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Chapter 134: Representing the Sect

Chapter 134: Representing the Sect
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"Good, since this is what you want. Martial Aunt, I would request you to do the honors."

Li Yunmu agreed in a straightforward manner and clasped his hands towards the void. The hearts of all people present tightened, and instantly, they also looked over in the direction where he was looking.       

But they didn’t see anything. Yet when the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s head elder was about to start laughing, thinking that he had called Li Yunmu’s bluff, he froze.

Suddenly, an elegant and mature female appeared from nowhere in front of Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s head elder and launched a fist towards him.

This happened out of nowhere, and everyone felt as if nothing except this fist existed in their world at that moment.

A rumble then sounded, and suddenly the entire main hall of the city lord’s residence sunk into endless darkness. Oppressed by the mix of boundless darkness and emptiness, everyone felt as if they had been absorbed by an extremely strange dark domain.

A majestic presence similar to that of deities descended and everyone felt as if their breath was being stifled after being suppressed. At this moment, the heads of all families and powers were like the smallest ants in the whole world, completely unable to resist.

"Not good, this is a Domain Sage."

"How is it possible, this is the domain of a Domain Sage."

Instantly, all the light in the world was consumed by the dark domain. The only thing that everyone could see was a pair of tender hands. But no one looked away, not because they didn’t want to, but because they couldn’t.


The distant fist slowly pushed down on the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s head elder like an extremely ordinary attack.

However, the man who had already entered Temporal layer was forcibly blown away by this fist without the slightest resistance.

The room fell silent.

The jade hand had appeared and disappeared extremely quickly. Everyone only saw an elegant female suddenly appear in the void layer and launch a fist from far away, which traveled through the distance and struck the head elder of Heavenly Dragon Tang family.

While everyone was feeling as if they were being squeezed from head to toe, they discovered that this elegant female had already disappeared. Where did she come from, no one knew, where did she go, no one knew that either.

Under the Sage layer, everyone is like an ant, let alone when facing the descent of a Domain Sage!

That woman was a Domain Sage expert!

This Li Yunmu’s sect surprisingly had a Domain Sage, how terrifying!

The people present knew that among all the sects, only the sect leaders of Blue Cloud and Heavenly Frost had recently entered the Domain Sage layer.

However, this Domain Sage was just Li Yunmu’s Martial Aunt.

No one dared to have any doubts about the majestic existence. After all, when all is said and done, her domain had indeed descended and within a flash covered the whole area, oppressing all of them. Furthermore, no one dared to question why had she departed so quickly.

She was a Domain Sage!

At this level, space was no longer distant. As long as a Domain Sage had left their imprint on Li Yunmu and had identical plane of existence, they could come and go as they pleased.

Instantly, everyone felt a chill rush down them from head to toe. The brightness of the main hall of the city lord’s mansion was again restored to normal and all the previous abnormal changes had disappeared as if nothing had occurred here. However, the head elder of Heavenly Dragon Tang family had already been blown away.

"Farewell, Martial Aunt." Li Yunmu bowed towards distant horizon and then swept his indifferent gaze past everyone. "Now, is there any senior left who has doubts about my sect’s existence?"

"No, no, farewell respected Sage."

At this moment, everyone saw Li Yunmu in a new light. Even though he was only a low level cultivator, so what?

With just one sentence, he could invite a sage level existence. The strength of this mysterious Li Sect was far more astonishing compared to what they had imagined. At this instant, there wasn’t anyone in the hall who dared to harbor suspicions about Li Yunmu’s background.

No wonder this little guy had dared to act so arrogantly and killed Tang Baichen within the city lord’s mansion and even attacked the city lord’s son Lin Qingyang.

It wasn’t a surprise either then that the city lord who had already entered the sage layer didn’t remain stubborn on the above mentioned issue and instead pulled him into their alliance. This was the complete scenario then, it wasn’t the city lord who had gone blind, rather it was them.

The elders of every family and clan looked at the Heavenly Dragon Tang family’s main elder, who had been blown by the attack and knocked against the wall, with sympathetic gazes.

This person had previously confidently claimed that Li Yunmu didn’t have any background. He said that the youth was only someone who had obtained some fortune from some Battle Sage.

Inheritance my ass!

"Many thanks to senior for showing mercy."

At this moment, the elder of Heavenly Dragon Tang family crawled up while vomiting blood and clasped his hands towards the horizon. As for the matter of Li Yunmu using Deity Execution to slay Tang Baichen, it was long forgotten.

Although it was true that Heavenly Dragon Tang family was strong, but regardless of how enormous of a behemoth they were, in front of a Domain Sage, they could only bow their heads.

If they didn’t want to? Then there was only choice for them, to accept their death!

And the extermination of their family!

Li Yunmu observed the entire situation carefully. His blood began to boil whenever he thought of the events that had happened here, but at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the system’s previous words were correct as always.

In front of absolute power, all tricks and schemes were just fleeting clouds. All laws were useless. The rules made by one person could be broken by another as long as that person had enough strength.

Like right now, when a Sage appeared and her domain descended, all the people asking questions were silenced. In front of her terrifying power, all living beings could only kowtow unconditionally.

Li Yunmu calmly surveyed the current situation in the hall. Hidden Rain City’s Chu family, Heavenly Dragon City’s Tang family, Flying Jade City’s Bird Pavilion, Mochen City’s Mo family, Corn Wind City’s Unsullied Valley, Heavenly Fragrant City’s Heavenly Fragrant Sacred Mountain, Feiqiong City’s Yao family, Cold Cloud City’s Fu family, as well as more than ten other powers had assembled here today. It could be said that nearly half of the Heavenly Cloud City’s large clans and families had come.

The main hall of the city lord’s mansion was filled with the elders and representatives of these major powers which included more than a dozen Transcendent or Temporal Flux Masters. However, when the domain of a sage descended, none of them had the ability to retaliate.

In front of a sage, all of them were just like ants. Li Yunmu had been hearing this sentence for a long time, but today he finally understood its true meaning.

And from it came the understanding that he had been wrong all this time.

So what if he could battle fluxers who had five layers higher cultivation base than him? So what if his battle prowess reached the heavens? He was still just a low level fluxer. He was still unworthy of entering the eyes of truly major powers and genuinely powerful people. He still could be crushed by them with a flick of a finger.

Even this group of people comprising of several Flux Masters were completely helpless in front of a Sage. Other than sages, everyone else was just ordinary.

Moreover, only Li Yunmu himself knew that the mysterious Li Sect truly didn’t exist, as well as that there was no Domain Sage. Just now he had used the power of the sage layer cultivation base which little Shadow Female Ancestor had replicated.

Although this power was only used for three seconds, but the amount of space elements used by Li Yunmu was unprecedented. He had used up 3,000 of them! If he hadn’t had Li Yun and Li Feng fighting in the dimensional battlefield during the two days he was inside the Tower of Glory, he wouldn’t have been able to produce this amount.

More importantly, it still would’ve been problematic if he would have had to support the Shadow Female Ancestor for more than five seconds. But presently, it looked like the amount of space elements he’d had was sufficient.

"My Li sect wants Cold Cloud City."

In an instant, Li Yunmu’s presence completely transformed. This time, he wasn’t just making imaginary plans without any basis, but truly had the qualifications. At this moment, he represented not only himself but the mysterious Li Sect as well.