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Chapter 121: Crazy

Chapter 121: Crazy

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According to the information written in the book of monsters, harpies were black crystal humanoid monsters from true Fifth Dimension. Due to their human-like shape, they were quite weak and comparatively easy to kill.

But this evaluation was just theoretical. Same as with the dwarf witches, if they assembled in large numbers, then killing them wouldn’t be so easy. Rather, they would become extremely frightening and even take one’s life.

The harpies were classified into five different types based on the abilities they could use.

The first type was the windblade harpy. They would use their whole body’s flux energy and compress it into swift and sharp windblades, whose piercing power was extremely high.

The black crystal flux armor could be pierced by a couple of them. But the most important point was that not only could this type of harpies release windblades after compressing flux energy, they could also control their trajectory around themselves.

In case there were a large number of these windblade harpies, dealing with them would certainly become a headache.

The second type were the flame harpies. Each and every one of these could congeal soccer-ball-sized fireballs with which they wound then bombard their enemies. When they gathered in large numbers, the fluxers facing them would feel as if they were dealing with a major artillery squad. Their offensive power was much more dreadful than that of windblade ones.

Third type, shrieking harpies, who could do nothing except shriek loudly. But this type of sound attack was one of the most feared abilities.

This was because the harpies’ loud shrieks could directly attack the consciousness sea of a fluxer. Even the defense of crystal armor could offer only a small resistance against such attacks. If a fluxer hadn’t cultivated flux methods which specialized in strengthening his consciousness sea, the only choice for them would be to run as far as possible upon sighting these creatures.

The fourth type were the speedtalon harpies, which were extremely fast and had sharp talons. They would always conceal themselves and wait for the best moment to ambush and kill the enemy.

If a fluxer let his guard down for just one moment, they would fly down at a great speed and ruthlessly slash at them using their sharp talons. This often led to dug out eyes, or hearts.

The fifth type were the heartdevil harpies, who could influence the mind of a fluxer. If the shrieking harpies represented a big headache to any fluxer facing them, then these heartdevil harpies were like vicious death gods.

They could issue a shriek of a particular frequency which could greatly magnify the devil of one’s heart. These heartdevil harpies killed the most people present above the tenth level of the Tower of Glory compared to any other type.

Once they released a shriek, then the greed in a fluxer’s heart would be greatly magnified and the challenger would lose all reason. There would be only one thought left in their mind, and it would be to earn as many tower badges as they could acquire, causing them to keep clearing one level after another until they died.

Fortunately, Li Yunmu had obtained the book of monsters from Liu Noujie. Otherwise, if he would have encountered any of these creatures without having any information on them, then he probably would have also been knocked out.

"System, is there any method to resist against these heartdevil harpies?"

Li Yunmu had barely managed to voice his question when the nine harpies flew towards him. He lightly waved his hand, commanding the group of underworld ravens to join the batte.

Merely nine harpies weren’t worth mentioning. Regardless of whether he used the group of fifty one underworld ravens, who had already broken through silver crystal layer, or depended on his own defense, there wasn’t any need for him to be afraid.

Even if the first four types of harpies attacked in coordination, or even if Li Yunmu’s mind was attacked by the shrieking harpies, causing him to lose all will to resist so he didn’t move from his position, their wind blades and fireballs and talon attacks would still be unable to break his defense.

Unfortunately, he still couldn't confront the last type, the heartdevil harpies, as they would use whispering to directly influence his heart.

The only reason why he had entered the Tower of Glory was to earn tower badges. So if he lost control of himself because of his increasing greed, then it wouldn’t be long before he lost his little life as well.

The Tower of Glory had 108 levels altogether, so Li Yunmu couldn’t be arrogant and think that he could go on a killing spree and kill everything in his way to advance higher and higher.

However, what he was afraid of, happened. The harpies flew extremely quickly, and before Li Yunmu could learn some method to deal with the heartdevil type, they were on him.

One of the harpies flying towards him suddenly raised her head and shrieked. The shockwave produced by the ear-piercing shriek attacked Li Yunmu’s consciousness sea.

Once Li Yunmu received a mental attack, his whole body instantly became dull and his reaction speed also slowed down greatly.

"It was a shrieking harpy…"

Li Yunmu thought in his heart that this wasn’t good, but then something even worse happened. Suddenly, from behind him, a strange and soft female voice whispered in his ear.

When Li Yunmu heard the slow, soft mumbling sound, an intense desire rose in his heart.

Tower badges, he had to obtain even more tower badges!

[Ding, the host’s present condition is extremely dangerous. Suggestion: use ability points to resist the mental attacks of shrieking harpies and heartdevil harpies. Every second of resistance will use up two ability points. Do you agree?]

[Ding, since host’s consciousness has been attacked and considering that he’s unable to reply, the system will itself decide to use ability points to assist host in resisting the mental attacks…]

After being upgraded to the third layer, the system had become extremely reliable. Since Li Yunmu wasn’t able to reply to its question, it promptly decided to use the ability points to remove the injuries his consciousness sea had received.

However, just as the system prepared to deduct the required amount of ability points, the small Shadow Female Ancestor, who had been sitting on Li Yunmu’s shoulder, finally reacted.

A trace of anger appeared on her little face. She could sense that Li Yunmu, who had formed a contract with her, was in pain. Instantly, the little Li Ying slightly opened her small mouth and lightly sucked in the air.

Immediately, the mental attacks launched by the shrieking harpy and heartdevil harpy completely disappeared without any trace. This was because these mental attacks were completely absorbed by little Li Ying.

[Ding, danger averted. The plan to use ability points to assist host in resisting the mental attacks has been cancelled.]

When Li Yunmu’s consciousness sobered up, more than a dozen seconds had already passed. As for the nine harpies flying towards him, they were instantly eliminated by the underworld ravens and eleven tower badges were lying on the ground.

As for the injuries suffered by Li Yunmu’s consciousness, they had been absorbed by little Li Ying. Although the mental attacks would give a major headache to any fluxer, but for Li Ying, they were a tonic, a nourishment.

She had absorbed the prayers and beliefs of the Shadow Clan to be born, so these few sinister mental attacks were just like cereals for her.

"What happened? I narrowly escaped?"

Li Yunmu was both happy and frightened.

From this event, he learned a lesson that only with high defense of his physical body he wouldn’t be able to avert all disasters. He instantly made a firm resolution to scrape together enough space elements to buy an A grade flux method related to strengthening his consciousness sea.

However, wasn’t Li Ying’s performance too heaven defying?

She lightly sucked on the air and the mental attacks of both types of harpies were completely absorbed by her. She really was worthy of being called an existence possessing almost as formidable an inner vitality as deities.

With the existence of little Li Ying, Li Yunmu was now even less afraid of the threats at higher levels. He rushed towards to the next level, leading his fifty-one silver crystal underworld ravens.

Twelfth level cleared, thirteenth level cleared, fourteenth level cleared. Finally, when he reached the fifteenth level, he encountered a golden layer harpy Boss - harpy witch.

However, this time Li Yunmu wasn’t in any rush and decided to have a little fun with this mini Boss. He walked over to her escorted by a black cloud formed by fifty-one underworld ravens.

After ten minutes, the fifty-nine second layer harpies and harpy witch of the fifteenth level had been completely wiped out by the underworld ravens.

Naturally, the harpy witch dropped the highest number of tower badges, thirty of them.

Meanwhile, the people on the outside still hadn’t recovered from the shock of Li Yunmu passing through tenth level and the shocking news of him having titles conferred to him. Yet right then, the fluxer association made another three times repeated global announcement that Li Yunmu passed the fifteenth level.

In a short while, all fluxers in the six continents were left completely astonished. Fifteenth level? This extraordinary person called Li Yunmu was surprisingly still advancing?

Crazy, this is simply crazy.