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Chapter 142: Expanding the Heavenly World

Chapter 142: Expanding the Heavenly World
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"So many rooster dragons…" The old man slightly stiffened.

"Can you deal with them?" Li Yunmu said, not moving from his spot.

"Yes, naturally yes."

The old man nodded with a bitter smile. This time, he finally became serious towards this big client. After all, there weren’t many people in the entire Fifth Dimension who could hunt so many rooster dragons. In fact, there wouldn’t be many in all the six continents.

When he examined how these rooster dragons had died, he found out that all of them were killed by a range attacker who targeted the same spot on their bodies. This allowed the lightning energy to invade their bodies and kill them.

On the basis of the offensive strength and accuracy of arrows, this range attacker certainly belonged among the best. What was even more terrifying thing, though, was that he possessed the thunder flux energy which was known to be one of the best type of destructive type energies.

"Alright, this can be done. Although this shop doesn’t specialize in dimensional beast materials, since we are indebted to little brother for coming to the Good News Pavilion first, this old man cannot act in bad faith. For each of these intact rooster dragon corpses, this is the price which this old man can buy them for."

The old man told the number with a motion of his fingers.

1.35 million, the price of each of the rooster dragons was increased by a hundred thousand. So for twenty-three, the increase would be 2.3 million dimensional coins, which was a huge sum in itself.

Li Yunmu had to accept that this old man was acting with ample sincerity.

"Can you still make a profit at this price?"

Li Yunmu didn’t reply directly but rather looked at the other party with suspicion.

"As long as we start operating timely and sell them at an auction, I won’t lie to you little brother, but earning a profit of 300,000 for each of them won’t be a problem," the old man answered frankly.

"So much?"

Li Yunmu was startled. He hadn’t expected that these intact corpses of rooster dragons had a price above 1.80 million dimensional coins. This amount was even higher that he had expected.

"You aren’t regretting it, right?"the old man asked, beaming with a smile.

"Naturally I’m not. I neither have the time nor the resources to move them around myself. Alright then, let’s not waste anymore time, you quickly get some money for me," Li Yunmu said with a smile.

Every social circle has its own rules. The extra money was bound to fall in the hands of others, so Li Yunmu didn’t see the need to make a fuss for some little profit.

Soon, the old man returned with a few people carrying big trunks. Li Yunmu noticed in one glance that these were filled with stable flux energy crystals. There was the least amount of silver ones, followed by the black, while the highest number was of the ordinary crystals.

Li Yunmu didn’t go to count them one by one, just stretched his hand and collected them all in to his heavenly world.

"You aren’t going to count?"

"No need, I trust you old man," Li Yunmu said without paying any attention to it. But, in truth, he didn’t really need to count them one by one. As long as the system scanned them, he would know the exact number.

Li Yunmu obtained thirty-one million dimensional coins through this business deal.

"The young will certainly pass the old in no time. Little brother sure is someone who will accomplish great things," the old man said with a nod.

"I still have one more batch."

Li Yunmu didn’t pay any attention to the old man’s words. Whether he could accomplish great deeds or not, that will depend only on his personal strength and not flattery by others. He waved his hand once again and twelve more corpses of rooster dragons appeared. Each one of these twelve were chopped in two parts.

Although this batch also contained complete corpses, but they were far inferior to the previous ones, which were killed with the underworld raven bow.

"1.05 million, do you agree?"

The old man’s pupil shrank. At this moment, he had more or less guessed the identity of this youth in front of him.

So this person was far more terrifying compared to the rumors he had heard a few days ago. However, wasn’t this person supposed to be at the city lord’s residence right now? According to what he had heard during the day, this person was personally invited by the goddess of Heavenly Cloud City to the city lord’ residence. Did he sneak out in the night and ran off to the Setting Sun Wilderness Garrison Camp to hunt down this group of rooster dragons?

When the old man had seen those rooster dragons killed by a range attacker, he was greatly startled. But right now, he couldn’t even imagine how a low level fluxer could cut down these overlords of the sky in close combat.

Formidable, his battle prowess was really heaven defying.


Li Yunmu nodded and confirmed the price. Now that he had returned to the Fifth Dimension, he didn’t care much about his identity being revealed.

After all, unless a Flux Master intervened, Li Yunmu didn’t fear anyone in the entire Fifth Dimension. Even if a large group of fluxers surrounded him from all sides, he could just rely on Wings of the Wind to escape.

In this transaction, Li Yunmu earned a total twelve and a half million dimensional coins.

"Also, this is the best item of today, please name the price."

The next instant, Li Yunmu took out the energetic rooster dragon from his heavenly world. Together with Li Yun and Li Feng, he had repeatedly used the World Killing Fist’s sealing energy on it. After being hit by one fist after another, each of whom was laced with sealing energy, the rooster dragon had lost all of its energy. On top of that, the vitality it had replenished while being locked up was then absorbed by Li Yunmu’s heavenly world.

So for the time being, regardless of wherever it was released or not, the rooster dragon didn’t possess the energy to move.

The old shopkeeper was greatly astonished. This time, his heart couldn’t remain calm anymore. He immediately called some of his subordinates and used a method to once again empty the beast of any energy it had replenished.

Li Yunmu had to accept that humans really possessed many clever tricks.

"Fifty million… No, sixty-five million. This rooster dragon is like a king among the group you presented before."


Li Yunmu laughed. Naturally he knew this fact because system had said that this rooster dragon’s strength was at thirty-ninth grade. In other words, it only needed to increase its strength by one grade to enter the golden crystal layer at fortieth grade.

"You should prepare yourself mentally and amass sufficient resources. Many deals like this will follow in the future…" After Li Yunmu received the payment for the third time, he turned to leave. "Ohh, I forgot something. If you can, then help me to look after Muzi Dimensional Crystal Trading Shop."

Li Yunmu didn’t wait for the old man to reply and quickly departed from the Good News Pavilion and withdrew to the Fifth Dimension.

When the old man heard Li Yunmu’s request, his speculations were finally confirmed. He was no certain that the person talking to him was Li Yunmu, because he had also heard about this Muzi Dimensional Crystal Trading Shop.

It was an extremely small shop. However, because the owner of was a beauty, the business was very good. Yet compared to Good News Pavilion and businesses of other big families, this shop was just a drop in the ocean.

But since this youth was the main owner of this small shop, apparently, it would be better to establish good relations in advance.

The old man quickly arrived at a decision and soon after instructed a maid, "At dawn, tomorrow. You should deliver some of these third layer or higher flux crystals to the Muzi Shop at the lowest price and agree to a consignment sale."

After withdrawing from Virtual Dimension World, Li Yunmu returned to the mountain in the wilderness. The two shadows Li Yun and Li Feng were motionlessly standing on either side of his body, while some distance away from them lay the chopped bodies of more than ten dimensional beasts who had come out at night.

There were ordinary crystal, black crystal, as well as even some silver crystal beasts… Li Yunmu collected their dimensional crystals and then placed their corpses within the heavenly world.

Although the value of these corpses couldn’t compare to those of the rooster dragons, but they could act as bonus change. Furthermore, the corpses of the two silver crystal dimensional beasts were even somewhat valuable.

After collecting the small change, he also gathered the bodies of these dimensional beasts. In any case, his heavenly world had sufficient landmass for the moment. Moreover, the corpses wouldn’t rot there anyway. Li Yunmu was now making sufficient preparations for the moment when he took over the Cold Cloud City, including its earnings.

He swept a glance over the recently obtained flux crystals, but he didn’t pay much attention to them. After all these were just stable flux energy crystals, he didn’t need them. His crystal armor would only require king grade dimensional crystals in the future.

In the heavenly world, one by one, he spilled out all the trunks filled with dimensional crystal. This time, he had poured over one hundred million worth, a truly unprecedented amount.

Due to this, Li Yunmu instantly sensed the land beneath his feet starting to expand rapidly.