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Chapter 161: Slaughtering the Enormous Lions First

Chapter 161: Slaughtering the Enormous Lions First
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The fourth power which had remained behind was a squad of seven female fluxers. The weapons which each of them held were extremely strange and unique, for all of them were musical instruments.

However, this time Li Yunmu didn't need the system's explanation, he also knew the background of these seven enchanting females. They were the Illusionary Sound Snow Palace's seven snow fairies.

Their strength was secondary when fighting, since their main weapon were the illusionary sounds with which they attacked their opponent's mental state. Each of the seven snow fairies was extremely enchanting. The snow white jade skin, which slightly showed above the white muslin top, filled people yearning to see even more.

The seven fairies of the Illusionary Sound Snow Palace were quite famous within the Central Continent, with the majority of their reputation being due to their fairy-like appearances and temperaments. Naturally, each of these seven women had grasped an illusionary sound which could affect a person's mental state.

When they joined hands, many famous opponents fell under their hands.

However, Li Yunmu didn't put them in his eyes. In terms of appearance and temperament, each of them was only at Li Zi's level and were quite far from Ling Shuang, Lin Yuerou, as well as Li Qinghong whom he had killed not too long ago.

In terms of threat, since Li Yunmu had the little female ancestor, he didn't feel any fear toward them. If the little ancestor didn't exist, then these seven fairies would indeed be the biggest threat to him, but unfortunately, these people overestimated themselves. He had no fear toward mental attacks.

In a moment, Li Yunmu discovered that these people had surrounded him from every side, regardless of whether it was the sky or the earth.

"Li Yunmu, hand over the treasure jade pendant and we will let you live. Otherwise…" the leader of the Colossal Lion City's squad on the ground yelled out.

"Too noisy!"

When the eleven rainbow fluxers had threatened him, Li Yunmu didn't mind it. At least those people had the strength. However, what about this Colossal Lion City's Lu family?

Who the f*ck do they think are? Li Yunmu didn't wait for the speaker to complete his speech. Without any hesitation he arrogantly sliced down his blade towards this person and launched Aurora Killing Justice.

A wave of blade energy was released by that casual slash.

"Youngster, you dare to underestimate our Colossal Lion City's Lu family?"

The face of the leader darkened, for the opponent had casually slashed towards him, producing a wave of blade energy, and then turned away.

This feeling of being looked down upon enraged him thoroughly.

"Look how I will break your blade energy!"

Lu family's leader was a golden crystal layer armored soldier. He bellowed in rage and erected a heavy shield in front of himself.

However, he soon realized his mistake. This wasn't just a casual blade energy but four waves of aurora blade energies compressed to the pinnacle.

The first wave broke the shield's energy cover, the second the shield itself, while the third sliced through the crystal armor and the fourth invaded his body.

Although Lu Family's squad leader wasn't sliced into two, but the large amount of blade energy, as well as freezing and thunder energies, spread through his body. In this situation, the man's body froze over. A moment after that, the cyan-colored thunder dragon scuttled onto this ice sculpture and it was shattered instantly.

Just a casual slash of a deadly skill had struck down a golden crystal fluxer of Colossal Lion City's Lu family. Seeing this, everyone's complexion sank. They finally understood the reason why so many golden crystal fluxers had silently fallen under Li Yunmu's hand.

He was an existence who went against common sense.

In fact, the blade energy shot by Li Yunmu didn't only contain the energy of one slash, rather it was a sum of four strikes of Aurora Killing Justice. It included the attacks of the three shadows who had returned to his body.

When Li Yun, Li Feng, and Li Tian followed in Li Yunmu's footsteps and slashed down, their attacks were completely synchronized with the strike of the main body. Thus, in the eyes of others, it would appear as if Li Yunmu's one wave of blade energy had killed Lu family squad's leader.

"Thunder and freezing dark flux energies, and there is still one more unknown type which was filled with killing intent. No wonder you managed to mature to this stage. Seems like after the fortunate trip to the Tower of Glory your wings have completely developed."

Among the eleven fluxers, the one who seemed to be the leader gave his opinion, voicing the fact that Li Yunmu possessed three types of dark flux energy.

"Who were you again?" Li Yunmu coldly asked.

"I am called Gu Changfeng, but many call by my nickname 'Harvest God'." Gu Changfeng paused for moment, then continued with a faint smile, "I got this title because every time I undertake a task, I always return having reaped great profit."

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that under these circumstances he might encounter someone even more pretentious than him. He had only asked who the other party was and nothing more.

"So it's the famous Harvest God. I wonder whether you are more formidable than Li Qinghong or perhaps that blade overlord Lin Jian, both of whom died under my hands not too long ago?"

Li Yunmu smiled.

Harvest God's face darkened. After all, within the entire Fifth Dimension, people who were more fierce than Gu Changfeng were very few.

This was because he was a Halted Fluxer. If it hadn't been for some lord promising him a lot of benefits, why else would he have joined an outside power and agreed to help him fight against Li Yunmu?

The worst part was that the two Halted Fluxers mentioned by Li Yunmu just happened to belong to the group of those few people who were more powerful than him. And they had died under Li Yunmu's hands.

If this youth in front of them hadn't acted so arrogantly, killing without any restraint, and had been given eight to ten years to mature, he would have absolutely become one of the supreme powers on the Central Continent. Unfortunately, today he would certainly die here.

That's right, after witnessing Li Yunmu's display of terrifying combat potential and ability to kill more than a hundred higher cultivation fluxers in one night, the clans and powers behind these squads had reached a mutual understanding.

Regardless of whether they could obtain the treasured jade pendant or not, he should only be allowed to leave this area in what state—as a corpse! Even if they had to provoke the Domain Sage expert of Li Sect standing behind him, this youth still had to die. Otherwise he would cause them endless troubles in the future.

"Seems like you don't have the slightest intention of handing over the treasure jade pendant to us."

"If you want the jade pendant, then let's first see whether you have the strength to take it."

Li Yunmu didn't want to waste anymore words on these people. After all, the system had already scanned the abilities of everyone present, while they were exchanging words just a moment ago.

This being the case, why should he waste anymore time. The next instant he removed his Wings of the Wind and scuttled down to the ground like a serpent, at the cross section of the four powers.

The first target he needed to kill was the Lu family from the Colossal Lion City, and the second target was the squad sent by the large clan of some king city. The heavy dimensional cannons used by these people would become a threat to him if they decided to fire collectively.

As for the Earth Dragon Valley, he still wasn't completely clear about their abilities, while the seven fairies of Illusionary Sound Snow Palace were of no threat to him.

No one had expected that Li Yunmu would be so decisive and would attack the moment he said it. Neither did he try to break through the siege or decided to yield. Instead he instantly chose to battle. Could it be that he still believed that he could kill his way through the siege formed by these powerful people?

Utterly foolish!

Lu family's enormous lions were extremely disgusting dimensional monsters. They were extremely great at tracking, so Li Yunmu had to rush in to eradicate them first.

Thus, he dropped into the group of golden crystal fluxers of Lu Family and unleashed Violent Blade Skill without holding back.