. She was walking inside with quick steps and followed by two female attendants. The female attendant moving by her right side blinked excitedly and said:

"Master, there are many silver crystal fluxers here. They are all at the same crystal layer as you master."

The female fluxer’s body was covered in a tight fitted and lightweight silver crystal armor that reflected her perfect figure. She hadn’t closed the crystal armor mask, revealing her face which looked beautiful regardless of her expressions.

She was very young, seemingly only 16 years old. Although her face didn’t reveal any expression, her body emitted an air of pride.

Her properly stretched legs covered by tightly fitted crystal armor forced people to look at her repeatedly. However, no fluxer dared to show even a hint of disrespect.

The reason was simple. A sixteen-year-old female who had already congealed her silver crystal armor, with an air of pride around here, definitely had either a powerful background or pinnacle grade innate talent. No one was blind or stupid enough to provoke her.

Facing such a character, even though it was a beautiful female, the other fluxers didn’t have any sudden urge to strike up a conversation with her.

Moreover, the two sword maidens following behind her also had a delicate and elegant complexion and similarly looked extremely pretty.

"That’s natural. Presently, all the fluxers who have the ability to enter the transfer plaza, have a cultivation of at least the silver crystal layer. Generally speaking, these people could be considered as the future elites of our Heavenly Cloud City."

The proud female didn’t seem to put on any airs towards her two attendants and was talking freely with them.

"Wow, master. Look that way, there is a fluxer with golden crystal flux armor. The presence emitted by his body is extremely terrifying. I can feel the oppressive sensation even though we are so far from him."

Among the two sword maidens walking by her left and right, the nature of the one on the left side was extremely cheerful. From the time she had started following her, she hadn’t stopped whispering. The one on the right side could be said to be extremely mature, she had been following behind her without saying a word.

However, her envious gaze shuttled between these legendary crystal armors on the body of fluxers, revealing the resentment in her heart.

"Golden crystal fluxers appearing here isn’t something to make a fuss about. Little Xia, the ones you should pay attention are the ordinary crystal and black crystal fluxers."

The female fluxer, who was more experienced, pointed out to her maid.

"Why? Regardless of whether it is the ordinary crystal or black crystal fluxers, they aren’t as powerful as the silver crystal or golden crystal fluxers."

Litte Xia said feeling puzzled.


The young lady didn’t say any more.

However, at this time, the other maid walking on the right side suddenly said:

"These fluxers with low cultivation are rarely seen here. They aren’t ordinary themselves."

"Yes, these low cultivation fluxers who come out of the transfer channel aren’t ordinary. You both should be careful. Even if you offend the silver crystal fluxers here, it isn’t a big problem. But you must never provoke these people with low cultivation. These people with low cultivation who can come here don’t have good temperaments. If you offend them, you can only blame yourself for courting trouble."

The young lady continued to instruct the two newly accepted maids. This sort of commanding of others was quite fun for her.

Hmph hmph. At home, a group of elders usually follow her everywhere, telling her to behave properly. Now, she can show off her knowledge.

"Ohh so this is the case."

Little Xia patted her soft chest and breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, her both eyes went wide. What they were just talking had happened. It hadn’t been long since the three entered the transfer center plaza and had not even encountered a single black crystal fluxer. But now, they just saw a fluxer with ordinary crystal armor step out of the transfer formation.

"Master, look quickly. There is an ordinary crystal fluxer coming out of the transfer formation."

Little Xia whispered, immediately causing all three to turn their gazes.

And sure enough, there really was an ordinary crystal fluxer stepping out of it, without any higher cultivation fluxers by his side. This ordinary crystal fluxer swept a glance at his surroundings before walking towards another transfer channel in large strides.

The silver crystal fluxers in his way moved half a step away one by one. Facing this ordinary crystal fluxer, they surprisingly yielded on their own? What kind of situation was this?

Instantly, little Xia’s view of the world was overturned after watching this. Shouldn’t the person with a higher cultivation be treated most respectfully than the one who had higher status?

But presently, she saw just the opposite of what she had thought, happen.

"It is not strange. Since he had the qualifications to come here, even with an ordinary crystal layer cultivation, then he certainly has formidable combat strength. Even these silver crystal fluxer may not be his opponents."

The female fluxer indifferently replied. Only, when she saw this person adorning ordinary crystal over his whole body, she felt some familiarity with him.

This person seemed quite conceited and isn’t even trying to conceal his arrogance. Moreover, the slight familiarity she felt, immediately made Chu Qingyu stop moving. After halting her steps, she curiously sized up this person hiding his face. Could it be someone whom she knew?

[Notification. There are at least three transfer channel supervisors secretly paying attention to the host. Apart from that, 70° to the right, there is a young female fluxer sizing up the host with a complicated gaze. Attention host, the system can say with 90% certainty that the members of the fluxer guild have already deduced your identity.....]

After returning to Earth, Li Yunmu had come to the Heavenly Cloud City’s fluxer guild’s transfer center for the first time when he again received system’s notification about his movements being monitored.

Actually, he had already been prepared his heart for this warning notification long ago. Perhaps, he could hide his identity from others by using the crystal armor to cover himself. However, his efforts to conceal himself from the fluxer guild were clearly futile.

But it doesn’t matter. After returning to Earth this time, he didn’t plan to leave the fluxer guild. His aim was the heavenly world of the Fluxer Guild Association. As long as he remained within the fluxer guild’s territory, who the f*ck would dare to deal with him here and challenge the authority of fluxer guild?

Thereupon, he walked towards the transfer channel of the association’s heavenly world without any hesitation. After passing by the three females, he was suddenly startled. The female fluxer whom the system had just notified him about was certainly sizing him up.

But Li Yunmu hadn’t expected that when he looked at her, he would find two acquaintances. Yes, not one but two.

The female fluxer walking in the front was precisely the one he had encountered previously on the dimensional battlefield, Chu Qingyue. She was the female who had dark flux energy and was quite an arrogant and pompous person.

However, the sword maiden following behind her back on the right side was actually Lin Li? Lin Li had failed the half-awakened fluxer test previously. When did she become Chu Qingyu’s attendant?

This world was really small indeed.

Li Yunmu was only slightly distracted. Then acting casually and pretending to not know them, he quickly walked towards the heavenly world’s transfer channel.