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Chapter 131: The Lord of Heavenly Cloud City

Chapter 131: The Lord of Heavenly Cloud City

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"Sis, save me!" Li Qingyang shouted for Lin Yuerou in complete despair.

But could she save him?

The answer was obviously no. If she could save people from the Deity Execution, then she would have saved Tang Baichen as well.

No one had expected that Li Yunmu would possess such a terrifying skill. Furthermore, no one had even considered that a trifling low level fluxer like him could not only use something like Deity Execution, but he could also continuously launch one attack of it after another.

This was extremely terrifying.

If this person continued attacking, then who among the people present here, would survive? At that moment, Lin Qingyang was filled with horror and fear, having lost any hope of survival.

Right then, the enormous projection behind Li Yunmu had already slashed down towards him.

"Achem, little friend, can you stay your blade? My foolish son is too arrogant, he cannot be compared to you. You don’t need to bother with him, I will punish him myself."

Everyone thought that Lin Qingyang’s death was a done deal and were shocked by Li Yunmu’s decisiveness in carrying out the slaughter. Being the son of the majestic city lord of Heavenly Cloud City, Lin Qingyang, what sort of character was he? But Li Yunmu didn’t care one bit that he was still inside the city lord’s residence and slashed down with his blade without any room for negotiation.

At this crucial moment, a faint echo reverberated through the city lord’s mansion. Everyone who heard it thought that this sound was similar to the sounds of nature on Earth.

It’s the city lord, everyone cried out in surprise in their hearts.

During that moment, a faint domain appeared in front of Lin Qingyang’s body, and the Deity Execution attack launched by Li Yunmu slammed heavily against it. Instantly, the domain shook greatly and many ripples appeared on its surface.

"The younger generation will certainly surpass us, the older generation, in no time." The voice echoed again, and the words said were full of admiration.

"A sage!"

Li Yunmu whose consciousness sea was filled with anger, forcibly calmed himself down after hearing those words.

Once he regained his senses, he felt depressed.

Heavenly Cloud City’s lord had surprisingly already entered the sage realm, his body having already shed the shackles of mortality. This deeply concealed secret was really too astonishing.

According to rumors, Heavenly Cloud City’s lord had stopped at Nirvana Flux Master layer for more than a decade and had been unable to enter the sage layer. So now, who would’ve expected that he had already become a Flux Sage.

However, when Li Yunmu swept his glance over the expressions of Chu Qingyu, Han Qingyu, Mo Cangqiong, and the others, he realized that this secret had been known for a long time by the group of people that had come here today.

"Good, you’ve already calmed down. Others may disperse, Li Yunmu and my idiot son, you both come to me," the city lord said, without personally appearing.

All the people within the hall respectfully complied, suppressing the great waves rising in their hearts, and dispersed one after another. Lin Qingyang’s face had already turned deathly white, and some frightened attendant hurriedly rushed over and helped him. As for Tang Baichen who had no breath left in him, he was carried back to the Tang family by his attendants.

Li Yunmu didn’t make a move. The anger in his heart had already subsided, and the killing intent he had accumulated previously had completely dissipated after the two successive attacks.

Moreover… under sage layer, everyone are like ants. This line wasn’t an exaggeration. Now that Lin Yunmu thought about it, he had been about to behead a sage’s son in front of him, he he.

Having acted before without a sense of propriety, Li Yunmu now just took a deep breath and collected his blood fiend snow guzzle blade.

"Heavenly General Li, I would ask you to follow me, my master requests your presence."

Lin Yuerou looked at the youth in front of her with complicated emotions. She had been completely shaken by his two attacks just now.

[The host shouldn’t be greatly worried about this. The system had suggested to obtain the reincarnation tree at the Tower of Glory exactly for such a situation. Although meeting a sage exposes you to danger, it is also an opportunity,] the system timely encouraged Li Yunmu.

"System, you still haven’t answered me, whether I have battle sage bloodline or not."

Li Yunmu didn’t care about the encouragement and was still focused on the earlier matter.

The system was silent for a moment, then gave him an assured reply. [Host doesn’t possess a battle sage bloodline.]

"Then had you known since long ago that I was being monitored by that lord person of Heavenly Cloud City’s fluxer association?"

[Yes, since the time the host entered the territory of dwarf witches, you have been monitored by the dimensional space eye. Originally, the system just found it strange. After the intelligence of the system was upgraded to the third level, it had even invaded the steel castle’s fluxer association to trample on it...]

From the system’s narration, Li Yunmu gradually understood what was happening. He hadn’t expected that such a character might take fancy to him. No wonder then that the system had suggested him to exchange for life saving and escaping treasures in the Tower of Glory.

Li Yunmu nodded, and not saying anymore silently followed after Lin Yuerou.

It has to be said that this girl was known as Heavenly Cloud City’s goddess by all the people in this territory.

Although it was true that she was the city lord’s daughter and the disciple of Blue Cloud Sect’s leader, these two epithets only gave her extra points. Unlike what might be expected, she hadn’t become arrogant even though she had countless seekers.

Seeing this heavenly goddess walking in front of him and acting as his guide startled Li Yunmu. This event was indeed too unexpected.

When he subconsciously took a sniff of the sweet female body that had just passed before him, a strange sensation was born in his heart. Lin Yuerou, who was guiding him, noticed his reaction.

She halted for a moment, but didn’t say anything and started to lead the way once more.

Li Yunmu once again experienced the vastness of the city lord’s residence. It hadn’t been long after they entered the calm rear garden after passing through the main hall, when Lin Yuerou stopped near a pond rockery.

"Please wait."

She humbly gestured and swiveled the statue of ichthyosaur in the rock garden to start up some mechanism.

Instantly, the rock garden in the middle of the fishpond was raised, revealing stairs going under the water surface. Both of them stepped on to the stairs, entering the stone passage.

Soon after, Lin Yuerou pressed another mechanism and the thick door of the stone passageway closed down. The two of them then continued downwards.

They kept walking for a long time and covered a great distance, before they finally saw a light at the end of the passage.

"Father, I have brought Li Yunmu."

When Li Yunmu entered this hidden chamber built several meters under the ground and raised his head to survey the surroundings, he was completely shocked.

Quite shocking, indeed. I never expected that a legendary sage would have such a miserable appearance.

The whole room wasn’t very large and had an area of roughly 30 sq.m.

Inside the hidden chamber, there weren’t any facilities which could be found in every modern houses. Two oil lamps hung on the stone walls and the city lord himself was seated on a slightly upraised platform at the center of the room.

But this wasn’t important, what mattered was how the city lord looked. Even though he had reached the sage level, his body had turned into a human skeleton. His skin was so thin that there was no appropriate way to describe it.

Why does he have such an appearance?

According to legends, when a human body shed the shackles of mortality and attained sage layer, the life expectancy of that person would increase to 500 years. Their aging would stop and the features of youth would remain permanently on their faces. Their every movement would contain the mighty force of heaven and earth, and with one fist they would be able to crush a mountain while one kick would be enough to split the earth.

However, the first sage whom Li Yunmu had encountered, surprisingly, turned out to have a different kind of appearance. Let alone speaking of his body obtaining permanent youth after shedding the shackles of mortality, he was more like a living zombie than a normal person.

"Father had been stuck at Nirvana layer for more than a decade before becoming a Flux Sage. Feeling anxious, he used some forbidden technique to become a sage and presently his body is already suffering from the backlash," Lin Yuerou explained simply.

Why is she revealing such a big secret to me?

After pondering it for a while, Li Yunmu felt that he had entered a quagmire. Yet his heart still began to pound loudly, for he had finally seen a Flux Sage.

If he didn’t take the chance right now, then when would he!

He stayed silent, but in his mind he swiftly commanded the little Shadow Female Ancestor who had been bored to death while sitting on his shoulder, "Go, replicate the city lord’s sage layer cultivation base for me!"