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Chapter 129: Going Berserk in the Meeting

Chapter 129: Going Berserk in the Meeting

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For a moment, Li Yunmu was completely silent. He couldn’t believe that Heavenly Cloud City’s lord had the courage to revolt. Central Continent’s three king cities and one supreme central city weren’t something that a city lord of a secondary city could contend against.

Since Li Yunmu didn’t say anything, Mo Cangqiang suddenly spoke up.

"Presently, you are in danger. The enemy we all want to deal with is also your enemy. He’s already been watching you attentively and he will continue to hunt you unless he dies. If not for this reason, we wouldn’t have called upon you, a complete stranger, and invited you to join our faction."


Li Yunmu didn’t respond to it as they had expected. After all, he wasn’t a greenhorn anymore. Although there was logic to the statement ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, but maybe the other party had just made up a false enemy to scare him into joining their faction. Li Yunmu wasn’t stupid to believe them just because.

Frankly speaking, he wasn’t overly scared. Moreover, he also didn’t fear that others would try to do something to him, because presently he had sufficient confidence to deal with danger himself.

Even though his cultivation base wasn’t very high, but so what?

Now he possessed his own heavenly world and also had the two shadows to assist him in battle. He also possessed Wings of the Wind and had two sage level tools in his reserve. Once he returned to the Fifth Dimension, he’ll be like a dragon who had entered an ocean. If one came, he would kill one, if many came, he would behead all of them. If he met someone he wasn’t able to defeat, then Wings of the Wind would appear, and he would use them to escape far away like a terrified bird.

"The person who has been watching all this time is the supreme lord sage of Heavenly Cloud City’s fluxer guild."

However, when Lin Yuerou revealed the true identity of the enemy operating behind the scenes, Li Yunmu was startled. He was indeed afraid of this person.

Naturally, he wasn’t truly scared. It was rather just that he had never expected that he would be observed by a sage level expert.

Were they serious when saying that a majestic sage, who had shed all shackles of mortality, would lower himself to this extent?

"Fluxer association’s sage?!

"A majestic and great sage, why would he be keeping his eyes on a nobody like me? If I’m correct, before I challenged the Tower of Glory, I, Li Yunmu, was just a minor character."

Li Yunmu still remained unmoved and looked at everyone with a grim smile.

"You weren’t a minor character even before you challenged Tower of Glory. Back then you weren’t…" With her hands folded in front of her chest, Han Qingyu icily looked at Li Yunmu. "Even if a person who possesses the bloodline of a battle sage has trash innate talent, he will still be a delicious cake in the eyes of all formidable experts under battle sage layer!"

"Yes, according to the information sent back by our spy planted at Heavenly Cloud Steel Castle, Li Yunmu, your present circumstances are extremely dangerous. At the time when you came out of the Tower of Glory, if elder sis Yuerou hadn’t personally led imperial guard troops to receive you, then maybe you would’ve already ended up in the clutches of some lord sage. By now, you might have been refined for your battle sage bloodline," Tang Baichen indifferently added.

"Who dares!"

For a moment, a fierce killing intent rose from Li Yunmu’s body. That killing intent then seemed to be turning into material form. All the attendants in the mansion’s hall were completely terrified and began to withdraw one after another.

This time, Li Yunmu was truly shocked. He was infuriated by the disturbing words of the people sitting in front of him.

Yes, he was truly shocked and furious!

What bullshit battle sage bloodline? He didn’t know anything about this, but he could feel the authenticity of the words said by these people. Apparently there was still some great secret hidden in his body.

What was this battle sage bloodline which could make anyone under Battle Sage layer to act like a hungry wolf who had seen flesh? When suddenly confronted with such a situation, how could Li Yunmu not be startled and furious.

What angered him even more was that the enemy thought that he was just a sacrificial pig.

In a split second, Li Yunmu finally understood why the system had asked him to exchange all the f*cking tower badges for protective and escaping treasures.

After being distracted for some time, he finally recovered.

Even though he had mistakenly caused the emergence of the mysterious Li Sect, but in the eyes of these people who had been following him from the start, it just increased the possibility that he was harboring the battle sage bloodline in his body.

"System, did you already know that my body had battle sage bloodline?"

Li Yunmu didn’t worry about the response of people present on the scene and initiated this enquiry towards the system through his mind.

Battle sage bloodline—he had some idea about it. As the name implied, it meant that the person with it had the blood vessels of a formidable battle sage.

Under ordinary circumstances, this wouldn’t surpass three generations. After them, the battle sage bloodline would continue to become weaker and weaker, until it could no longer even be called such.

Thus, if what Lin Yuerou and others were saying was correct and Li Yunmu’s body really had the battle sage bloodline, then this would mean that either his father Li Zhongmin was a battle sage or he also possessed the battle sage bloodline which was even stronger compared to his.

But how could Li Yunmu not know that his father was just someone who had awakened a trace of flux energy, and that was all he possessed. This little bit had allowed him to receive battle soldier’s equipment which then helped him to become a slightly stronger soldier. If he had really possessed the bloodline, he wouldn’t have lost his legs at the frontline camp.

Thus, the question remained unanswered. His father wasn’t a battle sage and also didn’t possess the bloodline, so could it be that his grandfather who had died long ago was a battle sage?

But this idea was even more absurd, because Li Yunmu’s grandfather had died because of the fatigue his body had accumulated by doing hard manual labor. Now, one might as well ask, in this whole world, what could be more hilarious than a battle sage dying from manual labor?

Thus, Li Yunmu could never accept that he was a descendant of a legendary battle sage. This was certainly an enormous misunderstand.

As for what use were the battle sage bloodline? If one went by the origin of the word bloodline, then before the dark ages, the meaning of bloodline was as implied by the name, there wasn’t any complicated meaning to it. In other words, it only represented ordinary blood vessels.

However, when the new age of flux energy began and earth came into contact with higher dimensions, the new, innately formidable lifeforms began to emerge.

From then on, the meaning of the word bloodline became quite serious.

Transcendent Flux Master, Temporal Flux Master, Nirvana Flux Master!

From the moment a fluxer stepped into the Transcendent Flux Master stage, whether he could achieve the true nirvana at the Nirvana Layer and attain the body of an Ordinary Sage, the most important factor which determined this was precisely the bloodline.

If one didn’t have a formidable bloodline, then even if they had earth shattering innate talent, they could only stop at Nirvana Layer. They would never be able to enter the sage layer and become a sage, the pinnacle existence in the present world.

Furthermore, there were some differences between the bloodlines of battle sages and bloodlines of innately formidable higher dimensional life-forms. This was because the bloodline of a battle sage was the only type of formidable bloodline which had evolved genes because of cultivation.

That’s right, only the descendants of those people who had cultivated to the level of battle sage possessed bloodlines which were innately formidable. Even the ordinary sage and domain sages didn’t have the qualification to accomplish this.

Therefore, the bloodline of a battle sage could be considered as the most precious treasure of the entire humanity. Just because it was the only type of human bloodline which had innately formidable nature.

This type of innately formidable nature wasn’t reflected through the strength of a person, but rather through a kind of instinct that came from the bloodline. Its owner would have an innate talent at comprehending battles and fighting in general.

Why were battle sages known as an entity which couldn’t be rivaled by other humans? That was because after reaching this stage, they obtained formidable battle talent.

Thus, all the fluxers dreamed of possessing the battle sage bloodline. In fact, even supreme existences like ordinary sages and domain sages experienced a spike in their heartbeat at the mention of battle sage bloodline.

The reason was really very simple. Because if they could refine this trace of battle sage bloodline, these sage level experts would gain the opportunity of greatly increasing their chances in reaching the next layer.

Terrifying! This was a terrifying bloodline, and also the reason why there were so few battle sages. Each one of them was like a nuclear bomb used in the dark ages.

Of course, the more formidable a life-form is, the less fertile they are. This was a shackle which binded all living creatures. The descendants of battle sages were awfully few in number, and if they appeared after losing the protection and intimidation of their parents, it could be easily imagined how frightening their situations became.

Li Yunmu was certain that he didn’t possess any battle sage bloodline. The reason why he was believed to possess it though should be related to him comprehending many foundation skills independently. He was forced to accept that this was quite a huge blunder.

This was the reason why Li Yunmu, who always was up to mischief and never took anything seriously, had been so shocked and furious. This time, he was truly panicked and enraged to the extreme.

Those who dare to steal my blood vessels die, die die!

[Ding, host’s present mental fluctuations are perfectly suitable to refine the witch fiend’s energy. Do you want to immediately refine this portion of dark flux energy?"]

[Ding, because the host’s present mental state is extremely suitable for the refinement of the witch fiend energy, the system has independently decided to execute the refining on behalf of the host, since it wants to prevent the host from missing this golden opportunity by being distracted because of anger.]