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Chapter 116: Don“t Be Scared, Be Strong!

Chapter 116: Don't Be Scared, Be Strong!

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 At this moment, Li Yunmu had started advancing towards eleventh level. The increase in level of difficulty between the previous three levels, eighth, ninth and tenth wasn’t extremely huge.

The eighth level had four silver crystal hell rat battle general, the ninth had five. Even if the group of ordinary crystal layer rats is ignored, still a silver crystal fluxer, by himself, had to fight against five peak silver crystal dimensional beasts, who also had formidable bodies, to advance to the next level.

This is also the reason why Tang Ruochen who was an elite among elites, could go no farther than eighth level. It wasn’t because he was weak, rather because the enemy was far more formidable.

However, Li Yunmu was different. He mentally assessed that even if he didn’t use a super weapon like underworld raven sage bow, he would still be easily clear the ninth level with his personal strength.

There was no why, only because after the addition of king’s crystal armour to his arsenal and with the heavenly world absorbing damage, presently his four layer defense system had caused his defensive power to shoot through the roof. 

Increased to what extent, you say?

Even a hell rat battle general whose sharp claws could easily tear apart silver crystal armour, were still unable to break his defense, after he gave it a try previously. At that time, he purposely didn’t move from his position, yet the claws had no effect.

Unrivalled defense, makes things extremely simple.

These hell rat battle generals who were famous for their sharp claws had even used their full strength, but still they could pierce through the king’s crystal armour, his second layer of defense.

Apart from this, the hell rat battle generals couldn’t even reach Li Yunmu’s last two layers of defense, the iron body and heavenly world which could absorb damage. In other words, presently his defense was powerful enough to survive under an all out attack by elites at the peak of silver crystal layer. Probably, they also wouldn’t be able to break his second layer of defense or at most, barely touch the third layer.

Too awesome!

Naturally, Li Yunmu’s pride was completely crushed soon. Because, next he encountered the first major hurdle at tenth level.

Why had Li Yunmu attracted the attention of entire Central Continent and even War God Temple who only favoured the ones with battle potential, when he cleared the tenth level?

This question wasn’t without reason. The answer lied in the opponents against him in the tenth level. This level had altogether ninety nine first layer hell rats, five silver crystal hell rat battle generals and there was still one more....a golden crystal layer dark claw hell rat emperor.

Yes, it was a hell rat emperor. He hadn't seen wrong, it was a dimensional beast with cultivation equal to a golden crystal fluxer, however its physical body was quite formidable compared to human fluxers. Their extremely tyrannical body was the main reason why the disparity between dimensional beast and same layer fluxer was so huge.

And the hell rat emperor, a dimensional beast at golden crystal layer represented the pinnacle battle strength of the fourth layer with its formidable body and powerful battle prowess.

If Li Yunmu hadn’t had the underworld raven sage bow or the two shadows, Li Yun and Li Feng didn’t exist and had to fight on his own, then probably he would have lost here.

Tenth level, at this moment, regardless of whether it was the dark claw hell rats or hell rat battle generals, they were all just cannon fodder. In Li Yunmu’s eyes, there was only one target, the hell rat emperor who was enormous in size almost comparable to a recreational vehicle.

This one fight, Li Yunmu battled ferociously at the tenth level. The formidable strength of the opponent plus the increased difficulty at tenth level had provoked the pride and desire to battle in him.


This one fight, Li Yunmu directly commanded all the underworld ravens from stay behind and watch from far away. While he and the two shadows, instead rushed forward without glancing back. After they reached the hell rat emperor, the heaven shaking battle began.

Naturally, using heaven shaking was quite an exaggeration here. But from this, the intensity of this battle could be clearly felt.

As for why Li Yunmu had made the unreasonable decision of making the underworld ravens stay away while he and the two shadows battled with the hell rat emperor? No he didn’t make this decision, because he was mentally ill or had eaten something wrong.

Rather he just wanted to battle at his full strength without the assistance of a cheat weapon like the seventh dimensional underworld raven sage bow. He just desired to battle directly with the hell rat emperor without any tricks so as to test his true battle strength presently.

Because he himself didn’t know that how effective was their group of three fighting at full strength while cooperating with each other was?

Admiralty Cover, Iron body, king’s crystal armour were fully activated!

Violent Blade Skill, Insect Step, Arrow Evasion, Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, Tyrannical Cross Shaped Arms Skill, Compacted Aurora Killing Justice, World Killing Fist, regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu or Li Yun or Li Feng, all of them were using all the skills to their limits, in this battle.

Even the thunder dark flux energy which he hadn’t used until now, was also being used to its full strength. He had restricted the use of sage bow, Wind God Kick as well as Danger Critical Strike.

Li Yunmu and the shadows were keeping nothing in reserve, in this battle, especially the dark flux energy which he was using the first time. The World Killing Fist launched by him using iron like hard fists, not only contained the sealing space energy, but also terrifying blue coloured electricity.

His fists were covered with deep blue coloured frightening thunder which were compressed to their limits into small threads of electricity. Although their overall amount was very huge, but the damage caused to the hell rat emperor was extremely terrifying.


Since the difference between both sides was too large, Li Yunmu’s World Killing Fist was unable to seal the movements of the hell rat emperor. The opponent was a house sized beast running towards him, every time they collided, an enormous impact force would be transferred to his body.


Li Yunmu’s heavenly world was still small. Despite that, as long as the sealing energy was 20%-30% effective, it was fully sufficient.


He dashed forward while switching between Arrow Evasion and fourth level Insect Step. Li Yunmu kept launching his terrifying electric feast one after another, attacking the frighteningly formidable body of the hell rat emperor.

Moreover, Li Yunmu still continued to attack with his most optimal battle technique, the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique. He kept using Insect Step, Charged Assault, Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike like torrential rain and howling winds, each strike swifter and faster than last one, then occasionally he would use Arrow Evasion to dodge the attack to his vital organs and launch another offense like a wild wind, from another side.


Every time he attacked, he didn’t deal much damage, but was extremely swift. For the time being, both Li Yunmu and Li Yun, kept using this strategy to attack hell rat emperor.

As for Li Feng, Li Feng’s movements were even more simple. it didn’t use either the World Killing Fist or Violent Blade Skill, it used the Compacted Aurora Killing Justice together with occasional use of Critical Leap Strike and jumped high in the air and struck it head on. The power of the chop even exceeded Aurora Killing Justice.

It can’t be denied that among the three of them, one person and two shadows, the highest damage dealer was Li Feng. Regardless of whether it was Compacted Aurora Killing Justice or normal Aurora Killing Justice.

When the Snow Guzzle Cold Blade grasped in his both hands, laced with layer of blade energy and thunder energy, chopped down, he caused great damage to the hell rat emperor.

Thus, Li Feng was also the one who received the terrifying counterattacks of the hell rat emperor. When the fourth layer golden crystal hell rat emperor’s counterattacked with its extremely tyrannical physical body, that was absolutely frightening.

Silver crystal grade hell rat battle general’s sharp claws could easily tear apart silver crystal fluxer’s crystal armour, let alone speak of this incomparably formidable hell rat emperor. Its every claw attack was filled with enormous energy and moved with terrifying speed as well as could deal great damage.

Even if Li Feng had four layer defense system and the heavenly world to absorb damage, but still it was extremely difficult for him to resist this thunderous punch alone.