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Chapter 120: Great Confidence

Chapter 120: Great Confidence

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Infant Shadow Female Ancestor, what kind of abilities did she have?

Li Yunmu didn’t need to wait for long. The system’s next explanation regarding her extraordinary abilities allowed him to quickly understand why the old man had assessed this little Shadow Female Ancestor’s worth to be greater than that of the Seventh Dimension’s Underworld Raven Sage Bow.

Actually, the Shadow Female Ancestor didn’t have many abilities, only two.

The first one was mentioned by the system just now - Shadow. She could walk between the cracks of all dimensional spaces, without anyone ever seeing her unless she willed them to. Even a Battle Sage couldn’t discover her existence.

This was an extraordinary ability, extremely extraordinary. Although it didn’t directly affect her combat strength, but what kind of entities were battle sages?

They were the supreme existences under the heavens. It was said that no person could rival a battle sage, and this wasn’t some exaggeration. But even these supreme existences, whose battle prowess surmounted the heavens, couldn’t see through this Shadow ability.

Then what was the Shadow Female Ancestor’s second ability?

It was Replication!

Yes, Li Yunmu hadn’t heard wrong, she could really replicate others’ cultivation bases!

However, there was a restriction on this ability due to Shadow Female Ancestor’s infant body. Right now, she could only duplicate the cultivation of any human of the Ordinary Sage level and below it.

It has to be said that after Li Yunmu discovered this second ability of the Shadow Female Ancestor, he was extremely scared. This little thing could do such a thing?

She could really accomplish what the system had informed him right now, duplicate the cultivation base of any human under or equal to Ordinary Sage level?


At this moment, Li Yunmu finally realized why the system’s assessment had been so high.

Although, the shadow female didn’t have many abilities, being an infant, but the few she had were already frightening.

No flux cultivation battle skill could compare to them. These two abilities, not only had Li Yunmu never seen them personally, he hadn’t even heard of them.

The inner vitality of female ancestor of the Seventh Dimension’s Shadow Clan neared that of deities. It was extremely terrifying.

"System, you mean that she can completely replicate the power of an ordinary sage’s cultivation base and transform it into her own?"Li Yunmu asked, with his heart throbbing wildly.

When he looked at the small female, which was sitting on his shoulder and playing with a piece of cloth with curiosity, he could only feel great terror.

Who would have thought that this female who looked like a little baby would turn out to be so frightening.

[This isn’t the complete explanation, what you are thinking is wrong. Although Shadow Female Ancestor can replicate the cultivation of an ordinary sage, if she wants to use this sort of power which surpasses her infant body’s capability, then she could only pour the excess power into you,] the system aptly replied.

After the many explanations, Li Yunmu finally understood what kind of an ability this Replication was.

According to the system’s explanation, Shadow Female Ancestor’s ability to replicate a cultivation base worked in a simple manner. She would first locate her target and silently merge with their shadow, following which she would quietly replicate their cultivation base.

At this moment, because she had transformed into Li Yunmu’s shadow after absorbing his blood, the cultivation base she possessed was that of Li Yunmu. Speaking frankly, right now she only had the strength of an ordinary crystal fluxer, but what if she replicated the cultivation base of a sage, then how would she use that terrifying power?

The answer was—by receiving a lot of energy. In other words, she would require Li Yunmu to pour in a sufficient amount of space elements to allow her to surpass her body’s limitations and display the power of the cultivation base she had replicated.

After comprehending this, Li Yunmu couldn’t help but feel a little despair. Yet he also secretly breathed a sigh of relief. At least, this ability wasn’t as terrifying as he had thought previously.

At the same time, it was a frightening news for humanity. If these higher dimensional life-forms could really replicate the power of battle sages and use it whenever they wanted, then humans were just like toys in front of them.

Even so, Li Yunmu was extremely excited. It didn’t matter that he would have to pour in space elements, since the most important thing was that this Shadow Female Ancestor could replicate the cultivation base of a sage.

In other words, as long as he possessed enough space elements to allow her to show her full power, then wouldn’t he have a sage level existence by his side?

When Li Yunmu thought about this, his sense of security was boosted greatly.

Until now, he had lacked a formidable power which could act as his backer, somebody or something whose name would protect him. But now, based on the system’s words, this little Shadow Female Ancestor could surprisingly accomplish it.

Li Yunmu was excited enough that he wanted to shout loudly!

If currently he didn’t have to continue advancing in the Tower of Glory, his first priority would have been to return to Earth to find a formidable person who could act as a target. Then he would have commanded the Shadow Female Ancestor to replicate his cultivation base. Until this goal had been achieved, all other matters would have had to wait.

"Good, very good, you really aren’t a demon but a precious treasure on which I spent more than two hundred tower badges."

Li Yunmu couldn’t control himself and, picking up the little Shadow Female Ancestor, fiercely kissed her.

Naturally, he didn’t have any malicious intentions, he was just too excited. Even if he had any, given her small, infant-sized body, all of those thoughts would have been useless.

However, being kissed so suddenly by Li Yunmu, the little Shadow Female Ancestor, whose little face was left covered in saliva, seemed pretty uncomfortable. Her cute and confused face clearly illustrated that she didn’t understand what Li Yunmu was trying to do.

The little Shadow Female Ancestor was distracted for a moment more, then she climbed up Li Yunmu’s big hands. With her two small ones she took hold of his fingertip, as if thinking of sucking blood again.

"Oh my…"

Li Yunmu was frightened by her actions. He hurriedly stopped her, putting her on his shoulder again. F*ck! Even after sucking his body dry just a moment ago, she was still thinking of devouring more.

"Little Treasure, don’t move. Umm... Your name will be Li Ying from now on."

Once the Shadow Female Ancestor—no, she was called Li Ying now—heard Li Yunmu’s words, she opened her mouth without understanding anything, as if trying to speak the name Li Ying.

However, she was a Shadow Clan’s being in the end, and she couldn’t speak human words.

After nourishing Li Ying, this treasure, successfully, Li Yunmu felt that he was filled with unprecedented self-confidence. F*ck yeah, as long as she replicated the cultivation base of a sage, whom would he need to fear in the future.

Soon, Li Yunmu walked out of his heavenly world and went to the halo. The Eleventh level! Here, Li Yunmu saw the first major change in the dimensional monsters. They were no longer hell rats but rather nine harpies.

"Damn, second layer dimensional beasts appeared on eleventh level?" Li Yunmu cried out in surprise.

Every five levels there was minor boss, and every ten levels there was a major boss. But this Tower of Glory’s increase in difficulty was certainly frightening. Heavens only knew how Man Tian and Hai Yue had reached twentieth level just by relying on their ordinary crystal fluxer cultivation.

It must be known that this eleventh level had nine second layer black crystal dimensional beasts, which surpassed Li Yunmu’s cultivation by a full layer. Furthermore, there were nine of them, and this was really terrifying.

However, this level of difficulty wasn’t a problem; it wasn’t anything Li Yunmu couldn’t deal with. But when had that not been the case. And Man Tian and Hai Yue had also accomplished this, so why shouldn’t he be able to do so.

There was no point to waste energy here, for just the fifty-one underworld ravens, who had already broken through silver crystal layer, were sufficient to clear the road for Li Yunmu.

"Go, kill them all for me."

After obtaining sufficient tower badges and successfully nurturing the Shadow Female Ancestor, his main priority had been accomplished. All the tower badges he earned from on would be pure profit.

And since the flux ancestor had created such a huge treasure house, then if Li Yunmu didn’t make enormous profit from entering it, he would be disappointed in himself.