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Chapter 132: Formidable Little Shadow Ancestor

Chapter 132: Formidable Little Shadow Ancestor
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Li Yunmu’s heart was beating so loudly when he was attempting his trick in front of a sage, that ordinary people could use it for a toy.

However, little Shadow Female Ancestor was indeed worthy of being called Seventh Dimension’s innately formidable life-form. She lightly floated towards the shadow of the city lord.

She then quietly merged with it, the whole process passing without a hitch.

"Presently, it seems that great waves are surging within your heart. Ha ha, you even dared to try to kill my son within my mansion, so why are you acting so timidly now?"

Suddenly, the city lord looked straight at Li Yunmu. Although the man’s body was suffering from backlash and unbearable pain, the two mysterious rays of light from his directly attacked Li Yunmu’s consciousness sea.

Instantly, the system issued an alert.

At this instant, Li Yunmu felt as if he had been dazzled by some mysterious light at the horizon which completely took over his mind. For the first time, Li Yunmu became aware that in front of a Flux Sage, his so called heaven shaking battle prowess was nothing but a joke.

This kind of power is exactly what I want, it is what I chase after and dream about.

Only one thought appeared within Li Yunmu’s mind, and then his consciousness became fuzzy. Only after an unknown amount of time had passed did he manage to wake up.

He then discovered that his ability points had depleted greatly. Apparently, the system had used up 3,489 to help him resist the city lord’s gaze.

F*cking son of a b*tch , Li Yunmu loudly cursed internally. A single gaze from the other party had greatly depleted his ability points. Even though the whole process had only lasted for three seconds.

"Ehh, you woke up so quickly. Indeed, you’re worthy of being called a descendant of a battle sage."

This time, it was city lord’s turn to be startled. But how could he understand that this hadn’t happened because of the battle sage bloodline but rather the system using ability points to resist his attack.

"What do you think you’re doing? I don’t possess the battle sage’s bloodline, so if you were also hoping to refine me to obtain it, then I’m sorry to say that you’ll be disappointed. Moreover, I also won’t just sit by idly and let you capture me," Li Yunmu calmly said, after sobering up.


His manner of speaking left Lin Yuerou completely astonished. It was the first time she saw a youth daring to display this type of attitude in front of her father.

Regardless of whether it was his status as the city lord of Heavenly Cloud City or as a Flux Sage, no one had ever dared to talk to him like this. Even she herself acted with a little caution around him.


This was because given the powerful presence emitted by a Flux Sage, even if his title of the city lord was removed, anyone under sage layer would still be unable to look him in the eye.

"Ha ha, interesting."

The city lord’s lips curved upwards to form a smile. However, since his body was suffering from backlash, he appeared to be extremely frightening.


"As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter whether you are a descendant of a battle sage or not, I can faintly sense the protective presence of a battle sage on you. This presence is quite fresh, so you really have someone as your backer. No one in this world would dare to have plans about a person who has the presence of a battle sage on him, including myself."

The city lord’s words startled Li Yunmu. He had the presence of a battle sage on him? And it was fresh?

What kind of joke was this, it was simply an enormous misunderstanding. But this one was an extremely beautiful misunderstanding. Surprisingly, even a majestic sage could also make such a mistake in judgment. Lin Yunmu wondered what could be the cause of this.


[Host, according to a comprehensive analysis, it is extremely probable that he has taken the presence of little Shadow Sacred Ancestor’s infant as the presence of a battle sage. If he had naturally ascended to the sage realm, then he probably would have sensed that this protective presence was a little lacking,] the system said, giving Li Yunmu a timely analysis.

Li Yunmu immediately understood, the Shadow Female Ancestor was a life-form which was extremely close to the level of deities from the time it was born. Naturally, it was also extremely close to a battle sage or maybe even a little bit more formidable compared to one.

The little shadow ancestor only had the body of infant and hadn’t received the blessings of Shadow Clan, so she didn’t have substantial strength. However, her innate presence couldn’t be lost so easily.

Since Li Ying had been sitting on Li Yunmu’s shoulders before, so it wasn’t strange that the city lord could sense her presence on him. But unfortunately, he was unable to see that the person emitting the battle sage’s presence had merged with his own shadow just moments before. The process of replicating the cultivation base was moving towards completion bit by bit.

7%... 19%... 36%... 52%... Estimated time remaining: 30 minutes.

This meant that it would only take thirty minutes for the little shadow ancestor to replicate the cultivation base of the city lord and turn it into her own.

"In the beginning, I was hesitating whether to invite you or not. However, it seems now that it was indeed the correct choice to do so. Whether you are a descendant of battle sage or not, the battle sage’s protective presence around you is enough to certify that you represent the sect behind you and can make deicisions on its behalf," said the city lord.

"Then what do you want me to do for you?"

"Simple, given my present condition, you can easily see that the day I will perish is not far. I want the sect behind you to form a coalition with Blue Cloud Sect and resist against the power of fluxer association. Otherwise, when I die, there will be an enormous transformation in the Heavenly Cloud City, and as the guardian of this territory, I’m not willing to see the lives of numerous people being ruined by war due to one person’s ambition," the city lord explained in a faint voice.

"Then what price are you willing to pay?" Li Yunmu neither declined nor agreed, but rather asked directly.

"Grain Wind City, Heavenly Fragrant City, Flying Jade City, and Cold Cloud City, you can choose any one of these four as a residence for your mysterious Li Sect and also obtain the resources and taxes of that city."

The city lord’s calm words slammed in to Li Yunmu’s ears like thunder. At this moment, his heart went crazy.

Misunderstanding, an enormous misunderstanding!

One rumor had spread far, and the more it spread, the more real it became, until it established the mysterious Li Sect. The emergence of Li Yun and Li Feng into the world was followed by Li Yunmu himself, and presently, even a majestic city lord of a secondary city, a legendary Flux Sage, was also left completely fooled. Li Yunmu had to admit that this was an extremely enormous con he had pulled here.


The funniest thing was that he hadn’t even deliberately tried to spread the rumor, everything had just happened on its own.

So how should he reply? Should he agree? Did he have the ability to undertake this task? Presently, these three questions completely occupied Li Yunmu’s mind.



Finally, after keeping the city lord and the goddess Lin Yuerou waiting for a long time, he clenched his teeth and agreed.


Yes, Li Yunmu’s actions were feeding an extremely dangerous ambition here. For a moment, incomparably huge waves surged in his heart. He wondered whether he should die the death of a coward or be courageous. In the end, he decided that if a man doesn’t dare to be ruthless to himself and doesn’t dare to take the bet, then how will he survive in the future.

There was also the fact that he knew that there was someone in the world who mistakenly thought that he possessed the battle sage bloodline. Li Yunmu was clear that he already didn’t have any other choice.

Becoming a master of one of the four great citadels and earning its resources and all taxes, this was really a huge enticement. Let alone Li Yunmu, even the system hadn’t wished to decline. As long as he possessed the reserves of a great citadel, he would improve at a crazy speed.


As for why did he have the qualifications to get the share of one of the ten citadels of Heavenly Cloud City?