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Chapter 144: The Accumulation of One Hundred Thousand Points

Chapter 144: The Accumulation of One Hundred Thousand Points
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At this moment in the city lord’s residence, Lin Qingyang withdrew from the stellar network with an ashen complexion. He had been confined by his father, not understanding why, given that his father was a sage, he let Li Yunmu go.

But this wasn’t important, what mattered was that he had just found out from the stellar network that this stranger had been asked by his elder sister to spend the night at their home.

What kind of place was the city lord’s residence?

It was the mansion of the supreme ruler governing over a huge territory. Moreover, Lin Qingyang was extremely clear that since the time his father had suffered the backlash due to using the forbidden technique to become a Flux Sage, he hadn’t let any outsider stay in his house for the last couple years.

But now…

"Young master, eldest daughter has commanded that you aren’t allowed to leave Green Vine Courtyard."

"Get lost! Since the time I was born, which place in the city lord’s mansion couldn’t I go to."

In a fit of rage, Lin Qingyang pushed away the servant and immediately went towards Red Rain Courtyard.

"Young Master Qingyang, you aren’t allowed to enter young miss’ courtyard."

Just as he was about to enter Red Rain Courtyard, having pushed open its gate, a thirty-something female blocked his way.

"Get lost." Lin Qingyang pushed her away as well, in his fury.

However, the next instant, his whole body was pushed backwards by an invisible energy; he was forced to retreat more than ten steps.

When Lin Qingyang slightly calmed down, he realized that this female servant wasn’t an ordinary maid. She was the servant dispatched by Blue Cloud Sect to follow Lin Yuerou.

Her cultivation base had already entered the Flux Master realm. Although her potential was limited, but a person like him who was only a half-step rainbow crystal fluxer couldn’t compare to someone who had a higher cultivation than his by a whole realm.

"Youyi, I want to see my sister."

"That’s not possible, it is presently inconvenient for young miss to see people…"

"Youyi, let him enter," Lin Yuerou’s said from inside.

Youyi was slightly startled, as was Lin Qingyang. He hadn’t expected that his sister would surprisingly go as far as to make an exception and allow him entrance. Instantly, his previous anger nearly dispersed and he entered the courtyard gleefully while avoiding Youyi.

"Why are you trying to find me so furiously?" Lin Yuerou asked, looking over at him.

Lin Qingyang instantly launched a flurry of questions. "Why? How can you allow that country bumpkin from a small tower stay overnight at the city lord’s residence? Don’t tell me you really believe that there is some great sect behind him? I really hadn’t expected dad to go so silly, but, sister, you’re also the same."

"Dad… passed away,"Lin Yuerou said, with a faint sigh.

"What, passed away?" Lin Qingyang blurted out. Soon, though, his whole being went numb. "You mean dad left this world?"


For a moment, Lin Qingyang sank into a daze, as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. His father had passed away, the backbone supporting this city lord’s residence, the majestic Flux Sage had fallen.

A chill went down Lin Qingyang’s body. The previous pride he’d possessed dispersed, but soon, like a person grabbing on to the last straw, he anxiously asked, "What about that pisces jade pendant?"

"Shut your mouth."

Lin Yuerou’s eyes suddenly hardened.

She had never expected that her little brother wouldn’t understand the seriousness of this matter. He had unexpectedly blurted out this sort of an important secret without thinking anything. If their father hadn’t been so soft-hearted, he wouldn’t have revealed this secret to her younger brother.

"No, sis, one portion of that pisces jade pendant belongs to me."

At this instant, Lin Qingyang had gone crazy. If their father passed away, then so be it. The most important thing right now was that this precious treasure must fall in to his hands.

"Father gave it to me and Li Yunmu; besides, it’s of no use to you. Given your innate cultivation talent, you have no hope of becoming a Flux Master in your lifetime. Qingyang, you’ve awakened because of resources, obey me and you will be able to pass your days without any worries—"

Lin Yuerou hadn’t yet finished speaking, but Lin Qingyang was unable to hear anymore.

Only one sentence filled his mind. His father had given the pisces jade pendant to Li Yunmu and his sister, then wouldn’t it mean… Once he thought of this, he went berserk.

"No, I’m the young master of the city lord’s residence! The only son of my father, so that jade pendant is mine! I can also practice dual cultivation. Sister, I will dual-cultivate with you, I want you, you are mine…"

Lin Qingyang’s eyes were red by now. He suddenly rushed towards Lin Yuerou as if he had gone completely crazy.

"You f*cking ba*tard."

Lin Yuerou had never thought that her younger brother would turn out to be such a beast. To her surprise, his mind was filled with such filthy thoughts. It was no wonder then that he had been hostile towards Li Yunmu from the start.

She waved in Lin Qingyang’s direction. "Sister You, I will have to trouble you."

"Yes, young miss."

A trace of disgust flashed through Youyi’s eyes, and she grabbed Lin Qingyang.

"What do you want, release me!"

"You’ve lost your mind. Before the situation of Heavenly Cloud City stabilizes, it’d be better if you stayed within the hidden chamber."

Lin Yuerou’s good-looking face was icy cold.

Before Lin Qingyang was taken away, he suddenly caught sight of a pile of clothing which was extremely conspicuous. These clothes… were really too eye-catching, because the Red Rain Courtyard, where no male had ever entered before, surprisingly had a set of male clothing.

"You, you surprisingly made him stay here the whole night?"

Lin Qingyang lost all energy at this moment. Li Yunmu was surprisingly already involved sexually with his sister.

"Li Yunmu is the person who father chose. He is my future man, so of course he has the right to reside here. Youyi, take away his stellercomm and put him in one of the hidden chambers. Don’t let him out until the situation stabilizes."


Another rooster dragon was sliced into two by Li Yunmu and fell from the sky.

Li Yunmu looked at the color of the sky and discovered that it was already dawn. He temporarily stopped his attacks. Instantly, his body flashed and he entered the heavenly world.

At this moment the place was densely packed with rooster dragon corpses, as well as the dead bodies of some other dimensional beasts. The latter had been cut down in passing while searching for more rooster dragons.

At a glance, Li Yunmu estimated that the number of corpses shouldn’t be less than a thousand.


This time Li Yunmu had joined his shadows and went all out while hacking, and surprisingly killed more than one thousand dimensional beasts. The strength of these beasts ranged from ordinary crystal to silver crystal layer, and, in fact, there was even a corpse of a golden crystal dimensional beast.

Naturally, the one hundred and seventy-nine enormous rooster dragon corpses were the most eye-catching. Well, after the seventeen beasts that were still alive, sealed within the heavenly world.

At this moment, these rooster dragons with their bloodline and formidable physical bodies were unable to resist the heavenly world’s power of the starry sky. One by one, all the small stars above released a trace of world power which combined together to form the overall energy of one thousand two hundred stars.

The seventeen formidable rooster dragons were restrained so tightly that they were unable to budge in the slightest. Outside the heavenly world, the amount of world energy which could be utilized by Li Yunmu was restricted to the initial silver crystal layer. But inside, he was the god and could easily maneuver ten times more compared to outside.

So if Li Yunmu wanted to restrain the beasts, they didn’t have the energy to resist!

"System, examine the amount of experience points I’ve accumulated recently."

[Host, the total amount of experience points you’ve collected has reached 108 369 points.]

I’ve broken through one hundred thousand!

The enormous amount of experience points Li Yunmu had earned during the night from killing almost two hundred rooster dragons finally allowed him to reach the required amount.

"My third shadow, come out."

Li Yunmu used up one hundred experience points without the slightest hesitation and gave the command to congeal the third shadow.