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Chapter 115: Successive Titles

Chapter 115: Successive Titles

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At this very moment, a red coloured festive post was made on the Cloud City Warzone’s official forum. The post was pasted so quickly after the annoucement that everyone was shocked.

  This Li Yunmu is Lucky Wind City’s Li Yunmu? For a short while, no one dared to believe that it was all true.

But, how could a person who had been unable to defeat even Tang Ruochen, have the strength to advance through the first ten layers of Tower of Glory? And also have this Tower of Glory, make three repeated global announcements through the fluxer association?


It must be known that even if Tang Ruochen was a silver crystal fluxer, he could barely advance to the eighth level. So how can a person who was completely suppressed by Tang Ruochen, advance past the first major hurdle of tenth level with his ordinary crystal layer cultivation?

However, the next set of actions by Heavenly Cloud City, completely convinced all these suspicious people that this had indeed happened without any shred of doubt.

Soon, the another piece of information popped up on the official forum. Heavenly Cloud City’s city lord had just now made a public announcement for all the 136 cities under his command.

Beginning from today, the Heavenly Cloud City’s military had formally and unconditionally bestowed the title of Honorary Lieutenant Commander on Li Yunmu. He would now formally get the status and treatment accorded to a Lieutenant Commander and his family members would gain the unconditional qualifications to reside in Heavenly Cloud City and would also receive the standard protective rights bestowed by army to kith and kin of Lieutenant Commander.

Everyone was completely shocked on hearing this!

Lieutenant Commander, following the information regarding advancing past first ten levels of Tower of Glory, even the city lord of Heavenly Cloud City had bestowed him the title of Lieutenant Commander.

A Lieutenant Commander who was less than 17 years old and would receive all the privileges of top brass within the Heavenly Cloud City.

However, before long had passed since the eyes of people turned red with envy on hearing this information, this time, even the primary city of the Central Continent also made their move!

Within a short while, the primary city of Central Continent also announced that to formally bestow the title of Heavenly Major General on Li Yunmu!

The person himself and his family members would be officially granted the unconditional qualification to reside in the primary city and would be given a Young Heavenly General’s mansion. The city lord of primary city had personally accorded this mansion to Li Yunmnu, naming it as " Heavenly Major General Azure Dragon’s mansion".

Meanwhile, Li Yunmu was also conferred the title of "Heavenly Major General Azure Dragon" of the Central Continent, which countless youngsters were crazy about.


With the privileges and status equal to a Major General, he could even constitute his own Heavenly General Guard corps.

Shocking news!

The position of Honorary Lieutenant General accorded by Heavenly Cloud City was just meaningless glory, he wouldn’t enjoy any real authority or benefits.

But this title of Heavenly Major General provided him genuine supreme glory and excellent benefits.


Just the value of the Major General Mansion given to him by the city lord of primary city would be astronomical. After all, the prices of land in the primary city are terrifyingly expensive.

Moreover, this title of Heavenly Major General wasn’t without substance. Apart from representing supreme glory and status on the Central Continent, it also provided him formidable authority and powerful privileges. The Central Continent allowing him to form his own Heavenly General Guard Corps, was just one of these real privileges.

Not to mention the fact that the title of Heavenly Major General was held by only thirty people among all the fluxers from the entire Central Continent who had come to Fifth Dimension this year.

Not long ago, Xie Qianxue and Wang Ming became one of those who were granted the title of Heavenly Major General. But presently, another person from Heavenly Cloud City had obtained that title and that was Li Yunmu.

This time, those people with malicious intentions who were ready to believe it, also didn’t have the confidence anymore. In front of the supreme glory and the title, regardless of whatever method they used to shame Li Yunmu, it was completely useless.

Shock, regret, receiving the series of information conferring titles, multitudes of thoughts were racing through everyone’s mind.

However, before everyone could digest the series of titles conferred to Li Yunmu by Central Continent and Cloud City.

Suddenly, the most formidable War God Temple on Central Continent followed the suit and made a proclamation:

"From today, Li Yunmu’s name will be included as contestant of War God Temple’s trial by fire, giving him the qualifications to enter the trial of fire held by War God Temple."

This time, everyone became numb.


Only now, every fluxer became realized the significance of advancing past the Tower of Glory’s first ten levels with a cultivation of ordinary crystal layer.

Many people simply hadn’t anticipated that fluxer guild’s announcement of Tower of Glory would surprisingly mean this sort of incomparable supreme glory?


They also knew that not long ago, when Xie Qianxue and Wang Ming had charged past the twentieth level of Tower of Glory, although they had also been conferred titles by the Central Continent, but it wasn’t as magnificent as right now, when Li Yunmu was being conferred titles.

Not to mention that the two of them had charged past the twentieth level relying on their silver crystal layer cultivation, but Li Yunmu was completely different. He was an ordinary crystal fluxer. The difference between the cultivation of both parties was full three layers, moreover his background also wasn’t as extraordinary as them.

But presently, he had advanced past the tenth level at the lowest layer of cultivation.

"Damn, War God Temple, this time even War God Temple had taken action."

"Yes, even Xie Qianxue and Wang Ming also didn’t possess the qualifications to gain approval of War God Temple. However, this Li Yunmu is able to gain the approval of War God Temple, this is just too shocking."

"This is what really mean by battle prowess shooting through heavens. If his battle strength hadn’t been extremely formidable, how would he be able to gain War God Temple’s approval.

"Li Yunmu has finally obtained the heavens. This mysterious Li Sect, how powerful is it exactly? Those morons from before, do you still dare to claim that Li Yunmu lost to Tang Ruochen?"

"Haha, a trifling person of Heavenly Dragon Tang family belonging to the top ten most powerful also dares to claim that he has badly embarrassed a Heavenly Major General? Are you sure, you haven’t lost your mind completely?"

"A person who had gained War God Temple’s approval, a Heavenly Major General lord who has terrifying battle strength. Can any of you weaklings reach his level."

The announcements made by Heavenly Cloud City, Central Continent’s primary city and War God Temple, created a commotion at the Cloud City Warzone’s official forum.


Even those high level experts who usually appeared only in some special events, had also come out one by one this time because of the commotion. However, they weren’t elegant and cold like their usual self, rather were completely confused about what to do now.


The repeated announcements all over the world including Central Continent, the news about the series of titles conferred, all of these left these fluxers cultivating secretly, gobsmacked.

As for the previous joke that Tang Ruochen had defeated Li Yunmu, how can these powerful people not see the difference of strength between the two parties. However, they hadn’t appeared at that time, because Li Yunmu didn’t had the qualifications, but presently everything had changed.

The position of Heavenly Major General conferred by Central Continent was only conferred to thirty six people every year. Each position represented huge potential and glory for newcomer fluxers.

When someone had cultivated to the next layer, then the position of that person will be left vacant and later someone else from the newcomer fluxers will be chosen.

Only the thirty six fluxers who had the most formidable battle strength and highest potential in the entire Central Continent will have the qualifications to be conferred a title of Heavenly Major General and would be bestowed a heavenly general mansion with special name.

Moreover presently, since Li Yunmu had advanced past the first ten levels at the lowest level of cultivation. He was instantly granted the title of Heavenly Major General. From this, it could be clearly seen how much the Central Continent approved of Li Yunmu.

But there was also more to it. The War God Temple which had never based its decision on fake glory, rather only relied on the combat strength, had also given the sacred qualifications to Li Yunmu to enter. This information had completely shocked those fluxers cultivating bitterly in secret.

If the title of Heavenly Major General Azure Dragon granted by Central Continent wasn’t enough to illustrate Li Yunmu’s potential and battle strength, then the sacred invitation of War God Temple had completely proved his abilities leaving no shred of doubt!