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Chapter 128: Purpose

Chapter 128: Purpose

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At this time, Lin Qingyang, who had been sitting on the side, unable to take part in conversation, finally grabbed his chance and spoke in an irritated voice.

"Huh? Don’t tell me that you still aren’t aware that you’ve been conferred the title of Heavenly Battle General by Han Xia King City? And about the glorious declaration made by fluxer association on all continents when you cleared the fifteenth level?"

The young man had been annoyed with Li Yunmu for quite some time now.

The reason for it was really quite simple. Li Yun had swept through the top ten most powerful list and didn’t put him, the first ranked person on the list, in his eyes, so Lin Qingyang had sufficient reason to be angry. If it wasn’t for the task entrusted to him by his father, given his identity and status, why would he act so calmly and mannerly after seeing him.

"Lin Qingyang."

Lin Yuerou felt an oncoming headache. Her little brother was excessively wild and arrogant. Although when they were in front of their father he acted with caution and conscientiousness, she understood in her heart what kind of person was Ling Qingyang when he was away.

This time, father had especially dispatched him, hoping that he could establish friendly relations with Li Yunmu, but father didn’t know what kind of a mistake he’d done.

Furthermore, Lin Yuerou felt that her little brother’s behavior right then was quite strange. Logically, even if Li Yunmu’s senior apprentice brother had swept through the top ten most powerful, Lin Qingyan should act according to the situation. Normally at least, he wouldn’t ruin a matter of great importance for his father with his unruly behavior.

Both of them knew that this time the task entrusted to them was quite important. This Li Yunmu was the key to contacting the mysterious Li Sect. Lin Yuerou didn’t believe that Lin Qingyang didn’t realize the importance of this matter. But then why was he showing so much hostility towards Li Yunmu, even though this was their first meeting?

For a second, Lin Yuerou seemed to have recalled a matter from the past, and without her realizing it a strange expression appeared on her face.

However, Li Yunmu clearly wasn’t fazed by the attitude of the proud son of heavens. He had seen the bearing of many such people by now.

The descendants of a famous character could normally be classified into two extreme cases based on their behavior. The example of first type was Lin Yuerou, those belonging to this category usually always acted seriously and could be considered to become the backbone of their clans in the future. The other type comprised of people like Lin Qingyang who could be considered as dregs or hindrance, the irresponsible children of the clan who embarrassed their fathers and clans.

This day, Li Yunmu saw with his own eyes what kind of character and what level of haughtiness was possessed by Heavenly Cloud city lord’s son. He controlled his desire to scowl and smiled in response, without saying anything.

Although Li Yunmu didn’t know when Han Xia King City had conferred the title of some Heavenly General to him, but at this moment, he became aware that the city lord had some request to ask from him and not the other way around.

"I’m sorry for making you feel embarrassed, this brat Lin Qingyang is somewhat arrogant and willful. I apologise to you on his behalf. You’ve just come out of the Tower of Glory so it’s natural that you aren’t aware of the events that took place in the past two days..."

Following this, Lin Yuerou quickly narrated all the events related to Li Yunmu that he might have missed.

When Li Yunmu heard it, he couldn’t calm down for a long time. So the Tower of Glory had made glorious announcements to the whole continent when he had cleared the tenth and fifteenth levels?
Immediately, Li Yunmu’s gloominess turned to delight. Fortunately, he had erased his name from the tower stele before leaving the twentieth level, otherwise it would have caused even more commotion in the outside world.

At this time, he finally realized that his status wasn’t limited to only being one of the thirty-six Heavenly Generals under Han Xia King City. He had also been bestowed the Azure Dragon Mansion and obtained the entry ticket to War God Temple. What kind of joke was this! Immediately, Li Yunmu felt that this matter had gone out of control.

Moreover, these weren’t even the most important things. The genuinely significant one was that Lin Yuerou hadn’t come to find him because of some nonsensical Heavenly General title, rather she had rushed to find him with an intention of contacting the illusory Li Sect standing behind him.

Swiftly Li Yunmu became clear about the general situation. He looked around the majestic hall of the city lord’s mansion and instantly realized everything.

No wonder this time all major powers of Heavenly Cloud City had sent their youngest generations to represent them. According to the introductions given by Lin Yuerou, there were four people from the Heavenly Cloud City’s ten great citadels in this group surrounding him!

Hidden Rain City’s Chu family’s Chu Qingyu was just one of these representatives.

Furthermore, there was also the Tang family from Heavenly Dragon City, though the one who had come here wasn’t Tang Ruochen but rather his elder brother Tang Baichen. Regarding this man, Li Yunmu had heard about him long ago, from the old man to whom he had sold the dwarf witches’ equipment.

Tang Baichen was the first in line among the third generation of Heavenly Dragon Tang family and was more formidable than Tang Ruochen. His cultivation base had already reached half-step rainbow crystal. People like him could be considered as the real top ten most formidable in the Fifth Dimension. However, their names weren’t revealed to the public.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his level of people could be considered as truly formidable opponents. If Li Yunmu didn’t use the underworld raven bow and relied only on his personal strength, even including the two shadows in the equation, then it would still be difficult to say with certainty if he could prevail over the enemy.

The third major power in the gathering was the Flying Jade City’s Bird Pavilion. Although they weren’t a clan, but they occupied the highest position in the Flying Jade City. It was rumored that all the city masters there were disciples of this Bird Pavilion. The person they had sent over was a female wearing black clothes and a sword on her back.

She looked sixteen or maybe seventee, so there wasn’t much of a difference between her and Li Yunmu’s age. Surprisingly, her temperament somewhat resembled that of Ling Shuang: She was quiet, cold, and somewhat narcissistic. Her name was Han Qingyu and she was a person who used sword as her main weapon.

The final major power was Mo Chen City’s Mo Clan. The person they had sent here was a youth with large stature, his both big hands filled with calluses. It was clear from one look that he was an expert trained in using fist skills. He emitted a quite domineering air and his name was Mo Cangqiong 1 , an extremely tyrannical name.

However, Li Yunmu sensed that the people around him were even more frightened of him compared to Tang Ruochen.

Instantly, he felt a sensation of shocking regret. The four representatives were the truly formidable newcomers of large clans, yet they were completely unknown.

Tang Baichen was still somewhat fortunate. Li Yunmu had heard his name from at least one person, that old man, but he had never heard of Han Qingyu and Mo Cangqiong. It was like these people didn’t even exist in Heavenly Cloud City.

The case of Lin Yuerou was even more extreme. Her cultivation was the most terrifying compared to others. She had reached the transcendent layer before even being at the age of twenty.

She hadn’t just entered Transcendent Layer either, but had instead achieved Temporal. It was no wonder then that this woman had been accepted long ago to be the disciple of Blue Cloud Sect’s master. Even if only comparing innate talents and comprehension levels, perhaps only Ling Shuang could compete with her.

Unfortunately, Ling Shuang had entered the world of cultivation too late; she still hadn’t become a Flux Master.

Hidden Rain City’s Chu family, Heavenly Dragon City’s Tang family, Flying Jade City’s Bird Pavilion, Mochen City’s Mo Clan, if Lin Yuerou could also be considered as the representative of Blue Cloud Sect, then there were six major powers present here. When Li Yunmu glanced at everyone seated around him, he became apprehensive.

Of the ten great citadels of Heavenly Cloud City, the representatives of nearly half of these powers with outstanding reputation had assembled here. When they invited him to come over, what exactly did they intend to do?

If they simply wanted to establish friendly relations with the ‘sect’ standing behind him, then why would they dispatch the number one people of their youngest generation?

The even more critical question was that with nearly half of the most influential clans present, with what kind of enemy did they plan to deal with? Or it would be better to phrase it as: What level of enemy could make nearly half of Heavenly Cloud City’s powers treat it so seriously?