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Chapter 113: Underworld Raven VS Hell Rat

Chapter 113: Underworld Raven VS Hell Rat

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One tower badge dropped at first level, two dropped at second level, three dropped at third level, four dropped at fourth level, so according to logic shouldn’t only five drop at fifth level?

But presently fifteen had dropped? Could it be because of that hell rat battle general?

[After host had killed the hell rat battle general, ten tower badges dropped from its body.]

System issued a timely reminder.

"Hmm, that is the case."

Li Yunmu’s mind was jolted. Killing a Boss level creature would surprisingly earn him more tower badges. Awesome, this is really was too awesome.

In this case, maybe there is hope for him to collect 250 tower badges. Then he could exchange them for the Sacred Shadow Female’s virgin blood. Even obtaining ancient freezing rune wasn’t impossible.

Li Yunmu counted the number of tower badges he had collected presently, altogether 25 tower badges. He was still quite far from the required number.

But it doesn’t matter right now, time to go to sixth level!

Sixth level, he hadn’t expected that he would still have to fight against hell rats. Initially, Li Yunmu believed that after killing the dark claw hell rat Boss, he will have to fight even more formidable monsters in the sixth level.

But clearly this wasn’t the case. Although the number of hell rats had increased again and reached fifty nine, which may give a headache to other people, but for Li Yunmu, all of them were just cannon fodder.

However, his expression changed when he saw the two additional huge hell rat general with them. Instantly, his pupils shrunk.

Good god, this Tower of Glory is really terrifying.

No wonder, the majority of silver crystal fluxers from the six major continents couldn’t reach even the tenth level. Looking at it now, even with the elites of silver crystal fluxers wouldn’t be able to clear this fifth and sixth level, let alone advancing to tenth level.

Did this mean that the previous pattern would change and as he advanced to next levels, the number of hell rat battle generals will increase by one with each level?

F*ck, these hell rat battle generals aren’t weak , they are silver crystal layer dimensional beasts.

The bodies of dimensional beasts were already considered as more powerful than the body of fluxers. Under ordinary circumstances, a one on one was extremely difficult.

But presently, he was confronted with two hell rats battle generals and fifty nine savage hell rats?

Li Yunmu thought about the two names on the the challenger’s ranking, Man Tian and Hai Yue. What did these two finally relied upon to reach the twentieth level?

Hard to imagine! 

Fighting maybe.

He didn’t thinking about this issue much and again used a similar strategy. Underworld raven battle bow appeared again and a shot of Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon was launched.

Oh not correct, this time it wasn’t a single shot of Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon, rather three heavenly dogs rolled up in black clouds pounced towards the enemy as Li Yn and Li Feng also received Li Yunmu’s command.

Finally they also substituted the Snow Guzzle Cold Blades in their hand with the underworld raven bow hanging on their backs and shot the Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon.


After all, Li Yunmu wasn’t fighting solo here, rather three identical Li Yunmu’s were battling together. This was an extremely favourable location for shadows.

Three heavenly dogs rushed towards the group of rats, including the two hell rat battle generals who were unable to save themselves and immediately exploded on the spot. The additional one shot of Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon was fired by Li Yun at the location where the concentration of the hell rats was the largest.

Immediately, the three arrows of deadly bow skill instantly killed majority of the dimensional beasts of the sixth level. Even more terrifying thing was that the Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon’s arrow shot by Li Yun, didn’t explode like the other two, rather it was used as "Heavenly Heal".

Instantly, the three of them, Li Yunmu, Li Yun and Li Feng, one by one absorbed the vitality swallowed by the Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon to replenish their energy.

"It can also do this? Equal distribution?"

The use of heavenly heal ability of Li Yun’s shot, however caused Li Yunmu to discover something new. The Heavenly Dog Engulfs Moon’s arrow fired by the shadow had not only absorbed the vitality, it had even distributed it equally among the three of them.


The next scene, however was even more savage.

Li Yunmu’s underworld raven sage bow had altogether nine minor layers unsealed by now. So when Li Yun and Li Feng, these two shadows also triggered the special ability of blood summoning.

Instantly, more and more underworld ravens continued to appear in the sixth level of Tower of Glory. When himself and the two shadows had dealt with the group of hell rats, there were twenty seven underworld ravens at Li Yunmu’s side.

"Wow, haha, underworld ravens battling hell rats, who cares even if they are more in number?"

Li Yunmu was extremely excited right now.

The two types of monsters both had come from true Fifth Dimension, but the twenty seven underworld ravens by Li Yunmu’s side were at black crystal layer, fully one layer higher than the hell rats.

The underworld ravens continued to become more and more stronger after eating the flesh and blood. They had the unique property that the more they battled the more powerful they became. So underworld ravens were far more formidable compared to hell rats.

Twenty seven underworld ravens had dealt with all the hell rats. Then they all together pounced on the corpse of the two hell rat battle generals which had already exploded into pieces earlier.

When they had finished feasting on the two bull sized hell rat corpses, instantly, Li Yunmu felt as if he was seeing something wrong. The first nine underworld ravens summoned by him seemed to become more and more powerful, sending an omen similar to making a breakthrough just before the battle.

Seventh level, sixty nine hell rats and three hell rat battle generals!

But the increase in monsters at every level of Tower of Glory was already unable to catch up to the rate of increase of underworld raven sage bow’s combat strength.

As Li Yunmu had already obtained 3,000 ability points after killing the dimensional monsters in the previous six levels. He instantly used these ability points to again open three minor layers of the underworld raven sage bow with any hesitation. This brought the number of unsealed layers to twelve.

Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu.....


At this moment, Li Yunmu, Li Feng and Li Yun had already collected their Snow Guzzle Cold Blade and were successively firing arrows towards the hell rats.

Nine arrow hitting the target, again summoned nine underworld ravens from true Fifth Dimension. The total number of underworld ravens increased to thirty six, 36 black crystal layer underworld ravens.

Instantly they surrounded and attacked the three silver crystal hell rat battle generals and those pitiful three hell rat battle generals instantly became the food.



Nine silvery lights filled the seventh level. Sure enough, after eating the corpses of the three hell rat battle generals, the first nine underworld ravens summoned by Li Yunmu broke through one after another and each of them reached silver crystal layer and became even more fierce.

Following which, the battle naturally became one sided. With the nine silver crystal layer underworld ravens by his side, Li Yunmu could only become a spectator of the battle.


It wasn’t that he was slacking, rather there was no need for him take action. Not only him, even the two shadows Li Yun and Li Feng were also standing silently on their master’s sides at this moment.

The fight in the seventh level already didn’t require them to take action. The thirty six underworld ravens were wreaking havoc in the seventh level.

Within a short few minutes, Li Yunmu again received 1,200 ability and experience points. Meanwhile, thirty seven tower badges laid on ground, flickering incessantly.

"Seventy six tower badges, time to work harder!"

When Li Yunmu picked them, instantly his mind was greatly jolted. His target of 250 tower badges was coming closer and closer.


However, while Li Yunmu was going on a killing spree and collecting badges within the Tower of Glory. At this time, the matter of Li Sect’s third disciple, Li Yunmu being beaten badly by Tang Ruochen was creating increasingly more commotion at the online forum of Cloud City Warzone.