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Chapter 143: Hacking Everywhere

Chapter 143: Hacking Everywhere
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Once the amount of dimensional crystals worth one hundred millions was poured out, the heavenly world’s land began to increase quickly. It took ten whole seconds for it to stabilize again. When Li Yunmu surveyed the area, he could only reveal a bitter smile.

Only now did he understand why the flux ancestor had established the Tower of Glory to bait people. Wanting to become a true deity and stand above the whole world, not afraid of anything, was really a path of no return.

Accomplishing this, just by relying on oneself was extremely difficult, even with the assistance of the system.

However, presently it was only the initial stage of the heavenly world’s expansion. Thus, the increase in the heavenly world’s landmass could be considered as quite fast. Without Li Yunmu realizing it, the place had already expanded to one thousand two hundred square meters.

That’s right, I need to work harder! Li Yunmu encouraged himself.

"System, how much world power do I possess? Can you provide me the exact numbers?"

[Replying to host, you presently possess roughly enough world power to absorb an all out attack of an initial stage silver crystal fluxer.]


Li Yunmu’s spirits were instantly raised.

Everyone believed that he, Li Yunmu relied on Li Sect’s various secret flux methods, which allowed his battle prowess to shoot through the heavens. But how could they know that his true hidden secret was the heavenly world. As long as he continued to expand it, soon, he wouldn’t need to fear even Flux Masters.

"Then let’s continue."

This time, Li Yunmu decided to proceed towards his goal, the Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain, only to find the entrance to the secret place as described within the few damaged runic pages.

His final target was still to increase his strength. Since presently, he had discovered the territorial space of rooster dragons, he immediately delayed his target and again opened his personal information.

Experience points: 68 700

Ability points: 26 100

Space elements: 2 062

Blood fiend points: 1 368

The system had already added a new parameter ‘blood fiend points’ to Li Yunmu’s personal profile. They were the data points calculated by the system to facilitate the Deity Execution.

By killing dimensional beasts or even humans he would obtain these blood fiend points. The more formidable were the life-forms he killed, the more points he would obtain.

Accumulating ten thousand points would mean that Li Yunmu had crossed the lowest threshold to utilize the Deity Execution Skill, not to slice through the body, but only the mind.

This one skill was Li Yunmu’s real trump card to inflict serious damage to existences at the level of Flux Masters, thus, he valued it a lot.

Naturally, he didn’t dare to use it lightly. After all, using this skill would not only exhaust him to the limit, but would also greatly drop the baleful aura of blood fiend cold thunder energy within the sword.

At this moment, even Li Yunmu himself also wasn’t clear at what level was his warblade. After all, he had fused it with the thunder rune, freezing rune, blood fiend energy, as well as the vengeful soul of dwarf witch king.

If the blade was viewed as an ordinary fifth dimensional treasure weapon, then it would be a great injustice to it. The unleashing of Deity Execution required the dwarf witch king’s vengeful soul to have become part of the blade.

If one said that the blade’s power had attained the level of sixth dimensional treasure weapon, then that person wouldn’t be necessarily correct either. After the system’s detailed analysis, the only conclusion it could reach was that this treasure blade had undergone some unknown evolution and was probably the only one of its kind in this world.

The final conclusion was that if Li Yunmu continued to accumulate large amounts of blood fiend energy, then it would probably continue to evolve. Thus, the blood fiend points became the fourth most important data for him.

"Almost 70,000 experience points."

Looking at his profile information, Li Yunmu quickly discovered that unbeknownst to him, the amount of experience points accumulated by him had increased again.

He still required slightly more than thirty thousand points to produce the third shadow. Increasing the number of shadows to three, what significance would it have for him? This was really too important.

After settling everything, Li Yunmu took out the meat and ate a little, followed by drinking some fresh water. He then once again opened his Wings of the Wind and lead Li Yun and Li Feng in search of rooster dragons.

The shadows were completely synchronized with him. The only point where they weren’t on the same step was the heavenly world. When Li Yunmu wanted to collect the corpses of rooster dragons, he needed to personally place them in his heavenly world.

While flying in the air, Li Yunmu inquired, "System, can you scan the current hack map and point out the locations of all rooster dragons?"

[For the time being, it isn’t possible. The system will acquire this function only after being upgraded to the fifth level.]


Li Yunmu nodded.

There were still a few days until the end of the ten days. Once they passed, he would be able to upgrade the system’s intelligence to the fourth level. Going by these calculations, it’ll be around half a month or so before he will upgrade it to the fifth level.

After more than half an hour of searching, Li Yunmu finally discovered another pride of rooster dragons far off into the distance. However, there were much fewer of them compared to the previous time; the pride only had ten beasts.


The ten rooster dragons were unable to even get close to Li Yunmu and the two shadows. One by one, they were all sniped by the three who had transformed into range attackers.

All of the beats died, leaving behind completely intact corpses. After dealing with them, Li Yunmu collected almost twenty million dimensional coins. If the speed at which he was making money was made public, then even rainbow crystal fluxers might turn red with envy.

Not to mention that like before, Li Yunmu had deliberately left the most powerful rooster dragon alive. Together with the shadows, he then used the sealing energy of the World Killing Fist and forcefully sealed it, then placed it in the heavenly world.

After all, even if the corpses of rooster dragons were intact, their value was far inferior compared to that of a living one who could be tamed and used as a mount.

Capable people who can walk in front of everyone naturally will have higher earnings, but this was still not enough for Li Yunmu.

After half an hour, he again encountered a pride of rooster dragons. This time he was extremely fortunate and encountered an extremely large pride which had more than seventy of these beasts.

Li Yunmu didn’t dare to use the underworld raven blood summoning. The ravens who hadn’t become formidable after battling and absorbing the vitality of their comrades would have no chance to tear through the skin of these sky hegemons.

For more than seventy silver crystal rooster dragons who possessed the asian dragon bloodline, apart from twelve-light rainbow crystal king dimensional beasts, no one was their rival.

After all, among the silver crystal dimensional beasts of the Fifth Dimension only a few of them would gather together in large numbers . But today, the pride of rooster dragons had encountered this butcher, Li Yunmu.

Kill, kill, kill!

It was three against seventy-three rooster dragons, fighting from the distance and then in close combat. The massacre lasted for a whole hour, before the curtain dropped.

With the assistance of Wings of the Wind, Li Yunmu fought at many places during that night, over an area of several hundred kilometers. Gradually, the color of the sky started to brighten.

At this moment, Heavenly Cloud City Warzone’s official forum also began to become lively.

"Hey, hey, hey, where are the people of the large clans of our Heavenly Cloud City? I want to know what happened after our Cloud City’s goddess personally escorted Li Yunmu to the city lord’s mansion."

"He he, I also want to know, my little heart is extremely anxious right now."

"Anxious my a*s, regardless of whoever Lin Yuerou choses, it certainly won’t be you."

"There shouldn’t be any here. The descendents of these large families who can enter the city lord’s residence wouldn’t come here to chat on our dirty stellar network."

"Achem, I don’t know about those sons of large clans, but I’ve heard about something. Last night, Li Yunmu stayed at the city lord’s residence."

"What? My god, don’t tell me our goddess has also fallen for the desires of the mundane world? I’m so worried now."

"I request you to not spread such blasphemous rumors about my heart’s goddess, who is Li Yunmu? Even though he advanced past the fifteenth level of the Tower of Glory, but what qualifications does he have to attach his name to our goddess’?"

"Yes, you’re absolutely right. Lin Yuerou had entered the Temporal layer when she was twenty-years-old. Compared to her Li Yunmu is just a low level fluxer and nothing more."